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December, 2018
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System & Utilities

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Aaron Seigo (aseigo): copyright assignments of the third kind

System & Utilities Richard Hillesley wrote an articled title "Copyright assignment - Once bitten, twice shy" that was published today. When boiled down its essence, Richard said two things in the article:

  1. Forced assignment of copyright raises the barrier to participation and therefore limits the amount of participation.

  2. When someone else owns rights over your work, they can do nasty things to them.

Both of these statements are true. They are also not without provisos. Richard noted that the FSF provides a promise that it will never close the software up, for instance, which makes point two a matter of diligence: if you assign your copyright to someone without anything in return, such as a guarantee of how those rights will be managed (including termination of said rights should the other party break that guarantee), then you have just made a huge mistake.

It's not all roses for projects that avoid copyright assignment, though: Richard notes the four years that the Squeak community has spent trying to get a license change through. When it comes time to defend more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 07.08.2010 | Прочитано: 725 | Комментарии

Thomas Thym (ungethym): RKWard is amazing!

System & Utilities I had the pleasure to meet Aleix Pol and Stu Jarvis at Akademy. They guided me the way to KDE EDU and scientific apps for KDE.

Weeks later I am sitting in my office doing some statistics. The funny thing is, that your brain sometimes is useful and I remembered an app called rkwrd or something.

My friend google told me that it is called RKWard and that it is not a KDE Application. It is an application based on kdelibs (it I see that right).

At home I fired up my kBook and installed the packages for r and RKWard. After a quick look into some of the nice tutorials I could do my first analysis and the linear regression I wanted to do. Brilliant. What a fantastic application. And I had such a hard time during my studies calculating statics by hand.

The other advantage is that I am reminded that I wanted to invest more time for the promotion of KDE EDU (inculding more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 06.08.2010 | Прочитано: 594 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: even LOST has its season finale

System & Utilities

the final countdown

Today is my last day at Qualcomm.

It still feels like yesterday when I set foot in this continent, started some fun with X2, enjoyed Brazil, had this meet-up in Cupertino, did little exploration around San Diego, and then got blessed with a cute boy. Time really flies. Now it's already time to move on, again (though this time without a geeky resignation).

I will miss Snapdragon (the pictured HTC EVO is powered by the said platform). Or any other dragons.

Those who are annoyed by a certain obsession of mine probably can guess where I'm heading to. In the grand mission of inspiring and pushing developers to write better and more exciting applications, a particular productivity barrier needs to be broken. And I dropped enough (subtle) hints in my previous more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 06.08.2010 | Прочитано: 581 | Комментарии

Christoph Cullmann (cullmann): KDE 4.5 is approaching, thanks to all Kate contributors

System & Utilities

KDE 4.5 will be released in the next days with the most polished Kate/KWrite and KatePart during the KDE 4.x series.

A lot of work went into fixing bugs and cleaning up old code for this release. Many important aspects where redone, just to enumerate a few:

  • encoding detection & handling
  • the text buffer
  • the undo/redo system (thanks Bernhard)
  • search/replace (thanks again Bernhard)
  • handling cursors and ranges
  • improved spell checking (thanks Michel)
  • improved indentation (thanks Milian)
  • speed improvements (Milian too)
  • better JS scripting (Dominik)
  • porting of KDevelop to new interfaces (David Nolden)

It will be the most unit-tested release of KatePart ever I guess, but still a long way to go until we have a good test coverage. (we just scratch the surface)

Many thanks to the people contributing to this release (not only to the ones named above or below!), without that much helping hands, never such an amount of cool stuff would have happened ;)

I guess one of the real kickoffs was the great Kate/KDevelop sprint in Berlin, handled by more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 06.08.2010 | Прочитано: 644 | Комментарии

Aurelien Gateau: Return of the hummingbird… Colibri 0.2.1 is out!

System & Utilities

I just released version 0.2.1 of Colibri, the passive alternative to KDE4 plasma notifications. Here are the most important changes.

On the notifications themselves:

  • Consecutive notifications are now merged. This is quite handy when someone sends you three consecutive messages on IRC for example: instead of showing three bubbles on after the other, the current notification will grow and integrate the next message. This only happen for notifications from the same application, with the same title.
  • The notification bubble follows the Plasma look more closely: it features the same background halo behind text and can take advantage of blurred background when running on KDE 4.5.

