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System & Utilities

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Zack Rusin (zrusin): Geometry Processing - A love story

System & Utilities
It's still early in the year but I feel like this is the favorite for the "best computer science related blog title of 2010". I'd include 2009 in that as well, but realistically speaking I probably wrote something equally stupid last year and I don't have the kind of time required to read what I write.

Last week I've merged the new geometry processing pipeline and hooked it into our new software driver, llvmpipe. It actually went smoother than I thought it would, i.e. it just worked. I celebrated by visiting ER, a harsh reminder that my lasting fascination with martial arts will be the end of me (it will pay dividends once llvmpipe becomes self-aware though).

The codepaths are part of the Gallium3D Draw module. It's fairly simple once you get to it. At a draw call we generate the optimal vertex pipeline for the currently set state. LLVM makes this stuff a lot easier. First of all we get the human-readable LLVM IR which is a lot easier than assembly to go over if something goes wrong. Running more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Прочитано: 536 | Комментарии

How to Use KDE's Clipboard and Klipper App

System & Utilities

"The clipboard is one of the oldest and most important features of desktop computing.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Прочитано: 530 | Комментарии

Nikhil Marathe (nsm): Success! Google Summer Of Code

System & Utilities Well after all the micro-blogging at night and the IRC chat, and writing an exam, here is a really good post!The proposal is Amarok and KDE UPnP Integration. I'll be working with mentor Bart Cerneels. This news was awesome! Last year I didn't get in for kwin-tiling, but I participated in Season of KDE and did a few other contributions all year and it paid off. This year I started of quite early

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Прочитано: 494 | Комментарии

Jonathan Riddell (riddell): Plasma Scripting IRC Session

System & Utilities

Aaron Seigo will be hosting a session on Plasma Desktop Scripting in #plasma on Freenode IRC network at 16:00UTC on Tuesday (today). It's intended for distro packagers but all welcome.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Прочитано: 502 | Комментарии

Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Kanuri and Hausa Keyboards, part 2

System & Utilities

Thanks to the comments on my previous blog entry about Hausa and Kanuri keyboard layouts, I’ve looked into the topic a little more, adding yet more options for typing.

Dead keys: the keyboard may have “dead keys” for accents. A dead key does not print anything when pressed, but combines with whatever you type next. For instance, you could have a dead accent acute key that combines with a, so you hit dead-acute followed by a and get

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 27.04.2010 | Прочитано: 521 | Комментарии

Jonathan Riddell (riddell): Cool Kubuntu Users

System & Utilities

On the front page we list a few interesting Kubuntu users of various shapes and sizes to give a feel for how diverse use is.

One rather cool user which is missing is Weta Digital. Whenever I've been out the flat this week I've seen adverts for the Avatar DVDs, those blue 3D faces are all made on Kubuntu desktops and a whopping 35,000 cluster of rendering machines. That must be a large proportion of computers in New Zealand running Kubuntu.

avatar poster
I am Kubuntu

Then I got an e-mail from a guy at Lionstracs makers of groovy musical keyboards. The keyboards run Kubuntu for all your composing and music playing needs.

This YouTube video of the Kubuntu keyboards shows them in action.

kubuntu keyboard
I am also Kubuntu

No doubt KDE is spreading out from the classic desktop use, from niche embedded use like keyboards to massive budget graphics we're taking over the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 26.04.2010 | Прочитано: 530 | Комментарии

Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas: Apples and Oranges

System & Utilities KMid is now a multi-platform application for Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX. It may be the right time to make a comparison between the different operating systems with regarding to the development of KMid backends.

First, the functional components needed by a KMid backend
  • Read and parsing of SMF: MIDI and Karaoke files. This mechanism must offer not only timestamped MIDI events, but also the metadata (for instance, song lyrics) embedded into the SMF data.
  • Facility for sequencing MIDI events. Events read from a file are labeled with timestamps, to be delivered to MIDI synthesizers at the right times, handling also common player actions like play, pause and stop.
  • Internal and external, hardware and software MIDI synthesizers. The main goal of KMid is to support external musical instruments, but as many potential users do not have one, it is interesting to be able to use software synthesizers, in a transparent way without complicating the program design.
Organization of the backends

KMid::Backend is modelled after several Phonon interfaces. There is more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 26.04.2010 | Прочитано: 640 | Комментарии

