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System & Utilities

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Sebastian Trueg: Strigi Reloaded - The Answer to all our Problems? Hopefully to a few of them.

System & Utilities

It took me one and a half day and Jos will not be happy about it. That is because I have to start this blog entry with apologizing to him:

"Jos, I am sorry, you will probably not like what I am about to present here. But this makes it so much easier for me and all the KDE people. And strigidaemon simply does not provide the needed features, which I can understand since you are doing this in your spare time. But I cannot wait any longer and in the end really want to reuse all the nice KDE features instead of reimplementing it all just to keep away from QT/KDE dependencies. I hope you understand."

Now that the tension is built up. What did this guy do? Well, essentially I reimplemented strigidaemon as a KDE Nepomuk service. Why would I do that? Why would I reimplement an existing working application? Simple. For the following reasons:

  • The parts that I copied from strigidaemon are rather small since all the work is done in the streamanalyser library. So "reimplementing" more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.07.2008 | Прочитано: 978 | Комментарии

Shawn Starr: OLS Day 0

System & Utilities

On Monday, I drove to Guelph to hang out with some friends and then take the VIA Train to Ottawa. We arrived around 5pm today.

About the only thing done that was productive today was order a Pizza and sync rawhide and pray wireless will work tomorrow morning.

I wish Other KDE people where here Sad

[ Insert I'm Going to OLS! banner here ]

Pictures to come ...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.07.2008 | Прочитано: 938 | Комментарии

Martin Meredith: LugRadio Live - The Review

System & Utilities
(c) 2008 Barbie -

(c) 2008 Barbie

So, this weekend just gone was the weekend of LugRadio Live. Here’s how it went for me. Friday morning, I got up, finished packing my stuff into my suitcase and headed off to the airport to go and pick up Myrtti. After missing a couple of buses, eventually got there, just in time to meet her as she was coming out of Arrivals.

We then headed off to Wolverhampton, with Myrtti being amazed by English houses (don’t ask me - I don’t know either) arriving in Wolverhampton 20 minutes before we could check into the hotel. So we went for food. Well, actually, I went for food, and Myrtti came with me. Moon Under Water has nice food, as do most Wetherspoons.

Anyway, from there on, Myrtti and I went and checked into the hotel, and then had a bit of a chat  (and checked on the CaveyCam) while waiting more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.07.2008 | Прочитано: 1021 | Комментарии

Greg Haynes: GSoC: Kobby Week 8

System & Utilities

There has been a lot of development work this past week with Kobby.  After posting about some design issues I was attempting to clear up before diving into code, Armin Burgmeier (Creator of infinote) pointed out that the term ’session’ in infinote is used to describe the editing ’session’ of a single document, unlike in Kate where it is used to describe a set of documents.  Instead of deciding whether confuse either users or developers, I came up with a new naming scheme for the control dialogs which might actually better represent the actions being performed.

After getting the control dialogs worked out I went to connect the infinote functionality for an XmppConnection and ran into some issues with sigc++ and Qt.  Luckilly this was a quick (albeit somewhat dirty) fix.  It wasnt much longer before I got the connection functionality working, and ran into the next issue: Needing to use the Glib event system from my more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 23.07.2008 | Прочитано: 951 | Комментарии

Bertjan Broeksema: GSoC: A small side step.

System & Utilities

One of the goals of my GSoC is to let Akonadi do the storage handling for KPilot. At least for the PIM conduits. In my previous blog I already mentioned that Akonadi entered KPilot. However yesterday and today I had to dive into the code of Akonadi itself.

Akonadi stores a revision number of for each item that is stored with it. KPilot however, does not have a notion of revisions. What it does store is the last time that the handheld was synced. So to see if a record on the pc side is changed it looks if the modification time of that record is after the last time that there occurred a sync. The dirty and quick solution (read work around) would be to store the modification time in a custom attribute of Item.