The configuration module has been improved as well:

  • It is now possible to select on which monitor the notifications will appear.
  • A "Preview" button has been added.
  • It is easier to setup Colibri on your machine: the configuration module will warn you if another notification system is running and let you start Colibri if it is not running. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 06.08.2010 | Прочитано: 642 | Комментарии

Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4/jdonenfeld): Qt Git Mirror

System & Utilities

I frequently find myself wanting to look through the Qt source or look through a couple of commits. I could keep a copy of Qt checked out on all the computers I use, and flick through the repository using git command-line or qgit or even git instaweb, but this is usually less convenient than simply heading over to gitorious. Unfortunately, gitorious is notoriously sluggish and I find their site design a bit hindering as well.

So I’ve decided to mirror Qt’s repository on my personal server running cgit, which is much much faster than Gitorious. It’s synced once an hour by cron. And if nobody abuses this, I’ll keep it open for the community.

Head on over to

I’m not sure if I’m syncing it in the ideal way, however. I ran git remote add origin git://blabla, and then I run this to sync:

cd $(dirname "$0")
git fetch --all --tags --prune &&
rm -f refs/heads/* &&
mv -vf more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 05.08.2010 | Прочитано: 546 | Комментарии

Will Stephenson: Wanna work on openSUSE?

System & Utilities

Yes, this is basically a job ad. The openSUSE Boosters team is expanding again (when will it ever stop?) and we're looking for another member. If you want to work full time on Linux, enjoy the idea of building a community around the distribution and think you have the right skills why not apply and have the chance to work with me, Lubos Lunak, Stephan Kulow, Klaas Freitag and many other people you know from the KDE and wider Free Software scene?

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 05.08.2010 | Прочитано: 582 | Комментарии

Guillermo Amaral (gamaral): KDEMU - KDE Localization with JLP

System & Utilities KDEMU - KDE Localization with JLP:

KDE and the Masters of the Universe

Check out the new episode of KDE and the Masters of the Universe featuring Jure Repinc.

Don’t forget to download this episode or to subscribe to this show.


OGG Feed - MP3 Feed

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 05.08.2010 | Прочитано: 542 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): more plasma javascript, plasma mobile

System & Utilities Marco's been doing some more amazing work on Plasma Mobile. Given that its running on a device with a 2+ year old Intel mobile CPU, this is pretty cool:

Marco and I have been making progress on the Plasma Shell Design document as well, on step at a time. A lot of the information that is there is being externalized from our minds for the first time ever, and it's really long overdue. Some illustrations of things like the usage of the different quadrants of the scene for different kinds of items would be nice, but are beyond my skill to make look nice and professional. Still, progress... :)

I also did a small proof of concept yesterday, when Aaron P. came up to visit from Washington so we could give him a jumpstart on KDE development, that answered the question: is the current Javascript-based Plasma Shell Scripting powerful enough to use to write a Javascript that could be fed back in through the Plasma Shell Scripting more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 05.08.2010 | Прочитано: 544 | Комментарии

Jonathan Thomas (JontheEchidna): QApt/Muon 0.5.0 (1.0 RC)

System & Utilities

The release train keeps rolling on… In one week both Muon and QApt 1.0 will be released. Until then, here’s one last pre-release to iron out any remaining issues before the stable release. Packages are in the normal place, and sources for QApt 0.5.0 can be found here. (Muon 0.5.0 sources will be uploaded in the usual place once I get back to the hotel… unfortunately I cannot do the GPG signing of the tarball on my grandparent’s computer) Here’s what’s new since last week:

QApt 0.5.0

  • No coding changes, but there are now a weeks worth more translations for the qapt-batch utility. :) Go, go kde-i18n!

Muon 0.5.0

  • A teeny new feature, but I added a nice little busy indicator overlay on the changelog viewing tab while it fetches the changelog. This improves usability, so that you can tell when it is really working, etc. Try it out. :)
  • Fixed a bug where an error such as an authentication error or download error would not more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 05.08.2010 | Прочитано: 525 | Комментарии

Guillermo Amaral (gamaral): Campus Party M

System & Utilities

I’m pleased to announce that I will be attending Campus Party M

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 04.08.2010 | Прочитано: 518 | Комментарии

Marc Mutz: Fun with exceptions

System & Utilities

Here’s a guideline for you: If your library uses exceptions, and you intend users of your library to catch them, don’t implement them inline in the header.


class LIB_EXPORT MyException : public std::exception {
explicit MyException( ... );
// ... (but no dtor)

Here, the compiler will generate a MyException destructor for you, since you didn’t provide one. Compiler-synthesised destructors are public, inline, have an empty body, and the same exception specification as the base class’ destructor. So, the above is equivalent to:

class LIB_EXPORT MyException : public std::exception {
explicit MyException( ... );
~MyException() throw() {}
// ...

