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System & Utilities

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Orville Bennett (illogic-al): Feeling Campy

System & Utilities

And I'm finally at Camp KDE. American Airlines sucked. Really, don't ever take them if you can avoid it.

In more cheery news meeting the "North American" KDE Krew was pretty cool. Oh, and wifi works. And the sea is awesome. Did I mention there's a water park just down the street? Yeah.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 18.01.2009 | Прочитано: 745 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): living room rock stars

System & Utilities I have a small confession to make: I love playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We recently got Rock Band 2 for the household here, unfortunately the drums were defective. A quick visit to the support website followed by a fair amount of traipsing about their pages led to a form to fill out. A couple weeks later and a new set of drums showed up at the door. I didn't even send them my receipt to provide proof of purchase within the warranty period either, even though they said I'd have to. Odd. Still .. yay!

I very much understand why people love to play these games and why they sell so well: it's a way to participate with a very low barrier to entry with something that a lot of people enjoy a lot (music) wrapped up in a fairy tale story (the rock star dream). I think it's fascinating that these games are introducing people to entire bodies of music fr the first time, both old and new, driving popularity and sales for the artists. The more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 18.01.2009 | Прочитано: 754 | Комментарии

Alexandra Leisse (troubalex): Going Camping

System & Utilities

When the alarm woke me up at 5 yesterday morning, I found it hard to believe that I would be spending most of the day on various planes and crossing several timezones. To be honest, it felt close to impossible to get out of bed. But I convinced myself at last and crawled down the ladder of my loft bed.

At 7.55 and -6° C Thomas and me got onto the plane to Heathrow. Surprisingly enough I didn’t have to hurry this time: I actually was early enough at the airport in Oslo to have a nice cup of coffee and call home.

Arriving at our gate in Heathrow, we met Leo who boarded the flight to Miami with us. I have never been on a plane for more than 4 hors before and I must say: it’s pretty boring. Especially when there is not much to see outside apart from clouds, water and empty icy Canada.

In Miami I had trouble finding my suitcase which could not be checked through to Montego Bay and going through customs took ages. more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 18.01.2009 | Прочитано: 714 | Комментарии

Jos Poortvliet: Jamaica rocks...

System & Utilities Working on the articles there were a few things I didn't put in there.

And some things I did :D

Last night I'm sure the Plasma team had their weirdest location for discussing code - ever. The Caribean sea. Now I'm all for technical talk but that went a bit too far for me, Others however, on hearing there was a discussion about plasma going on, joined them. Aaah well. I've been drinking Jamaican Rum and beer, pretty good stuff.

The morning here was interesting, as many ppl had arrived late last night. I just heard Zack appologize for being Zack ("I'm sorry, I'm Zack"), there is a guy sitting next to me with a "One Laptop Velicoraptor per child" t-shirt and I'm sure there have never been so many laptops on this beach. The food is very good. I had a Jamaican breakfeast yesterday just like today, loved it despite having no idea what more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 17.01.2009 | Прочитано: 670 | Комментарии

Chani Armitage (Chani): campkde, day 0

System & Utilities

wheeee! I got off the plane in jamaica, and felt the relaxed atmosphere at once. :) the customs line was horrendous, but I met up with some other gearheads there :) and after much delay we were off to the resort. I wasn’t expecting it to be such a long drive… we got to see some of jamaica before dozing off, though. it kinda looks like a clean non-asian version of china, to me. ;) oh, and we bought peanuts from one of the street vendors who run alongside the cars to sell their stuff.

the resort has a beautiful little sandy beach by the bar/restaurant, and the water is only a few yards away. lovely mild water (I won’t call it warm, but it’s not freezing), hardly any rocks or seaweed or driftwood or other annoyances that are everywhere in vancouver waters… there was a bonfire on the beach, and after dinner several of us ended up going out for a swim… god, looking up at the stars from the water on a warm night is just… more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 17.01.2009 | Прочитано: 780 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: enlightment of the week

System & Utilities

You would know someone better, not from the way he treats his friends, but rather the way he deals with his enemies.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 17.01.2009 | Прочитано: 682 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): Tokamak II

System & Utilities

"After the very successful first Tokamak in Milan, Italy we would like to repeat this at the second Plasma developer meeting in the beautiful city of Oporto, Portugal. The local ISEP institute, kindly offered to host this meeting. ISEP is very interested in Open Source technologies especially exiting and promising ones like KDE's Plasma. ISEP wants its students of computer science to experience Open Source Software creation and community." - From the Tokamak II planning page on Techbase

Tokamak II will be held on February 6th-9th and we currently expect 15 members of the Plasma team to attend, along with some local visitors on the first day. We'll be sure to keep you all informed via the blogosphere as to what goes down at this developer sprint. The focus will be on planning for 4.3 as well as a bit longer term, with an emphasis on integration social features into Plasma and generally extending the power of Plasma even further.