Nikhil Marathe (nsm): KWin tiling is merged

System & Utilities I'm glad to announce that yesterday the kwin-tiling branch was merged into kwin trunk by commit 1118677!. It will be available in KDE SC 4.5. Please keep in mind that it is an experimental feature with rough edges. Bug fixes are already on the way, but some things, like session saving and so on are absent. Please do add feature requests and bugs to the KDE bug tracker.This screencast should show

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 26.04.2010 | Прочитано: 531 | Комментарии

Michael Pyne (mpyne): Implementing a shared cache: Part 1

System & Utilities

So awhile ago I mentioned that I was trying to add a new shared-memory cache for the next version of the KDE platform. It’s almost done now, and has been submitted for review (both old-skool on kde-core-devel, and all Web 2.0-style on our review board).

Given the number of things I had to think about while implementing it (and I promise you that even still it’s not fully as thought-out as it could be), I decided that I could probably make a half-decent, if very technical series of posts about the implementation process.

I’ve got a basic outline set out, but without further ado, I’ll go over in this post what exactly a shared-memory cache is, why KDE has one now, and why I’m trying to make a different one.

Why a shared-memory cache?

Most of the programmer types are already familiar with the idea of a cache: You have some input that isn’t particularly helpful right now, you have a function to turn that non-helpful input into something you can use, but that function takes awhile more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 26.04.2010 | Прочитано: 801 | Комментарии

Martin Sandsmark (sandsmark): R. I. P. Jan Mette

System & Utilities

Saturday afternoon I got a private message on IRC from a childhood friend of Jan Mette; primus motor of the old KDEmod package repository for Arch Linux, and initiator and primus motor of the Chakra Linux distrolet, that he had died friday morning.

Although I never met him in person, we spent a lot of time together on IRC and packaging kdemod before I started maintaining Phonon, and I’m having a hard time putting down what I’m feeling. He had quite a profound impact on my life, and I’m certain I wouldn’t be the same today if we hadn’t crossed paths.

I also grieve for the friends and family he left behind, I can’t really start to imagine what they must be going through now.

More information here. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 26.04.2010 | Прочитано: 609 | Комментарии

Robin Burchell (w00t): Every time you scale a pixmap, God kills a kitten.

System & Utilities I've had a fun weekend.

Carsten Munk, of Mer and other fame got me interested in insane schemes (once again): this time playing around with libdui (or libmeegotouch, as it is now apparently known), as we had repeatedly heard from many sources that it relied on GL, which meant that it couldn't be used with devices that require software rendering. Having found the -software flag to widgetsgallery, and poked around the source of DUI in the past, I thought this was a bit of a funny claim to make, until we actually used it and found out how horribly slow it was. Maybe they had a point?

Why was it slow? Well, it happened again. Not completely the same, of course, but this is a very similar issue to one I wrote about recently in Qt on Maemo. Something that a lot of developers, particularly ones working in higher level libraries or languages like C# or Qt forget from time to time is that image (or pixmap) scaling - in particular, smooth scaling - more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 26.04.2010 | Прочитано: 733 | Комментарии

Milian Wolff (milianw): You gotta watch this: RIP: A remix Manifesto

System & Utilities

Hey all!

I’m now abusing the fact that my blog is aggregated on the planet to bring this diamond of a documentary some more coverage it deserves so greatly. I’m speaking about Rip: A remix Manifesto. Go and watch it. Now!

I bet every single FOSS user, developer, advocate thrives in watching it. I’m totally blown away and hope that as many people as possible watch it.

And gosh - open source cinema, how cool is that :)

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 25.04.2010 | Прочитано: 540 | Комментарии

Guillaume DE BURE (gdebure): KDE Finance Sprint, take 2

System & Utilities

The second day of the KDE Finance Sprint saw us doing more presentations regarding our respective applications (Kraft, KMyMoney, Skrooge), and working on two main subjects:

Common Icon Set

This is a task we have been wanting to finish for... long :p ! The idea is that now that these apps are part of the KDE family, they should somehow look more "oxygenish". Nuno sent us a spreadsheet where we would describe the icons we need, and Alvaro (KMyMoney), Thomas (Kraft) and myself (Skrooge) finally completed this list.

