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October, 2018
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
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System & Utilities

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Perl hijinks

System & Utilities

So I’ve been trying to modularize my kdesrc-build Perl script (i.e. actually split it into logical objects/modules) and yet still retain it all into one script, the idea being to get the logic into a more understandable state where possible and overall make the codebase less brittle.

I achieved a large milestone today in finally managing to group together the debugging methods in a way which remains compatible with the rest of the script.

What I mean by this is that I used the prototypes feature of Perl subroutines to allow for methods like:

return 1 if pretending;

(Notice how there are no parentheses after the pretending call), and

info \"tPerforming source update for g[$module]\";

(Likewise no parentheses for the info method call).

Now, in retrospect I probably should have simply not used prototypes, at least for the output methods which would not be significantly less readable with parentheses. All the same however, prototypes were interfering with grouping these debugging routines into their own module.

This is because subroutine prototypes actually affect the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 11.04.2011 | Прочитано: 602 | Комментарии

K3b 2.0.2

System & Utilities

K3b is a CD and DVD burning application for Linux systems optimized for KDE. It provides a comfortable user interface to perform most CD/DVD burning tasks, such as creating an audio CD from a set of audio files or copying a CD.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 10.04.2011 | Прочитано: 526 | Комментарии

KDevelop 4.2.2

System & Utilities

KDevelop is an integrated development environment which makes the creation and development of applications an easy task even for beginners.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 10.04.2011 | Прочитано: 562 | Комментарии

Proposal submitted to GSoC: Support Scilab in Cantor

System & Utilities

The deadline for submission of projects for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2011 has ended. Now, I will talk briefly about my proposal – which, in fact, has appeared as a suggestion on other issues of the GSoC program.

Scilab is a major scientific environments mathematical programming in free software available on the market, an alternative of comparable quality to proprietary environment Matlab. Its initial development occurred in 1990, promoted by researchers associated with the french institutions INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) and ENPC (École Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées). In 2003 Scilab Consortium was created to promote the scientific software Scilab as a reference for academia and industry.

Scilab is used by various research centers, universities and industries around the world in diverse research as signal processing, simulation of fluid dynamics, combinatorial optimization, computational simulation, machine learning, among others. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 10.04.2011 | Прочитано: 3159 | Комментарии

Perfect timing

System & Utilities

I’m sitting here at the airport in San Francisco after a very successful week of conferences and talking to people, with some time to kill before my flight leaves. I attended 2 days of Camp KDE and 3 days of the Linux Collaboration Summit, where I spent most of my time attending the MeeGo sessions and talking to other MeeGo collaborators. I also found the time to visit the hotel where the MeeGo Conference San Francisco 2011 will be held and it looks great.

All of this thinking of time available, time to kill, time spent has made me think of some weird, usually timing-sensitive errors that we developers find in programming. These errors usually happen once and never again, so you chalk it up to “spurious error” and never check again. There’s one particular error that usually happens twice a year and I expected it to happen two weeks ago, but it didn’t.

If a particular failure happens twice a year in thousands or even millions of runs in that more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.04.2011 | Прочитано: 595 | Комментарии

sounds familiar? well ...

System & Utilities

This is a follow up to my blog entry from yesterday that quoted two sources talking about communities. If you haven't read it, do so now, otherwise what follows will make very little sense. ;)

Here's the "big reveal": those quotes were talking about studies of isolated human communities that have remained outside the influence of states and which exist (or existed at the time of study) somewhere between being hunter-gatherer societies and being integrated into a modern socio-political power.

The first quote (the one with bullet points) was from a presentation by Dr. Charles Efferson on research done in the New Guinea highlands in search of an answer to the question: how does cooperation evolve if it is seemingly at the expense of the individuals involved in cooperation and, when people don't, those who enforce consequences? Dr. Efferson is an evolutionary ecologist who studies "behavioral dynamics associated with the social transmission of information". In describing the behavior of tribe members of New Guinea, he could just as well have been describing more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 08.04.2011 | Прочитано: 688 | Комментарии

Congratulations to the GNOME

System & Utilities

Congratulations to the GNOME team for launching GNOME 3 today. I know it's been a long time comming for them. I'm sure this is just a first step for them on a long and hopefully successful journey. Once I try it I will try to post a detailed analysis of it (Much can be learned about KDE by looking at it's alternatives!) but today is for congratulations to a fellow Open Source project!