Unfortunately (well, actually fortunately, but not for our scenario), the destructor of std::exception is virtual, so ~MyException() throw() {} (explicitly written by you or synthesised by the compiler) is the definition (as opposed to declaration) of the first virtual function of the class MyException. Most C++ compilers take that as a cue to emit the MyException virtual function table, as well as its RTTI information at that point.

Oops. Does more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 04.08.2010 | Прочитано: 566 | Комментарии

Reply to comment

System & Utilities

After my fourth desktop installation in as many days, I suddenly realized a couple of things.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 04.08.2010 | Прочитано: 544 | Комментарии

Nuno Pinheiro (pinheiro): KDE Pim Mobile

System & Utilities So for the last months we have been working really hard to, port our great PIM software to the mobile world, and I must say it is a challenge, the rules all change and most of what you know does not fit the specificities of the interaction methods, the size and dpi of the screens, or even how something as simple as a gradient does not work as you expect.
Had that, to learning new exiting technologies like QML and starting to do working mock-ups with them that developers can interpret much better, and in some cases implement directly. (ok this was only a problem for me, but hey if I can do it any one can :) )

And wen you try do a no compromise, solution for the software, meaning that no major feature is removed, you find your self with a monumental challenge.

The good part is that so far we managed to overcome all major problems with what I believe in some cases are really innovative, new interaction paradigms, example the folder selection more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 04.08.2010 | Прочитано: 622 | Комментарии

Milian Wolff (milianw): Final days of Quanta GSOC 2010

System & Utilities

Hey everyone,

as the pencils down for this years GSOC is approaching I thought it’s time to write another blog entry to notify the world about my current status.

These past weeks (boy, the time flies…) I’ve mostly spent on hardcore KDevplatform internals. Especially getting multiple languages in a single document working was not easy. I knew it would be the most time consuming and most demanding aspect during these three months, but also by far the most important. I’m confident to say now: I’m nearly there. All projects we put into the KDevelop repository have now a multilang branch in their team clones. And if you look at e.g. the KDevplatform multilang branch or the Quanta multilang branch you hopefully agree that I didn’t slack off too much. I just wasted some time to find the right approach, often by implementing one just to find out it was not practicable.

Thanks (once again) to the help of David Nolden I’m now on the right track. Finally :)

When you use more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 04.08.2010 | Прочитано: 578 | Комментарии

Jos Poortvliet: KDE strategy for openSUSE

System & Utilities As I mentioned in two earlier blogs now, within openSUSE a strategic discussion is going on - what direction should we, as a distribution community, take?

I would like to address a few things in this post. First of all, why a strategy, and what will it and won't it do? Second, there is one strategy I'd like to mention specifically, as I think it's disrupting but as a community proposal it deserves to be discussed as any other strategy. That's about the KDE strategy for openSUSE.


But first about the idea of a strategy in the first place. The strategy portal page talks about it plenty and I won't repeat that. I only want to stress what a strategy does and doesn't do.

It does:

  • help make project wide decisions; for example say we choose the home for developers proposal and the liveCD is full. Do we remove the second media player or the second debug tool? The first it is...

  • help focus marketing; say the marketing/promo team wants more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 04.08.2010 | Прочитано: 720 | Комментарии

Richard Johnson (nixternal): I am still here

System & Utilities

Hey there my Ubuntu and KDE people! I am still around. I have my daughter for most of the month of August so I am currently AFK. I will be back in a couple of weeks full-time again. In the mean time if you need to get in touch with me, hit me up on Twitter @nixternal, or if you have my phone number you can call me there.

When I come back, I have a great review in the pipeline of a new ZaReason laptop that runs Kubuntu out of the box!

My daughter and I have been having a blast these past couple of weeks. We have enjoyed the weather, watched a lot of bike racing, and she got groovy with Ubuntu. She likes Kubuntu’s look better, but I hooked her up with some Ubuntu to play around with. She wasn’t down with the default look, so we found some themes, colors, and fonts, that she likes, and thus far she has been happy. I need more than an more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 637 | Комментарии

Marble C++ Tutorial Part 1

System & Utilities

In a few hours KDE 4.5 will be released. And together with it the new version of our Virtual Globe and Map Widget Marble .