Well, Akonadi had *some* code already there for modification time but not yet on the client side and also not completely on the server side. Behold! =:) That has changed. (Thanks to a lot of patient of vkrause). Patches are send to the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 742 | Комментарии

Gtk+ 3.0, take 2

System & Utilities

Emmanuele Bassi has summarized a discussion that happened on IRC after my Gtk+ 3.0 post.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 704 | Комментарии

Daniel Molkentin (danimo): Berlin, Trolltech, FrOSCon, aKademy...

System & Utilities Face of Daniel Molkentin (danimo)So I am back in Berlin writing my thesis at the Trolltech office here. Lately I've been pretty busy with exams, but now I can concentrate on my thesis, with the notable exception of two weekends: One is FrOSCon 2008, which I will attend on the 23. and 24. of August, but even before I will be in Belgium because...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 902 | Комментарии

Jason Harris (LMCboy): My SUSE curse continues

System & Utilities

I've never been able to successfully run SUSE or openSUSE, on any of my machines. I don't understand why; it just doesn't work. My latest attempt was to download and burn the openSUSE KDE Four Live CD, last night.

Download ISO. Verify checksum. Burn ISO. Reboot machine. Wait several minutes (more than five) for the boot process.....

Finally! I was greeted by the functional, friendly and green openSUSE KDE4 desktop. Woohoo, right?

I eagerly fired up my favorite app (Alt+F2, "kstars"), but before I could get through the Startup Wizard, my speakers emitted a short burst of rather distressed-sounding chirps, and then the machine was totally unresponsive. I had to hard-reset.

On the second attempt to boot the live CD, it hung during the boot process. Sigh.

I just tried a third time this morning, and it seemed to be working fine this time. However, I'm planning to send this to someone with whom I'd like to make a good impression, so the flakiness is a bit troubling.

Can anyone recommend another LiveCD that includes more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 844 | Комментарии

Roland Wolters (liquidat): Nvidia on KDE 4.1: a greedy problem

System & Utilities

KDE 4.1 was released as a RC recently and will soon be released. While it will be a very usable and stable desktop environment ready to be used almost everywhere most users with NVIDIA cards will not be pleased: their proprietary driver spoil the fun.

The Current Situation

KDE 4.1 will be the first major release since KDE 4.0 and will come along with quite some features many people missed in the 4.0 release, most notable the KDE PIM suite. Besides, many performance and stabilization fixes went into the release, and with RC 1 KDE is already usable on a daily base (although there are hick ups once in a while, of course). To get an idea about the current state a safe way is to install KDE4Daily in a virtual machine. It is snappy, fast and simply works.

However, if you install it afterwards on a real machine, you might be surprised to see that more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 932 | Комментарии

Chani Armitage (Chani): what is KDE?

System & Utilities

whenever people ask me that question, I have trouble answering. what is KDE? it’s not just a desktop environment any more, not by a long shot. it’s a whole universe of software projects (one of which is a desktop environment). it’s the libraries that we use to make that software, that helps make a KDE program really *feel* like a KDE program. it’s the community around that software, people we work with and care about.

I love kde’s approach to software. it was the beauty of the underlying design that drew me in… I want to use, and make, software that works for me instead of against me. software that integrates and works together, so that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. software that shares code, shares standard behaviours, etc. software that’ll remember things for me - I don’t have to know the whole name of a program if I can type the first few letters or the category, kontact will remind me of appointments, rsibreak tries to make me rest once in a more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 797 | Комментарии

Wade Olson: Plasma definition

System & Utilities

While I was cranking out my recent blog post on Plasma, I came about this definition of plasma on wikipedia.  We all know that when Aaron came up with the name Plasma he was (5%) thinking about how to viscerally define and relay his goals for a new desktop (energy, fluidity, etc) and then (95%) thinking about how cool it sounded.