A huge thanks to Nuno Pinheiro for taking the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 16.01.2009 | Прочитано: 1189 | Комментарии

Richard Dale: Introducing Wt::Ruby, a Qt-like api for developing web applications

System & Utilities

Before going to last years Akademy I had planned to use the week to try and start helping out with Ruby support for KDevelop4. In the end I got sidetracked by two things; playing with the Nokia N810 and finding out about a web application development library called 'Wt'. Koen Deforche gave a talk about Wt and I was impressed the way he described how web development usually sucked, and why a widget based desktop style api was better than the usual web page with embedded code approach.

After the talk, Pau Garcia i Quiles introduced me to Koen and Wim Dumon who are the two main Wt developers. Pau has used QtRuby and Korundum a lot and so I know he likes Ruby, and yet he thinks the best web toolkit is Wt, which usually involves coding in C++. Hmm, WTF - there must be something interesting with this stuff I thought?

They helped my get Wt built using cmake and linking against the boost libs, and I had a go and running the Wt headers through the kalyptus more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 16.01.2009 | Прочитано: 1007 | Комментарии

Agustin Benito Bethencourt: GCDS'09 news

System & Utilities Both boards (GNOME and KDE) along with the local team keep working on the organization of the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit:GUADEC + Akademy 2009. After the visit of representatives from both staffs to Gran Canaria, last december, we will celebrate another meeting during FOSDEM. In a few weeks an open mailing list and a community tool (a wiki or something like that) will be configurated so people can help us to make something special out of this event.

The local team has a strong recommendation: buy the tickets as soon as possible. A parallel program for families will be offered so don't be afraid of bringing them with you (little kids included).

Stay tuned for news and recommendations through the website of the event or by reading the twitter account we have for minor announces: gcds_2009.

Please, spread this recommendation.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 16.01.2009 | Прочитано: 445 | Комментарии

Nokia to licence Qt under the LGPL

System & Utilities

FINNISH MOBILE phone giant Nokia has announced that it will make the Qt framework available under the Lesser General Public Licence with Qt 4.5, planned for March.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 16.01.2009 | Прочитано: 452 | Комментарии

Michael Leupold (lemma): Bugzilla->{speed}++;

System & Utilities

During the last week I've been working hard on the Bugzilla sources (I've even been learning some Perl :-)) trying to make searchers faster. It made a rather lengthy blogpost (containing some big pictures though) and I wasn't sure if the general Planet KDE audience was that much interested in it as it's only partly related to KDE. So to avoid spamming the Planet all over I decided to make it a separate post which doesn't get syndicated. It might be interesting to you if you're into Bugzilla, full-text search or semi-fancy benchmarking graphs.

Here you go...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 16.01.2009 | Прочитано: 617 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): what do you get when you remove 128 lines of code?

System & Utilities Shawn Starr was probably the first person to actually start writing a sophisticated DataEngine for plasma: WeatherEngine. He started working on it before 4.0.0 was released even. Yes, he is a mad man, but thanks to his brash insanity Plasma::DataEngine got the crud kicked out of it. It was also where we first found the need for Plasma::Services.

Still, thing weren't perfect. The WeatherEngine uses DataEngines itself and chains them together. So when you ask for weather for a given location, WeatherEngine actually loads a second DataEngine that talks to that specific service. This makes each service nicely compartmentalized and plugin based without a whole lot of duplication of effort.

Chaining the DataEngines was not exactly a straight-forward exercise back then, but Shawn muddled through and the DataEngine API improved alongside those efforts. It did, however, work.

Today on IRC while discussing things like being able to easily add new WeatherEngine plugins, I realized that by using DataEngine for the plugins we should also be able to get scripting and package support ... for free!