You can learn more about GNOME 3 here:
You can test it using the live Fedora CD here (or OpenSuse!) :

Sadly, last I checked you cannot test GNOME 3 in virtual box.

For those of you who have tried it, lemme know what you think. What did you like, what did you hate?

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 07.04.2011 | Прочитано: 616 | Комментарии

KDE 5 Menu

System & Utilities

Note in bold: no official plans here, however many continuously maintained software projects start with N+1 version development long before N version is discontinued.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 07.04.2011 | Прочитано: 672 | Комментарии

Building a sexy Umbrello

System & Utilities

I’m a big fan of Umbrello. It’s a Free Software graphical UML (Unified  Modeling Language) editor, one of the very few of it’s kind. Most UML tools are proprietary tools written in Java and Umbrello is written in C++/Qt and build on the powerful base of KDE  software. I realized how interesting Umbrello is when I noticed that the  most of my professors suggest proprietary tools or a generic diagramming program with few UML features to study UML at college class. Many companies use UML to help them quickly write applications and Umbrello is (as far as I know) the only Free Software tool which can do the code generation required for that!

Why UML is important?

Modeling is the designing of software applications before coding. Modeling is an Essential Part of large software projects, and helpful to medium and even small projects as well. (…) Using a model, those responsible for a software development project’s success can assure themselves that business more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 06.04.2011 | Прочитано: 680 | Комментарии

Camp KDE 2011: It begins

System & Utilities

Starting a conference within 12 minutes of the projected start time might be a record, if only we had a certified official here.  This morning the attendees were punctual.  Even more importantly, Celeste got a Real Time Coffee Infusion ™ with minutes to spare and was ready to kick off the show.

Speaking of, we had a sub-community meeting of all North American contributors named Celeste.  Here’s the group photo:

She was looking for the other members in vain.

I won’t go into details on the presentations here, as Justin has diligently been recording them, uploading them, and taking notes for a Dot article on the first day.   Keep an eye out for article recaps and a proper group photo of everyone, regardless of whether they’re named Celeste (quite inclusive).  Teaser: One speaker readily confessed that they were on a combination of “narcotics, painkillers and laxatives” at the time of the speech.  I suspect at least 2 out of 3 more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 05.04.2011 | Прочитано: 690 | Комментарии

A wish a day 9: QML WPF

System & Utilities

When Stephen Elop announced Nokia was adopting Windows Phone 7 as its main development platform for the future, many of us felt a mix of fear for our jobs, incredulousness (are they committing suicide?), anger for betraying open source, then curiosity. What’s this WP7 about and what’s up in regards to development?

The canonical development platform for WP7 consists of Visual Studio 2010 and managed applications developed in .NET 4 using C# as the programming language and a WPF for the user interface. If you are not into .NET, you may be a bit lost now.

Windows Phone 7 is an embedded operating system by Microsoft. It is the successor to Windows Mobile 6.5 but it is incompatible with it and it is targeted at mobile phones.

Visual Studio is Microsoft’s development environment, including IDE, compiler, debugger, more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 04.04.2011 | Прочитано: 662 | Комментарии

Now on Twitter

System & Utilities

My last post was quite big, so I’ve split out the news part to ensure that it gets some attention. I’m now on Twitter as @stefanmajewsky. Follow me for updates on my KDE development, esp. Palapeli and Tagaro. My blog posts should also be syndicated there automatically; this post is the test balloon.

Filed under: KDE, kdegames, Palapeli

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 03.04.2011 | Прочитано: 581 | Комментарии

KDE Alive with KWin Menu Excitement

System & Utilities

Update: Comments are now working again, so sorry if your previous comment went blank. Debate away!

Martin’s post set off an eruption of ideas and debates over integrating dbusmenu and kwin and proposals for a new tabbed API. To quote José Pedro‘s comment:

The most important things I see lacking in Kwin from KDE 4.5 are an API to allow windows to open in a specific existing group (make a new tab in the decoration), and that the windows from a specific group are not grouped in the taskbar. I also think that if these 2 problems are fixed, most apps in KDE could use the decoration tabs instead of relying on the currently used tabs, inside the application itself. The important thing to notice here is the natural mix between the application tabs and the menu button. These complete each other, and all apps in KDE which rely on tabs to show documents would ideally use this system (dolphin, rekonq, kate, kword… just to name a few).