The wikipedia page has a really interesting set of properties that define/describe a plasma.  Interesting enough that I made a corresponding image in the 15 minutes between returning from swimming tonight and going to bed.  So here’s about 13 minutes’ worth of work (and 2 left to type this entry).  Kinda interesting considering what it takes to build a new community rather visible so early in its nascent state.  The original size can be found here. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 848 | Комментарии

Dennis Nienh

System & Utilities

Eclipse has grown up for C++ development and is what I’m using most of the time, even for KDE. One thing that was driving me crazy in the last days however was copying things to the clipboard: Often it didn’t work on the first key press, but a second one was needed. Countless times later I was annoyed enough to ask Google for it and found this workaround. Now someone please enlighten me who to blame, Eclipse or Klipper. I guess this won’t be a problem with the upcoming KDevelop 4.0, looking forward to it :-)

People running KDE SVN with plasma/playground can enjoy an early version of the contacts plasmoid, I checked in the code earlier.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 757 | Комментарии

Patrick Spendrin (SaroEngels): Sweet Dreams

System & Utilities After not having written for a longer time I can say that I spent the time on a very interesting and usefull matter:

In the beginning of the week I worked on some missing packages for our already some weeks old release 4.0.83 which still is the most recent release before the next major version 4.1. I rebuild kdegraphics and added new packages for kdeutils, kdemultimedia and kdepim. Especially interesting is kdemultimedia as I fixed phonon the weekend before and so KDE windows platform supports sound output now. Kdepim was really easy since KDAB has fixed nearly everything (except the packaging bugs that I introduced;-)).

Then somehow Carlo Segato (_Brandon_) came to the idea that he could take another look again at plasma. I tried this before but I didn't invest a lot of time and so it was still unknown which wonders were awaiting us there. After _Brandon_ came through really well and most of the problems I hit last time had magically vanished (thanks to aseigo probably) _Brandon_ showed me the first picture of the analog more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 22.07.2008 | Прочитано: 836 | Комментарии

Roland Wolters (liquidat): Short timp: Simple .vimrc lines

System & Utilities

Once in a while there is the need for vim on machines which are usually under control of someone else. In such cases it is handy to have the most important lines for vimrc right at the hand:

[sourcecode language='css']
set laststatus=2 ” grey status bar at the bottom
syn on ” syntax highlighting
filetype indent on ” activates indenting for files
set ai ” auto indenting
set nu ” line numbers
set ic ” case insensitive search
colorscheme desert ” colorscheme desert

Once again, the idea of these short lines is to have the basic functionality in vim - if there is the time to set up a properly vimrc with tens of lines, I could also copy mine over. But if you just need to do some quick things these lines are useful.

If anyone has other really helpful lines please leave a comment (and explain the lines with a few words, more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 21.07.2008 | Прочитано: 864 | Комментарии

Hamish Rodda (blackarrow): KDevelop 4: User Interface

System & Utilities

Another leap forward in KDevelop version 4 is the interface. We've tried to make it both highly flexible (to fit most people's requirements) and reliable (kdev3 suffered from a difficult to maintain ui library, prior to a simplified rewrite), and the current state is pretty good (certainly better than kdev3). Features include:

  • "Ideal" mode - one central view, surrounded by collapsable tool views. The tool views can be shown/hidden, switched between, maximized (one toolview takes up the whole screen temporarily), and made to auto-hide (when the editor gains focus), all via keyboard shortcuts as well as mouse clicks. Each tool view has its own action tool bar, if it has any actions to expose. I also recently fixed the last known focus bugs, which makes the toolviews now particularly nice to work with.
  • Arbitrarily splittable central view - you can split vertically or horizontally as many times as you like. (Still some bugs on closing the last document in a split view to be worked on). I've found this useful although I didn't initially think I would use it. We more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 21.07.2008 | Прочитано: 859 | Комментарии

    Seb Ruiz (sebr): A Use for NVidia

    System & Utilities Face of Seb Ruiz (sebr)

    The world has seen a significant amount of complaining about NVidia cards (the 8600 has had it’s fair share of whippings).