Well, more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 16.01.2009 | Прочитано: 757 | Комментарии

Making KDE's Konqueror Obey You

System & Utilities

"Your favorite Linux distribution may not include menu icons for both of these, and a lot of new KDE users get frustrated because they only have a launcher for one or the other.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 16.01.2009 | Прочитано: 658 | Комментарии

Jos Poortvliet: How Cute of Nokia!

System & Utilities First of all, greetings from the beautiful country of Jamaica!!! I'm here to help prepare Camp KDE, and as such, enjoying good company and great weather...

Yeah, about that company. I'm amazed by Jamaican hospitality. For me, dutch, being rather crude & simple folks, it makes me feel uncomfortable. My host gave me his bed, and made me breakfeast. Even cut the fruit in pieces - last person who did that whas my mom, and that was a long time ago. Hmmm. When I have a friend over, I trow a matress on the floor and tell him where the kitchen is... How's that for a different culture?!?

And about the weather, well, here's a photo I just took from the window of this apartment. Should tell ya enough ;-)

During all the travelling I did I thought about the news from Nokia. Most of the readers probably know what I’m talking more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 15.01.2009 | Прочитано: 731 | Комментарии

Frank Karlitschek (karli): experiments with marketplace

System & Utilities We started an interesting experiment. From today applications, artwork or document templates can be uploaded to, and for free downloading as before. But starting today, you may also select to sell them to users on the Marketplace of We try to do this in a way which is in line with the free software spirit

The Marketplace/App Store on does not take a commission on sales. So 100% goes directly to the developer. It also doesn't dictate which applications, artwork and documents may be listed. Instead, all applications and artwork are welcomed, including binaries of free software, icon designs, wallpapers and document templates. This is new for the free software world. 

Free software for money? 
Is it fine to sell free software? Isn

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 15.01.2009 | Прочитано: 767 | Комментарии

Qt adds LGPL license option

System & Utilities

Qt Software will add an LGPL licensing option for Qt 4.5, due to ship in March. Together with a new policy of opening Qt source code repositories to the public, the more permissive license option should ...

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 15.01.2009 | Прочитано: 680 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: capture the idea, before it is long gone

System & Utilities

Using WebKit, it is quite trivial to create a tool that grabs the contents of a web page and then saves everything as an image. Together with the new full page zoom feature, we can have the zoomed in or zoomed out version of the page, even at different viewport sizes (which may simulate different screen resolutions). In fact, that is what I describe in Qt Labs on the topic of Capturing web pages.

Just imagine you can have that small utility and you can run something like (web address, zoom factor in percent, output filename, optionally also the viewport width): webcapture 50 trolltech.png

what would you do then?

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 15.01.2009 | Прочитано: 711 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): building a community around your F/OSS project

System & Utilities Today has turned into another writing day for me. Huzzah! I started going through my list of blog-posts-I've-not-yet-written and decided to punctuate the day with a couple of them. So let's talk a bit about building a community around your F/OSS project.

Usual disclaimers apply: this is what works for me, it may not work for you; I could be completely insane and talking about my posterior; I probably am just repeating what other people have said elsewhere; I'm going to be hypocritical in places by giving advice that I don't follow overly well myself. So there.


Why It Matters

It is not uncommon to read about projects that are suffering from lack of development resources. Let's be honest: no project has "enough" people, ever. There's always something else that could be getting done "if only we had another pair of hands!" Some projects suffer more than others, however.

Recently, one of the developers opined about the demise of developer contributions, a KStars developer sent out a small S.O.S. on their blog on more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 15.01.2009 | Прочитано: 932 | Комментарии

Casey Link (ramblurr): A Quickie: Amarok,, CampKDE

System & Utilities

Things have been busy around here! First, there was the end-of-semester rush that occurs right before exams, then there was exams themselves. After the 3-day cross country drive home, I’ve spent the last couple weeks playing Settlers of Cataan with old friends, and hitting the ski slopes a couple times a week.

In between all that I haven’t had much time for development. Actually, I told a small lie. I’ve been pretty busy with a secret project ™, but I can’t post anything about that until the 19th.

Amarok wise, things are looking up. I’ve started to completely refactor the service in Amarok 2. Expect a more explanatory post (plus screenshots!) soon.

Finally, Camp KDE is a few short days away. During the conference Leo Franchi and I plan to knock out some huge improvmeents to Amarok 2’s Context View.