Here more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 31.03.2011 | Прочитано: 740 | Комментарии

New KDE Polishes Linux but Leaves a Few Little Streaks

System & Utilities

There's plenty to like about the K Desktop Environment version 4.6.1, and it's not all about eye candy.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 30.03.2011 | Прочитано: 534 | Комментарии

Minor tasks

System & Utilities

Just a quick note to let you all know what I've been up to this week. Monday I took a look at what will be needed to finally fix Jovie (make it use the voices you add, etc.) The rest of the week I've spent some time setting up a local copy of to play with. Last night I got it working with chihuahua layout which looks nice, but has some accessibility issues. I let the awesome crew in #kde-www know about them and a fix is in the works. I wont switch the site over to the new layout until it's accessible, don't worry. I would like to clean up the content on there though, it's very outdated, and much of it could probably move to techbase and/or

Oh, I've also signed up to be a SoC mentor. This summer is going to be awesome.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 30.03.2011 | Прочитано: 619 | Комментарии

Linux Office Suites

System & Utilities

Don't go blaming the Linux platform for this however, this is strictly Microsoft's choice and they've made it very clear that they aren't interested in supporting Office for Linux users.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 30.03.2011 | Прочитано: 573 | Комментарии

KMail Frustrations

System & Utilities

If you don't have an account yet, visit the registration page to sign up. If you already have an account, you may login here: This week at LWN Red Hat and the GPL Have something to say? LXer is read by around [who knows how many?] individuals each month, and is an excellent place for you to publish your ideas, thoughts, reviews, complaints, etc.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 29.03.2011 | Прочитано: 663 | Комментарии

Proposals to Google Summer Of Code

System & Utilities

Oh yeah ! It's now the time to participate as students to Google Summer Of Code !I just finished my proposal and i hope to be chosen.
Tonight, i just spend my time to work on Invite/Kick option for KDE-Telepathy, it seems more difficult than i think... So it's time to work !

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 29.03.2011 | Прочитано: 537 | Комментарии

KDE's Dolphin tips and tricks

System & Utilities

If you are using the latest, greatest KDE, then you are enjoying the default Dolphin file manager.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 28.03.2011 | Прочитано: 554 | Комментарии

Plasma NM: bugs fixed

System & Utilities

Since Plasma NM does not follow KDE SC release schedule I thought posting a list of bugs fixed should be a good idea. Some users do not know we do not follows KDE SC release schedule, some distribution packagers also seem to not know which important bugs have been fixed this year.

Fixes commited after 4.6.1 release date (March 4th):

208219: Add PEAP-GTC wireless authentication.
257777: do not save secrets if user asked for it.
241798: vpnc: fix storing/loading of secrets type
268484: Do not send "low signal" notification if connection is not activated.

262555: fix missing secrets for VPN plugins without explicit  storage type.

243792: fix connecting to WiFi when "In file (unencrypted)" secrets storage is used.
267952: Enable Del key to remove connection.
267967: Sanitize the Networking, Wireless and Wwan checkbox handling.

Other important fixes commited this year and before 4.6.1 release date:

267556: Hide the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 28.03.2011 | Прочитано: 642 | Комментарии

BlueDevil 1.0.3 released

System & Utilities

While working on BlueDevil 1.1 we’ve found time to release the third “patch release” of our KDE Bluetooth Stack, so here is the changelog:

  • Fixed requestPin helper by flushing cout buffer
  • Fixed requestConfirmation by passing the correct arguments
  • BUG: 267302 (crash reproducible for example with an iPhone)
  • Improved wizard device name detection.
  • Fixed “Send files” in some system by being sure that the defaultAdapter is NOT discovering.

With this version we’re releasing also libbluedevil 1.8.1, with the following changelog:

  • Workarounded bluez consistency for default adapter (this will fix some adapter detection errors).
  • Added a new signal to fix device scanning


BlueDevil tarball:
md5sum: a2d4aa126f86dbc1f429a3aa9e95671d
download: here

LibBluedevil tag:
git clone git://; cd libbluedevil; git checkout v1.8.1

The new version of libbluedevil is a dependency of the 1.0.3, so be sure to install them both! without the new library the wizard’s won’t work!