I know the oxygen guys have enough to eat on their plates, so we are not expecting this to happen very soon, we will just be happy when it comes up =D


Alkimia is the name we chose for a new component that would allow communication between applications for financial matters. Let me give you some use cases (extracted from the dedicated wiki page) :

Fred purchases the album of more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 25.04.2010 | Прочитано: 528 | Комментарии

Wagner Reck (wiglot): Clustering plugin runnig in Rocs

System & Utilities


As final paper in my graduation, i’m doing a survey in many clustering algorithms. Nothing better than visualize the results to find problems and take an overview of how ‘beauty’ is a solution.

To do it, i initially uses a interface build from scratch. But after today i will can do more than just overview the solution and some data like time taken, values of distances, i will start to interact with the result, doing analisys over the history of Solution construction. To make it possible, i write a first beta Rocs’ tool plugin that run my algorithms (writen in C++ because of speed thing).

I made a little video to show it running.

This show the capability of Rocs that can be used to run algorithms that demands the velocity of C++using plugins and interact with the result with scripts.

To do it, i have made my personal classes to represent a graph and algorithms that uses its classes. So, my plugin is just 2 functions: one to convert Rocs’ graph format to my graph format and other more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 25.04.2010 | Прочитано: 538 | Комментарии

Tomaz Canabrava (tomaz): KDE On Flisol

System & Utilities

Today in Latinamerica was the Flisol – the Free and Opensource Software Installation Day, full of talks, installs and people from complete novices to Helio Castro.

This is an huge event that happens in a lot of cities simultaniously, KDE had participation in 7 of the events in Brazil ( maybe more, but that’s the number that I have right now. )

  • Belo Horizonte – MG : people from kde-mg like Amanda and Felipe, the ones that coordinate the local promo group have talks about translating kde and interaction with the team.
  • Piaui:  Aracele Torres e o Chic

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 25.04.2010 | Прочитано: 537 | Комментарии

Stefan Majewsky (majewsky): Do the stuff you want the way you want

System & Utilities

Anyone remembers the configuration option “Left mouse button moves viewport” from Palapeli 1.0? It has been removed earlier this month, just to return on steroids in Palapeli 1.1 (which will ship with KDE SC 4.5):

I already spoiled this big change earlier this month: Any mouse interaction with the puzzle table can now be configured to arbitrary mouse buttons and keyboard modifiers. Just click on the button with the mouse icon, hold the right modifiers, and press the right button. And here is your favorite hidden feature: If you press the space key instead of a mouse button, the interaction is assigned to “No-Button”.

For example, the “Select pieces by clicking” interaction is assigned to “Ctrl+Left-Button”. That is, if you hold the Ctrl key and left-click on a piece, it will be selected. (Multiple pieces can be selected at once this way.) If you change the trigger to “Ctrl+No-Button”, the selection more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 25.04.2010 | Прочитано: 612 | Комментарии

Alvaro Soliverez (Hei_Ku): Pictures from the KDE Finance Sprint

System & Utilities


Guillaume and Klaas already blogged about the meeting so far. Here are some pictures. More will come in the next days.

First one is a picture from Frankfurt airport, that really caught my attention.  The flight for me was really pleasant, but it shows that there were big issues the days before.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 24.04.2010 | Прочитано: 600 | Комментарии

Klaas Freitag (dragotin): KDE Finance Apps Group Spring Sprint

System & Utilities

Yesterday started the first ever sprint of the KDE Finance Apps Group. We meet for three days and where could that better happen than in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, which is one of the larger places on the world where financial industry resides. As a matter of fact, the place where we meet is in the direct neighborhood of a quite impressive buildings of Deutsche Bank and german stock exchange ;-)

The KDE Finance Apps Group is a group of people who have two commons: First, all of us are working on a KDE application and second the application has something to do with money. Like KMyMoney, which is a personal finance manager and Kraft, which helps to write offers and invoices and such for the small enterprise. Back in 2008 on Akademy in Mechelen, Thomas Baumgart and myself had the idea to make more of it, try to interface these applications and maybe use common code. It wouldn’t have been KDE if this idea hadn’t found other supporters and more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 24.04.2010 | Прочитано: 652 | Комментарии

Igor Trindade Oliveira: Fun with OpenGL and Shaders

System & Utilities

Last week i was having fun with OpenGL(in fact QGL) and creating some interesting effects with it like edge detection, embossing and sharpening. So i decided to work with GLSL(OpenGL Shading Language) and create the same effects using Fragment Shaders(yeah hardware accelerated effects).