    However, I’ve come to a great realisation:

    with my exceptionally slow nvidia card I can see absolutely every draw that occurs on the screen. Great for debugging paint events, and no need to export QT_FLUSH_PAINT=1.

    All you devs should go out and get one :)

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 21.07.2008 | Прочитано: 795 | Комментарии

    Matt Rogers (mattr): Sunday - 07/20/2008

    System & Utilities Face of Matt Rogers (mattr)
    • Went to see Hancock today. Enjoyable movie. The Dark Knight is up next. Tons of people waiting in line for the next showing (1.5 hours from when we got to the theater). Completely crazy. I want to see it, but I’ll wait until the theaters are a bit more empty. :)
    • Completely skipped out on the Kopete bugday today. I figured I was going to have to miss one of them, and it was just too busy today for me to make it.
    • Started setting up development stuff on the OS X side of the laptop today. Fink has gotten pretty nice since the last time i tried it.
    • GTD reboot is the reason for going back to the OS X side of things. A few nice applications there that I need that there aren’t open source (or even Linux-based) replacements for. If I can stay better organized and contribute to KDE more by using OS X rather than Linux, then that’s what more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 21.07.2008 | Прочитано: 858 | Комментарии

    Alex Merry: MPRIS Tester 1.0

    System & Utilities

    I’ve just ironed out the last few creases (that I’ve found so far) in my MPRIS tester. It should now thoroughly test all parts of the MPRIS spec. Well, none of this testing is automated, but there’s only so much automated tests will do for you with something like this.

    I’ve already used it to find a problem in Amarok’s handling of structs of ints (the same problem the first version of the MPRIS tester had).  I found some handy documentation about how to do just that.  It shows up a few more bugs in Amarok’s MPRIS interface that I’ll attack at some point if peterzl doesn’t get there first.

    Note that this can be used as a rather rough-and-ready controller for any MPRIS-capable players on the local system, but it isn’t geared towards that and isn’t pretty.  It deliberately exposes all the internals of the MPRIS interface.

    You can grab the code (only a 10K download!) at more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 21.07.2008 | Прочитано: 834 | Комментарии

    Dennis Nienh

    System & Utilities

    Found some time this weekend to continue working on the contacts plasmoid and some basic functionality is now there. Kudos to the plasma team for the great API. The data engine now supports querying kopete, but is designed to support other contact backends in the future. Rumors say there’s going to be a nepomuk backend, and sooner or later a decibel backend should take care of the rest (including kopete).

    Besides writing the kopete backend (and extending the kopete dbus api a bit for that), I focused on building the plasmoid itself in a generic way. Think of it as a table where each row represents a contact and each column some kind of information or a way to interact with a contact. Rows are each their own object (to ease a later integration of extenders), and cells (information or actions) are created by a factory. This makes integration of new content and customization of the look very easy. See this screenshot:

    Both plasmoids shown are instances of the contacts more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 20.07.2008 | Прочитано: 897 | Комментарии

    Developers respond to KDE 4 backlash

    System & Utilities

    Developers of the open source KDE desktop environment have responded to the ongoing controversy around their handling of the transition from KDE 3 to the current generation of the system, KDE 4, which began ...

    Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 20.07.2008 | Прочитано: 786 | Комментарии

    Cyrille Berger: Darkroom 1.0 and Import Raw in Krita

    System & Utilities It all started on Friday when I had a look at the pictures I took in Berlin, during the KDE-Bindings meeting and on my way to the airport in the city center. I found them incredibly noisy, my digital camera is starting to age, it's more than four years old, so I was wondering if it wouldn't be a good idea to replace it. At first, I had decided to wait a little bit before buying a DSLR, but seeing how poorly hand-held camera still behave, yay they have more mega-pixels, but why is it useful if the results is completely noisy and blurry ? And you can't tell yourself that you will buy one of the low mega-pixels camera, since they also have crap results, since they sell their product on the number of mega-pixels, no manufacturer will take the time of making a good hand-held camera, sad. So I turned myself to a DSLR (help with the fact that price have considerably dropped recently).