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 595 | Комментарии

Torsten Rahn (tackat): Marble C++ Tutorial Part 1

System & Utilities

In a few hours KDE 4.5 will be released. And together with it the new version of our Virtual Globe and Map Widget Marble. The new release Marble 0.10.0 will bring lots of additional features (Routing, Tile-Bulk-Download, Multiple Layers, initial WMS support and a lot more) - many of them related to OpenStreetMap.
Of course development on the next release has started already: Dennis Nienh

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 705 | Комментарии

Agustin Benito Bethencourt: II Desktop Summit: take control of your own future!

System & Utilities ...and the winner is...Berlin. It will be the "star of our system" for a week during the summer of 2011.

The II Desktop Summit has location, a good one. I'm excited about this event for several reasons. The first one is because, somehow, it gives credit to all the hard work done to celebrate the I Desktop Summit (Gran Canaria Desktop Summit). But above that, I'm excited because, after breaking the ice during that first approach, this event can be a huge oportunity to takes steps forward in joining efforts between GNOME and KDE to develop better technologies, better solutions for more devices and more exciting applications.

Beside pure technical issues, there is a lot of work we can do together in areas like marketing/promotion, usability, internationalization, education, etc. This is a great chance to begin.

So, do you want to know why Software Libre makes a difference? Come and live it by getting involved in decisions that matter. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 669 | Комментарии

Jos Poortvliet: mouse buttons in linux

System & Utilities While going through openFATE (the feature tracking tool openSUSE uses), I bumped into one asking for "Present Windows" effect as mouse button shortcut. In essence, this user has one of those million-button-mouses, and wants to use them.

I've heard that tune before, and last time I checked, linux users were still out of luck. Now I never had any idea what to use these 'extra' buttons for, until I bumped into this request. Having a button to triger an expose-like effect: great idea. Sure, I go with my mouse to the top-left of my screen and I can see all my apps just fine.

Still, I have only 4 corners on my screen (yes, it is square, as most computer screens) and 3 are in use already (app launcher, close window and clock). So I'd love such flexibility...

Now I don't know where the limiting factor is right now - what is needed to make it possible to assign actions to mousebuttons other than the left, right and middle one? Anyone who knows? Anyone up more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 614 | Комментарии

Firefox Falls Further Behind in Browser Wars

System & Utilities

Linux user, how many different Internet browsers do you have on your system? You have Konqueror if you use KDE, Iceweasel or Epiphany if you use GNOME, and optionally, you might have Firefox, Chrome or Opera.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 602 | Комментарии

Jan Kundrat (jkt): Trojita v0.2 Released -- your favorite Qt IMAP e-mail client gets improved offline support and tons of bugfixes

System & Utilities

Today, on the 3rd day of the month, 333 days since the initial announcement, it's my pleasure to announce the immediate availability of a new release of Trojit

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 593 | Комментарии

George Goldberg (grundleborg): On Release Roadmaps and Developer Sprints (with a Telepathy-ish slant)

System & Utilities

Release Roadmaps

The KDE/Telepathy project has gained a lot of momentum in the last few months, and many of the basic components we planned to build have started to take shape. As a result, it’s time to start thinking about getting some of that code out there for testing. So, we’re planning to make a preview release some time this autumn. This release will be installable on top of KDE Platform 4.5, and will be suitable for power-users and testers who don’t mind a bit of breakage. We haven’t got a date set yet, but you can track the progress towards this release by looking at the dependency tree of the release bug.

Developer Sprints

In order to get all the separate Telepathy components we’re writing nailed down and working nicely together, and to allow API and Nepomuk usage review, we’ll be having a developer sprint. It will take place from 17th-20th September in Cambridge, UK (venue kindly provided by Collabora). More information about this sprint can be seen on its wiki page. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 03.08.2010 | Прочитано: 557 | Комментарии


System & Utilities

If you own a N900 phone and have tested or want to test Kontact Mobile it would be great if you participate in our current user survey- a diary.

Kontact Mobile has been under heavy development for the last weeks and however it is still at an early stage we encourage everybody to contribute and to become part of the process!