So i used QGLShaderProgam that allows me create Fragment shaders in a Qt Way(tm). Initially i create two filters the first one was sharpening and the second was edge detection. Both work in a same way(with little modifications), applying a matrix convolution in the image.

The matrix convolution used in sharpening is:

0 -1 0

-1 5 -1

0 -1 0

And the matrix convolution used in edge dection is:

-1 -1 -1

-1 8 -1

-1 -1 -1

Below you can see the fragment shader used in sharpening.

uniform sampler2D sampler;

uniform vec2 offset[9];

uniform int kernel[9];

void main()
vec4 sum = vec4(0.0);
int i;

for (i = 0; i more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 24.04.2010 | Прочитано: 599 | Комментарии

Stuart Jarvis: Why not contribute?

System & Utilities

A while ago I asked “what’s stopping you from joining KDE?”. It was really a rhetorical question but, thinking about it, it is something I’d be interested to hear answers to.

It could be you... (Image: victoriapeckham CC-by)

It could be you... (Image: victoriapeckham CC-by)

There’s an interesting blog post (thanks to Lydia for sharing this on Identica) that points to some possible reasons. It seems the top ones are:

  1. Not enough time
  2. Not sure where or how to contribute
  3. I’m not confident enough in my own skills

What stopped me?

Thinking back, there were a few things that delayed my own involvement with KDE. Time was a big one: I didn’t want to be that guy who turns up, makes some suggestions and promises but never delivers, so I waited for when I might have more time. I knew where I would start (Dot articles) but there more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.04.2010 | Прочитано: 486 | Комментарии

Mario Fux (unormal): Tickets ordered for the KDE multimedia meeting 2010?

System & Utilities

In less than a month several KDE people will meet in the middle of the european Alpes in a small village called Randa, Switzerland. And the most important question atm is: Did you already order your plane or train tickets?

..oO(Meeting dates: Thursday, the 20th of May till Tuesday, the 25th of May 2010)

You’ve done it? Great and now prepare your laptop, install the current KDE trunk version, write down some todo items and pack your luggage.

If and when you’ve questions, now or during the meeting: mario AT unormal PUNTO org or +41787684260 (my mobile number, save it! ;-)

And now a call for a logo (thx annma for the idea). As this is already the second KDE meeting in the Alpes it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a logo. What about something with a K, multimedia stuff and some mountains or something completely different? Please sent your proposals to the email address above.

Here is the link to the meeting wiki page:

More information in the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.04.2010 | Прочитано: 604 | Комментарии

Valorie Zimmerman (valorie): Kaudiocreator Returns in KDE4

System & Utilities Thanks to Apachelogger, the KaudioCreator package is now available at This is the BEST cd-ripper I've ever used, and I hope the wonderfulness came across to KDE4.

To add the PPA: $ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/beta

This will import the key. Update and then sudo apt-get install kaudiocreator

Audex is also available; somewhat of a fork of this wonderful program. Thanks so much to the programmer to porting to KDE4. I appreciate it very much!

PS: Audex can be found here:

I also like Sound Juicer, but reinstalling it would have pulled in about 20 other packages, so no! I'm now happily ripping a classical CD, by the way. :-)

Oh, and by the way, I know I can rip CDs inside of Amarok, and I'm glad for that capability. But I'm pretty picky about tags, and like to rip to a directory outside of my collection, so I can check the tags before moving the files inside my collection. That way Amarok displays everything correctly from first play. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.04.2010 | Прочитано: 491 | Комментарии

Justin Kirby (neomantra): Upgrade your wardrobe with some fresh KDE gear

System & Utilities

Like many of you I’ve picked up some pretty cool KDE shirts over time thanks to shirts created for big events like developer sprints, Camp KDE, or Akademy (get your talks submitted if you haven’t yet!).  But I always felt like maybe we could do more.  What about all the rest of the community members and fans of KDE that couldn’t be at these events?  Or what about people who wish they could get more than one or two KDE shirts a year?  Don’t they need some place to buy awesome gear as well so they can be the coolest person in their circle of friends?

Well after much begging and groveling I have gotten some fantastic help from lots of people on the promo team and art team and now we have the beginnings of what I hope will turn into a comprehensive KDE store!  A very huge extra special thanks to Eugene Trounev who provided me with the first “ready to submit” SVG designs!  But keep an eye out as more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.04.2010 | Прочитано: 506 | Комментарии

The Perfect Desktop - PCLinuxOS 2010

System & Utilities

Do you like HowtoForge? Please consider supporting us by becoming a subscriber .