    Since new babies are introduces with a picture: more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 20.07.2008 | Прочитано: 778 | Комментарии

    Dennis Nienh

    System & Utilities

    It’s sunday, it’s bugday, it is your favorite instant messaging application waiting for you! Please visit the second Kopete Bugday page on techbase for an introduction and instructions on how to help out. If you’re looking for a quick way to contribute, please skim over the sections where a particular hardware/protocol/plugin combination is needed to verify a bug and see if one of them comes close to your setup: Bugday 1, Bugday 2.

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 20.07.2008 | Прочитано: 829 | Комментарии

    Alex Merry: MPRIS Tester

    System & Utilities

    I’ve just finished writing a tester app for MPRIS.  It covers all the parts of the standard for querying and controlling media players over D-Bus.

    It’s pure Qt, since I didn’t need any KDE-specific stuff - it’s just a quick hack, anyway.

    I was going to write it in (and use it to learn) a scripted language like python, but I got impatient.  I might reimplement it in an interpreted language at some point.

    There are a couple of problems (to do with receiving structs of ints) that I need to track down to either my program or Amarok (or both - I reference Amarok’s code when implementing those bits).  But other than getting the status and the MPRIS version, it seems to work.  And I think it’ll be a handy little tool.

    I’ll upload it to when that site returns to normality, but in the meantime:

    MPRIS Tester

    MPRIS Tester more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 20.07.2008 | Прочитано: 806 | Комментарии

    Rolf Eike Beer: Report string bugs!

    System & Utilities

    I just tried to finish the German translation of KGpg's documentation and found the following sentence:

    The option use mouse selection instead of clipboard changes happens by mouse and pasting by middle mouse button or if all operations are done by keyboard shortcuts.

    Credits for this go to me, too. But what I was wondering about: the Portugese and Spanish teams already translated this file. I did not receive any complaints about writing crap at this place. Neither did I receive any bug reports about wrong button names or things like that in the documentation until I asked someone with some spare time on the docs day on IRC to review it.

    I wonder if this means that nobody ever reads the documentation we are writing. I had a bunch of notes in EBN about strings with missing context and so on, but nobody seems to care to report this. So, please, if you are a user or translator and find something suspicious, outdated or wrong in documentation or messages: more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 19.07.2008 | Прочитано: 868 | Комментарии

    Diego Iastrubni: re: A magical xrandr incantation

    System & Utilities

    Hi Simon,

    I read your post about magical xrandr incantation, and it almost works here. What I get is: the external video as the main screen. I want my desktop to extend to that new display, and kicker to stay on the original LVDS.

    Is it possible at all…? I am using here X version, and XRander 1.2 (Mandriva 2008.1).


    If any one from the BickBuckBunny is reading this, you totally kick ass. I watched it again 3 weeks after, and still amuses me. You did a great job! Not only this is a great visual movie, but it’s also funny! (unlike dreams, which I really did not like…). Waiting for the video game the Peach project is making :)

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 19.07.2008 | Прочитано: 696 | Комментарии

    Boudewijn Rempt (boud): I'm really, really glad

    System & Utilities

    That I am a Linux user. I would probably be just as happy as a BSD user or an OpenSolaris user -- and I'm really glad that I'm not really a Windows Vista user. I used to keep a Vista partition around to test Corel Painter X with (because Corel Painter doesn't install under Wine), but seldom boot Vista.

    So, when I last booted into Vista, it had an enormous backlog of updates to install. Which I foolishly allowed it to do. The result? Something called winload.exe is apparently borked beyond recovery. A quick google shows that it's apparently a know problem. Right... Breaking your basic OS kernel loading during an update, that makes Ubuntu's X11 foul-up look good in comparison!

    Oh, well -- another 16GB of hard disk available!