Well, this is it for now, stay tunned because we’ll start to publish information about 1.1 soon!

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 27.03.2011 | Прочитано: 614 | Комментарии

It's that time of the year!

System & Utilities

Finally ! After a long year of waiting, it's time again for Camp KDE, and this time we're going to rock San Francisco !

I can't wait to meet with our KDE developers and enthusiasts on the other side of the Atlantic. Like last year, I have the honor of giving a talk around KDE on Windows. However, this time I won't be talking about desktop Windows, but  mobile Windows...

In fact, I will be presenting the Kontact Touch project: KDE's professional Personal Information Management client targeting touch-enabled form factors, including smartphones and tablets. Topics will include porting the whole KDEPIM stack to mobile platforms including Maemo and Windows Mobile, as well as rewriting the whole UI using the bleeding edge Qt Quick framework, and it will of course include demos, which will be on multiple devices, including an HTC TouchPro2 running Windows Mobile, a Nokia N900 running Maemo, and an IBM tablet running Meego.

Update: a few teasers below... more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 26.03.2011 | Прочитано: 591 | Комментарии

Qt Quick and QML

System & Utilities

Been wanting to do this post for some time now, but mostly because I never did got decent recordings of the desktop I postponed it, until today....

First the video...

Ok so its fairly simple demos of what you can do with QML one kinda of a design cliché, but in this case they serve the propose...note# they run way faster/smoother than this its just that the screen capture program is not perfect..

the first one is really an example of how easy it is to create a OSX like thing... the core logic of the demo is around 80 lines of code :). wen I actually made it the first time, the way I implemented had each of the icons having its how independent and overlapping hit area just to see if it was possible, It is, but I don't recommend :).

The second is something I'm working on with Sergio to replace the diary view in Kontact.
Bottom line.... I love QML and By "love" I mean I LOOOOOVE it :D.

Its more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 25.03.2011 | Прочитано: 595 | Комментарии

Tried Variadic Templates

System & Utilities


Yesterday I tried to use variadic templates with gcc for the first time of my life. The compiler support is definitely good, it works as expected with –std=gnu++0x (it is never bad to use this option, it will add support for the -header and the auto-keyword, which makes code much more readable). However, I want to tell you how I think about this new language feature: It is ugly. Well, you can implement tuples with it, they are more compile-time-efficient than typelists and have a short syntax, the three dots work magically at some locations, but: they are not really handable, you cannot pass multiple of those “parameter packs”, as far as I know you would have to convert them into typelists to perform operations like concatenation, sorting etc., you can use a parameter pack as type-specification for the parameters of the function, but there is no more general concept for functions with flexible parameter list, partial specialization is still forbidden for functions, there is no way to access them non-recursively, sorry they are for meta-programming, and why should more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 24.03.2011 | Прочитано: 576 | Комментарии

The Collaboration Imperative

System & Utilities

As you might have noticed, there is a little bit of a brush-up between GNOME and Canonical with KDE involved from the sidelines (just read Planet GNOME). Dave wrote a reasonable summary of this and so did Jeff Waugh in his series on the relationship between Canonical and GNOME. In three sentences:

Let's have a fight
Canonical gets a lot of criticism for creating a fork of the GNOME experience with Unity, instead of contributing upstream to GNOME Shell. Canonical responds that Unity was meant to be a GNOME project and their contributions are being blocked (giving libindicators as example). Suddenly Aaron Seigo from KDE weighted in, saying GNOME is indeed hard to work with.

I've been reading up on it and to some extend participating in the discussion on As you know, I'm interested in the subject of collaboration and this is a case more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.03.2011 | Прочитано: 989 | Комментарии

"The desktop" and singularity (also scanning and ferris)

System & Utilities

While I normally don't waffle on about higher level touchy feely sorts of things, a recent acquisition of a new scanner prompted my mind to wander through those neurological paths. I think it's fair to say that many folks don't run just one, but many desktops these days. And no, this is not about KDE vs GNOME vs emacs as your desktop, but rather that a whole KDE4 session is happening on another (virtual) machine which is brought across to the normal "main" desktop.