Gah, Gah, Go, that’s all folks!

Im Going to Camp KDE!

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 15.01.2009 | Прочитано: 650 | Комментарии

Matt Williams: LGPL Qt 4.5.0

System & Utilities

I know I'm not the first to post about this (I'm about 12 hours too late for that) but I do think it's very exciting news. I can't see any immediate impact it will have on the KDE desktop itself but I'm sure that 6/12 months down the line, once Qt usage is increased and bugs are fixed and new features are implemented, we'll feel the impact.

It interesting too see how far this news has spread across the Internet too. For example I'm a regular on the Ogre3D forums and even though there's very little interaction between the two projects, there's discussion going on there.

Perhaps the most surprising thing, however, is that reading the Dot post about it there's probably the lowest level of trolling I've seen in a long time. Not even hardly any anti-GTK trolling either which is good to see. Well done community!

(On this note, does anyone know of any time line for the new Dot? I heard before 4.2 is released but that's getting closer now.)

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 15.01.2009 | Прочитано: 793 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): KDE: Linux Format's Free Software Project of the Year

System & Utilities Linux Format recognizes stand out projects and members of the Free software world with their Reader Awards. The readers of the magazine send in their votes, Linux Format (LF) tallies them up and then publishes the results.

In the awards overview article, LF observes that "it takes a lot of planning, a lot of hard work, some serious code fu and, above all, a commitment to the ideals that underpin our movement."

How true. In recognition of the path KDE took in 2008 from the initial 4.0 release through to our current effort, the readers voted overwhelming for KDE as the Free Software Project of the Year. This wasn't a desktop only category, it could have been any Free software project. To all the users who voted: thank you! To everyone contributing to KDE in any of the many ways possible (coding, translating, usability, artwork, community guidance, marketing, biz dev ...), a huge congratulations and thank you to you as well.

On the awards broadside page, LF writes:

"A more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 578 | Комментарии

Andreas Aardal Hanssen (bibr): Windows and global mapping

System & Utilities

There are a few problems left to solve for how Qt’s widgets are embedded inside a QGraphicsScene. Each problem is a bit tricky, at least I think so. I’ll list a few and try to explain.

1) Mapping between global coordinates and scene/item coordinates.

QWidget can map its local coordinates to and from global (desktop) coordinates. This is useful for positioning popups or other windows relative to the widget (since window positions are always defined in global coordinates). It’s also useful for ensuring that something is close to the mouse cursor. There’s basically many use cases for global coordinates, and mapping to and from them. For some event handlers, Qt does this for you automatically, such as QWidget::mousePressEvent().

void Widget::mousePressEvent(QMouseEvent *event)
QMenu menu;
// or simply menu.exec(event->globalPos());

Now the problem. One vanilla Qt widget can only appear in one spot, one desktop. In Graphics View, it can appear in several places (e.g., in the chip demo). This means QCursor::pos() can mean different more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 825 | Комментарии

Nokia to Increase Adoption of Qt With Additional Licensing Option

System & Utilities

Nokia to Add LGPL Open Source Licensing Option for the Qt UI and Application Framework ESPOO, Finland, January 14 ESPOO, Finland , January 14 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Nokia today announced that its Qt ...

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 557 | Комментарии

Roland Wolters (liquidat): Qt under LGPL

System & Utilities

Nokia, the owner of Qt software and therefore the owner of Qt, has announced that the Qt framework will be released under LGPL in the upcoming 4.5 release.

The <announcement is a huge change in the licensing policy regarding Qt: up until this change Qt could be used for Free Software development under the GPL - or for proprietary development under a proprietary license including a fee. This was totally ok for many software developers and projects and it was of course the main income source for Trolltech, the company behind Qt which was bought by Nokia.

It was, however, also a big reason why many developers didn’t choose it: some companies wanted to develop closed source without paying this licence free, and other Free Software projects argumented that GPL is not free enough for their taste. These reasons are not valid any more, and with Nokia supporting Qt the question arises how this will influence more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 743 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: lima golf papa lima

System & Utilities

Sebastian just announced that Qt 4.5 will be also available under LGPL 2.1. Yes, it's the Lesser General Public License (check the FAQ). It means a good change for KDE as well.

One small step for Qt Software, one giant leap for mankind...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 628 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): i will not drink the koolaide.