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 19.07.2008 | Прочитано: 785 | Комментарии

    Ana Guerrero (ana): Debian packages for KDE 4.1, KOffice alpha9 and more

    System & Utilities

    In the beginning of this week, KDE 4.1 RC 1 was released and, of course, there are Debian packages since the release day. The instructions I blogged about how to install the beta1 (and downgrade) still mostly apply, although the version of the KDE 4 RC1 is 4.0.98.
    The Debian KDE Team website has finally been updated, so you have even more useful information about how to install KDE 4.1 packages from experimental, specially the bits about Apt Pinning.
    kdeplasmoids has been renamed, again, and it is now named kdeplasma-addons, this means it is currently stuck at the NEW queue in Debian. I do not know when it will be available in the archive, but luckily current version of kdeplasmoids (post beta 2), works well with the RC 1 packages, you can use it until kdeplasmoids is accepted.

    The important part about RC 1 in Debian is we finally have kde4libs, kdepimlibs and kdebase-runtime in unstable, and they more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 19.07.2008 | Прочитано: 853 | Комментарии

    Danny Kukawka: Fixing UMTSmon Sierra Wireless port detection

    System & Utilities
    Yesterday I tried the first time to run UMTSmon on a HP Compaq 2710p TabletPC with a HP HS2300 HSDPA Broadband Wireless module (which is a Sierra Wireless). Unfortunately I couldn't unlock the SIM card with the correct PIN, while it worked under Windows and on a HP Compaq 2510p which has the same UMTS card.

    With some hints/help from Seife I found out that the ttyUSB* ports for PPP and AT are twisted (compared to the 2510p). Since the cards in both machines have the same USB vendor and product id UMTSmon can't differ between both cases.

    To solve this problem I added some code to UMTSmon to identify the PPP port from the output of the ATI command. The answer of the PPP port contains 'APP1n'. This allows for Sierra Wireless cards with two ttyUSB ports to find always the correct port. You can find the patch on the UMTSmon mailing list or more...

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    Jason Kasper (vanRijn): iPhone; KPilot Summer of Code; Five Fingers

    System & Utilities

    Warning. Random brain dump coming…

    Food for thought that I spotted on my lifehacker feed today… Why You’re Better Off Avoiding the iPhone

    … this is a hypocrite’s confession. I purchased and use an iPhone, but I hate being locked into Apple’s proprietary system.

    Original impetus was 5 reasons to avoid iPhone 3G [Free Software Foundation]. Hm. I’m still locked into my Sprint account until October, so I’m on a forced wait regardless of whether I wanted to run out and buy one right now anyway.

    In other news, my awesome Summer of Code student, Bertjan, is making great strides in our unstable version of KPilot (trunk, which will be in KDE 4.2). He’s well into the middle of writing a new contacts conduit for KPilot, which will utilize the new Akonadi goodness that will serve as the core of KDE PIM in KDE 4.2 and beyond. Woot! Awesome work Bertjan! We only have 4 weeks left!!! =:D He’s also had to do a bit more cleanup before he could more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 19.07.2008 | Прочитано: 1078 | Комментарии

    Cyrille Berger: Howto: fun blog entry while stabilizing software

    System & Utilities Boudewijn just mentioned that KOffice was entering soft-freeze and that it would mean more boring blog entries while we work on stabilizing KOffice. Well I must disagree with that, I usually find the most annoying bugs while preparing blog entry, and when working on stabilizing Krita, it usually wake up my creativity part (mostly because it's not sucked by my coder side while designing new features), which can be turn in fun entries.

    I just bought the new Super Smash Brawl for WII (yeah not the best way to concentrate yourself on bug fixing, but very good to clear your mind), which includes the infamous Mr Game & Watch character (probably for nostalgic reason, my favorite). So this has inspired me: it should be easy to reproduce it using Karbon:

    And I must say, the work that was done on Karbon14 by Jan Hambrecht for 2.0 is really impressive, the curve editing is really good now (compared more...

    Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 18.07.2008 | Прочитано: 817 | Комментарии
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