This gives me many apps running on many machines and also proxy X sessions and X-VNC sessions in windows (which normally have an embedded panel et al). A take away idea I had here was why when I have Abiword in the menus is there not an offer to run it on server-Y which I have an ssh key for instead of the local host? Or to bring xpra into the mix there as well. Sure, this is likely not an idea that folks who only own a single machine or laptop will like, but more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.03.2011 | Прочитано: 768 | Комментарии

Small applications missing in KDE 4

System & Utilities

I have been working in the last weeks in the removal of the last pieces of KDE 3 from the Debian archive and I have found there are a lot of packages that is sad having to remove.

If you are looking for a good idea/excuse to learn and improve your KDE 4 / C++ /Qt4 skills, have to do a small application for school or you just feel like some useful coding, here is the list:

  • creox – real-time guitar effects
  • kbarcode – barcode and label printing application for KDE
  • kbiff – KDE mail notification utility
  • KKBSwitch – keyboard layout indicator for KDE (see this post also)
  • kmyfirewall – iptables based firewall configuration tool for KDE
  • kpogre – a graphical administrator tool for PostgreSQL
  • kredentials – KDE taskbar applet to update kerberos/AFS credentials
  • ksociograma – technical educational software to make sociograms
  • ktechlab – circuit simulator for microcontrollers and more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 21.03.2011 | Прочитано: 642 | Комментарии

Phonon + Zeitgeist =

System & Utilities

Beer by Thomas Hawk

Just in time for the next release, Phonon got a really cool feature earlier this week. Integration with Zeitgeist. No, not the movie, or that movement.

Zeitgeist is a neat piece of technology that aims to make your desktop smarter. From their website:

Zeitgeist is a service which logs the users’ activities and events, anywhere from files opened to websites visited and conversations had. It makes this information readily available for other applications to use. It is able to establish relationships between items based on similarity and usage patterns.
The integration allows media that is played from any application that uses Phonon to show up in Zeitgeist. This includes Amarok, Dragon, Tomahawk, and even Qt-only applications. The API is opt-in, so it is up to the developer to decide when to send events to zeitgeist. That way, KNotify doesn’t start spamming your log with every insignificant notification more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 20.03.2011 | Прочитано: 613 | Комментарии

Finally upgraded to openSuSE 11.4

System & Utilities


Today (yesterday) I have upgraded my openSuSE to version 11.4, I had been using openSuSE 11.3 before. Some days before I had screwed up some stuff with kernel updates and my boot partition (it was too small), removed stuff manually from /boot, used chroot environment, reinstalled kernel-stuff, not perfect at all, today again some problems afte the distribution upgrade, but after reinstalling the kernel and grup from chroot-environment (using an openSuSE 11.3+KDE Live CD), it worked. But since a few days (since the last 11.3 update with /boot ec.) it asks me for my luks-passphrase multiple time, but just the first time is important, after that it continues even with wrong passphrases.
However, let me talk about the upgrade itself. I do never upgrade from CD’s or DVD’s because I want to use custom repositories and custom packages, always using the network-installation for installing a system. Replaced the repositories, disabled the home:-repositiories, I do not actually need, replaced 11.3 by 11.4 for the other repositories. ;) Thanks to the openSuSE-buildservice this approach was successful more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 19.03.2011 | Прочитано: 639 | Комментарии

Muon Suite 1.2 alpha released

System & Utilities

It’s time once again!

The Muon Package Management Suite is a collection of package management applications that make package management easy on Debian-based systems, whether or not you know what “package management” means. The alpha releases of both the Muon Suite and the QApt library Muon is built on are available for immediate release. Packages for Kubuntu 11.04 “Natty Narwhal” are available in the QApt Experimental PPA rather than the regular QApt PPA, due to the pre-release nature of this… uh… release. Packages of interest are the “muon” and “muon-installer” packages for the Muon Package Manager and Muon Software Center.

Here are the highlights for 1.2 alpha:

Muon Package Manager

  • The History view as seen in the Muon Software Center can now be accessed from the Muon Package Manager, either through the “View” menu or the “crtl + h” keyboard shortcut.
  • Added an option to the configuration dialog to make APT treat a package’s “Suggests” as dependencies. For those who don’t care about disk space. ;-)
  • Make changes in the configuration dialog that more...

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