System & Utilities Quick note: when I started using Phonon everything Just Worked(tm), including Skype and Firefox and mplayer and DragonPlayer and Amarok and ... everything cohabited and was beautiful.

I upgraded my operating system and was "blessed" with PulseAudio. Now nothing Just Works(tm).

This is the difference between a system well thought out (Phonon) and a system so convoluted and in search of a problem to solve that it simply messes it all up in the process.

I had no need for PulseAudio. I had Phonon + Xine and Phonon + GStreamer and life was wonderful. I hope, based on my personal experience with PulseAudio, that others wake up and realize that, no, it's not necessary and that yet, it does complicate things and that, why, we'd prefer things to Just Work(tm) versus become a mess.

I've seen the block diagrams, I've been to conference presentations explaining how it works. The insane complexity of it all horrifies me.

Regardless of what others say about PulseAudio, I will not drink that kool-aide.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 765 | Комментарии

Martin Meredith: Obligatory Post

System & Utilities

Ok, so here’s my obligatory “Hello Planet Debian” and “I’m now a Debian Developer” post.

So, yeah, I’m now a Debian Developer - and have a shiny new email address. For those of you considering going through the NM process, or already going through it - don’t give up hope, you’ll get there eventually!

Thanks to all those who’ve helped me along the way.

In other news, I’ve been meaning to blog about a couple of sites for a while now.

First of all, is - a nifty little site with lots of ebooks to download. Including a lot of the classics. You can also publish books on there, but I haven’t got round to it yet. This is currently my homepage on my eeePC. I’ve setup the “custom PDF” to be a good size for the eeePC (152mmx91mm, 10px font, 5mm all borders) and have been reading some of the Doctor Who books on there (and actually not finding it that uncomfortable curling up in bed with.

The next site is Stack more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 782 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: bleeding-edge ioquake3 to play Quake III: Arena

System & Utilities

Here is step by step short instructions if you want to play Quake III: Arena using the bleeding-edge version of ioquake3. Reasons to do this (instead of using the vanilla Q3A executable): ioquake is still actively developed and maintained and it has new fancy features like in-game VoIP, SDL backend, OpenAL support, x86-64 JIT, MinGW build, and many others.

Get ioquake3 source code using subversion, git, or a normal plain web browser.

To get the source code using Subversion:

svn co svn:// ioquake3

Windows users might want to use something like TortoiseSVN and enter svn:// to check it out.

Since cool kids are using git these days, I set up an unofficial git mirror of the repository at It is synchronized with the subversion repository. To get the code:

git clone git://

Windows users might want to use something like msysgit.

If you are allergic to subversion and git, more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 702 | Комментарии

Alexander Neundorf: KDE 4.2 release party in Frankfurt

System & Utilities


great events are coming closer: the release of KDE 4.2 is due in two weeks Smiling

To celebrate this, Claudia is organizing a (small) release party Friday, January 30th in Frankfurt/Main, details here:

So if you are from Frankfurt/Main or close to it, come and celebrate KDE 4.2 with us. If you want to come, please send an email to Claudia (rauch AT (for now we have a table for 12 people reserved...)

I will come from Kaiserslautern, so if you are from K-Town or surroundings, I still have some places free in my car. In this case just send me an email to neundorf AT

See you there Smiling

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 14.01.2009 | Прочитано: 756 | Комментарии

Jason Kasper (vanRijn): KPilot 4.2 progress

System & Utilities

I discovered a nasty little data corruption bug in KPilot last night and have put some fixes in for it just this morning. The good news is that we didn’t lose any data. We just gave you a lot more data. =:) So, if you’re helping to test KPilot for our KDE 4.2 release looming Any Day Now (TM), please update from svn (branches/KDE/4.2/kdepim/kpilot) and test again. There is still one little nasty behavior that I see that I need to find a fix for tonight, though. With our new core conduit design for KDE 4.2, KPilot keeps its Handheld -> PC mappings in its own XML file–one per conduit. This is a Really Good Thing (also TM). However, it seems that we don’t do a 100% perfect job just yet in being rigorous about validating this XML mapping file and when it gets messed up, bad things can happen. So, if you’re hitting weird problems with KPilot from KDE 4.2, try removing the XML mapping file for that particular conduit in ~/.kde/share/apps/kpilot/conduits/<PalmUserName>/mapping and re-syncing. That will force KPilot to more...

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