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 23.04.2010 | Прочитано: 557 | Комментарии

Adriaan de Groot (adridg): On Source Signing

System & Utilities

Brian Gough (a gentleman with whom I’ve stood in a room at one point, but I don’t think we’ve ever spoken) points out that KDE (that is, the release team for KDE) doesn’t GPG sign the source packages that it releases. Hm, interesting, as it’s true that the recent KDE SC 4.4 source tarballs don’t come with an MD5SUMS file or anything else. Going back in history, I find Attic/3.5.9/src which has an MD5SUMS file or the older Attic/3.5/src directory which has an MD5SUMS and an .asc file. Hunh, come to think of it I don’t even know how to check if the .asc file matches the MD5SUMS.

So clearly the source-signing and integrity-checking has decreased over the years. Not sure why — are we (KDE) relying on the packagers to (re-)host the sources and sign them themselves? Have we realized that no-one except the core of the gpg web of trust is checking these things and that it’s not worth spending release team time on? I don’t know.

I do know that the last time I more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.04.2010 | Прочитано: 569 | Комментарии

[TORRENT] pclinuxos-kde-2010

System & Utilities

Release Date: 04-19-2010 Size: 692 MB Md5Sum: 94f3bea75aa9bec77f0721d8c406c588 pclinuxos-kde-2010.iso Produced by: Texstar Info: The KDE Desktop: a popular, multi-platform desktop environment for your computer and a great Windows OS replacement.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 23.04.2010 | Прочитано: 602 | Комментарии

Marijn Kruisselbrink: Akademy Call for Papers deadline

System & Utilities

As you are hopefully already aware, the deadline for this years Akademy Call for Papers is approaching quickly. You have until Friday, 23 April 2010 to get all your proposals for talks, lightning talks, workshops and BoFs in.

So start writing and get all your abstracts/proposals in on time!

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.04.2010 | Прочитано: 545 | Комментарии

Peter Penz: Autotools Support for Qt Creator

System & Utilities
Openismus gave me the opportunity to write a autotools plugin for Qt Creator. The plugin is available for download at Please check the README file for installation instructions.

The plugin allows to load an autotools project and offers the following functionality:
  • Syntax highlighting for files
  • Automatic project tree update if a file or the file has been changed
  • Out of source builds
  • Configuration of build steps
  • Code completion
The project is in a very early state and has not been tested yet by a broad user base. Any feedback would be very welcome!

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.04.2010 | Прочитано: 602 | Комментарии

Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Heat it Up

System & Utilities

With highs below 40 degrees it’s hard to know if it’s Minnesota in November or Kano this week. Scale is the thing here, and I do hope to be hotting it up in Kano for the second annual FOSS Nigeria conference this week. Akademy 2008 in Mechelen brought us Mustapha Abubakar and he went back home and set up a conference for Free Software in the north of Nigeria. I’m pleased and honoured to be going back for a second round. As in previous years, talks will include Free Software background, some legal stuff, C++, python, and whatever else strikes the fancy of the speakers (some of whom are me and Frederik). I think this year I’m better prepared for the destination — although I’m still looking for my Hausa hat, it’s gotta be in the house somewhere. Sinasiri, here I come! Also, I’m looking forward to seeing how the guys from Hutsoft are doing, which way IT in Kano is growing, meeting up with Mr. Tata again and once again contemplating Free Software more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.04.2010 | Прочитано: 469 | Комментарии

Camila Ayres (camilasan): Lovelace feelings

System & Utilities

The coolest thing about  Akademy was that ( besides being able to socialize with people I knew only by e-mail ) I discovered that extreme programming really works, which that in mind we began developing a cardgame – a Bohnanza clone (Tomaz’s idea ). The plan now is to put it into and finish it. The group that are developing it ( Me, Francisco, Taiane and Victor ) are using it to learn and improve the Qt Knowledge. and we are also open to anybody that wants to contribute ( and help the project ). The work yielded much more than if we had stayed at home coding / studying alone.

In an unrelated note, the we ( Aracele, Taiane, Yasmin, Jordanna, Amanda and Me ) are also starting an movement inside Brazil to gather more woman contributing to KDE, and establishing a group of Woman within KDE ( brazilian Users and Developers ).

So we create the KDE-Lovelace –

The group is beginning with collaborators of kde-promo and programmers that want to more...

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