You can find all information concerning the testing in this mail:

You will do real pioneer work with reporting what you liked and didn’t like as well as your ideas on usability and interaction design. This will help the developer team to create a great user experience for Kontact Mobile in future. Help us to shape this great product!

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 02.08.2010 | Прочитано: 505 | Комментарии

*KDE SC4 Architecture and What it Means for the Future*

System & Utilities

KDE SC 4.0 was released in January of 2008 and KDE SC 4.5 will be released shortly , roughly two and a half years later, and it is time to reflect on what KDE SC4 seeks to accomplish and how well it is doing in its goals.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 02.08.2010 | Прочитано: 659 | Комментарии

Lukas Tvrdy (lukast): Week 30: Custom brush works

System & Utilities

Creating custom brushes is important for digital painters. A brush mask you can create using procedural dialogs we have (like Auto brush, Softbrush) has advantages of being somehow like a vector – you can easily scale them and rotate them without artefacts. But they are restricted to the shape – we support rectangular or circular shapes only.Recently I had idea of creating vector brushes with QPainterPath. I think we need to create some nice ui for that and it could work. There are problems, like supporting features like hardness/softness, but I did not dig deeper. It is nice area where somebody can play in Krita.

Bitmap brush has advantage of being any shape you want, but when you scale it too much, you see artefacts. Usually you open some image or photo reference or you use your current state of the canvas, make some selection with selection tools and save the selected pixels to your palette of your brush masks. This did not worked in Krita for a long time. We have custom brush dialog in Brush Tip for this more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 02.08.2010 | Прочитано: 740 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: crowdsourcing for the win

System & Utilities

In some news, MapQuest embraces OpenStreetMap, launches the maps site at using the data from OpenStreetMap, as well as sets aside $1 million funding to improve the maps situation in USA. Let's see if other maps services will follow.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 02.08.2010 | Прочитано: 576 | Комментарии

Sandro Andrade (sandroandrade): KDE in FISL 11

System & Utilities

Hi there,

As usual the International Forum on Free Software (FISL) took place in Porto Alegre from 21-24 July and gathered together roughly 7500 attendees (students, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and govern representatives) from 16 countries. About 500 activities (talks, short-courses, and community meetings), 250 exhibitors, and an organizing team with 376 persons (including volunteers, SoftwareLivre Association staff, and hired press office and services) made FISL 11 one of the largest Free Software events in South America. FISL is always a great opportunity to meet new people and widely disseminate what is happening in the KDE world.

We (KDE Brasil) usually coordinate in advance about which talk proposals we want to submit, trying to come up with interesting topics on where KDE is heading to and some roadmap to guide potential new contributors and show off why we are a pretty amazing community :) We usually got about half of the proposals accepted for presentation, activities in FISL program range from highly geek topics with non-sense titles like “The ant meets the elephant, or more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 02.08.2010 | Прочитано: 620 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): in case you missed it ...

System & Utilities ... lots has been going on in the Plasma worlds, including:

  • We managed to get number of critical and important fixes in after RC2 for the final release of 4.5.0. These fixes have come not just from the usual suspects such as Marco or myself, but also people such as Will Stephenson, Raphael Kubo da Costa, Alex Fiestas, Rafa

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Топ Новостей
1: Fedora and KDE/spin\'s treatment - Discussion
Просмотров - 3144

2: Offline Vaults for an extra layer of protection
Просмотров - 784

3: KDE\'s Kirigami 2.0 Framework for Convergent UIs Enters Beta with New Features
Просмотров - 766

4: Akonadi/KMail issues on Tumbleweed?
Просмотров - 684

5: Debugging issues booting a PC in 2018
Просмотров - 668

6: Netrunner Desktop 16.09 "Avalon" Linux OS Is Out with Kernel 4.7, KDE Plasma 5.7
Просмотров - 661

7: KDevelop 5.0.2 released for Windows and Linux
Просмотров - 648

8: plib3.gui 0.9.9
Просмотров - 636

9: Konstruct
Просмотров - 624

10: Best Desktop Environment
Просмотров - 608

11: KDE Connect – State of the union
Просмотров - 603

12: KDE Connect Sprint
Просмотров - 602

13: Come dine with the KDE e.V. board in Berlin in October
Просмотров - 601

14: Help Canonical Test GNOME Patches, Android Apps Illegally Tracking Kids, MySQL 8.0 Released and More
Просмотров - 589

15: Multi-screen woes in Plasma 5.7
Просмотров - 589

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