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November, 2018
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System & Utilities

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Adriaan de Groot (adridg): KDE Forum - Congratulations

System & Utilities

Some months back, the KDE forums were re-launched under a community banner (they had previously been run by a third party), with a new and enthusiastic admin team. One of the first things the team achieved was the release of the forum software under a Free Software license (it was previously proprietary). And they haven’t sat still since.

One of the signs of the professionalism of the forum admin team (professionalism in the sense of upright behavior, reporting, being responsive end friendly and having a clear sense of purpose even in a volunteer organization) is the forum staff blog which posts staff goings-on or highlights particular topics. It’s missing the notice that one of the team needs to leave (for personal reasons), so I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rob L. particularly for his work in re-invogorating one of the communication channels KDE users have amongst themselves and with developers.

Personally I’ve never liked forums. I remember using the phrase “loathe and abhor” more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 11.06.2009 | Прочитано: 774 | Комментарии

Adriaan de Groot (adridg): O noes! My business model!

System & Utilities

Spotted a peculiar and tendentious article on WebWereld (Dutch only), which suggests that Karl-Heinz Streibich of Software AG said that the (proprietary) software industry needs direct financial support. There’s no direct quote, though. The closest thing to a direct quote is the call for a “clear strategy” in Europe to strengthen the software industry.

I’m sure the Free Software world can come up with some good suggestions there. Skill building? Local autonomy? Escape from vendor lock in? All solutions for strengthening the European software industry at all levels and obtaining better software and promoting cooperation between public sector organizations.

I have not seen this mentioned elsewhere, so it may just be lousy sensationalist reporting.

Now, there is an EU software strategy being formulated. It tries to bring together the viewpoints of various parties on what to do with software. LinuxJournal does a nice piece on it, highlighting the tensions between the EU itself, real Free Software organisations like the FSFE, and proprietary software companies.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 11.06.2009 | Прочитано: 744 | Комментарии

Richard Johnson (nixternal): Kubuntu and Apport love

System & Utilities

So, I decided to take all of the Apport related TODO items the other day and I am almost complete with all of them. Today I ported apport-qt to apport-kde, which means went from PyQt4 to PyKDE4 loveliness. Spent some time testing it and working out the bugs and I think it is good thus far. I am sure we will have to do some tweaks to it, but it is a great start.

Another item on the TODO list was to convert the Help->Report Bug… menu item to utilize Apport to file bug reports to Launchpad instead of going straight to KDE Bugzilla. In the future I will probably look at having both implemented, but that will need to be discussed further, probably with the KDE and Kubuntu people, as well as Celeste on usability.

Next step, something about all of the apps and Apport, so I will probably start working on hooks for the apps so we can get some better reports. Like always, I will keep you tuned in. Time for bed, good more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 11.06.2009 | Прочитано: 552 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: Please, I'll be strong, I'm finding it hard to resist

System & Utilities

Things are always exciting.

Within three weeks, I will be in Gran Canaria for the Desktop Summit, specifically for Akademy 2009. The summit is also sponsored by Nokia, via Qt Software and Maemo.

My talk, Special F/X with Graphics View will be on Tuesday afternoon. There will be some graphics demo which will be shown for time there, so show up if you are interested in. Check also an array of other fabulous presentations.

I can't wait to finally meet many fellow KDE hackers face to face. And yes, this will be my first Akademy. Afterall, there is always a first time for everything...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 11.06.2009 | Прочитано: 618 | Комментарии

Carsten Niehaus (carsten): Our firstborn

System & Utilities Our daugther

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 11.06.2009 | Прочитано: 639 | Комментарии

broken promises?

System & Utilities

As I mentioned in my previous post, one of the key contributors to KDE on Windows for many years is unhappy with the way we, KDAB have handled our collaboration with them.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 10.06.2009 | Прочитано: 657 | Комментарии

Benjamin Reed (RangerRick): KDE 4.2.4 Released to Fink Unstable

System & Utilities

Just a note to say that I've released KDE 4.2.4 to Fink unstable. And now it's time for the fun part: big bold red text telling you it breaks stuff.

KDE4/X11 Plasma Desktop on Mac OS X
KDE4/X11 Plasma Desktop on Mac OS X in Xephyr
Working KOffice file asociations
Working KOffice file asociations

Actually, that was just the text saying that I was going to have big bold red text telling you it breaks stuff. Here's the real thing:

It breaks stuff!

But let me explain: it makes things better! Because of some esoteric stuff relating to case-sensitivity, existing packages, and bugs in Fink dpkg, there were issues on a number of people's systems with the existing KDE packages and conflicting paths. Of course, the root of the issue is that more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 10.06.2009 | Прочитано: 787 | Комментарии

Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Travel and To-Do

System & Utilities

Spent yesterday in Germany. The usual applies: nice train ride and for once the ICE from Arnhem wasn’t horrifically late or broken down (for some reason the ICE in the Netherlands and on the stretch to Oberhausen is unreliable, but after that very good). Battery life of laptop pretty much as expected and published: a little over 2 hours. That’s fine for the purposes for which I bought it. Ridiculously pleased about German food. For some reason I nearly always leave a Dutch restaurant feeling like I got ripped off, while schweinhaxe (pork hock) and beer (I didn’t count, but it was tasty) seemed like an excellent deal. Thought a little about a To-Do list based on the hacking on KDE 4.3 that I’ve done recently — very often patches get delayed and then blocked because of freezes and then bumped to the next cycle and delayed again .. it’s a maintainence nightmare when fixes are not sent upstream (e.g. to KDE SVN).

  • File bug report for CMake’s FindBoost. Attach patch to that bug report.
  • Fix up KPilot’s akonadi more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 10.06.2009 | Прочитано: 719 | Комментарии

Orville Bennett (illogic-al): Look before you leap!

System & Utilities

The following pertains to Aaron's blog post. It is in direct response to this sentence That means you'll look and work native on Windows, Mac, KDE and GNOME if you write using Qt. To which I replied via comment.

I've said it once and I'll say it a thousand more times: Qt does not look native on Mac OS X.
As a matter of fact it currently (4.5) looks like the bastard step-child of 10.3, 4, 5, and something else.

I can't exactly pin-point what something else is but it has to do with wherever those weird gradients in the title bar came from.

So please, stop saying that Qt looks native on a Mac. It doesn't. Furthermore it never will if people keep telling the trolls (Nokianites?) that it does.

Further even if (when?) the Trolls get that sorted, KDE will still be a big bundle of visual fail because of the requirement for Qt3Support. Using the Cocoa APIs, which I surmise is necessary to use replicate the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 10.06.2009 | Прочитано: 722 | Комментарии

Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Looking to The Future

System & Utilities

It’s been a big few months, hence the lack of blogging!

In the this time I have:

  • Left my job at Mendeley working on a cool piece of research software. It was time to move on to other things and there are no hard feelings on either side, hopefully my work on there will continue to be well received and more Linux people (although Windows/Mac are also supported) will check out the cool Qt/C++ reference manager.
  • Moved back from London to Edinburgh. I’d been away in Ipswich and London since leaving university and the call of Caledonia became too strong to resist!
  • I proposed on the top of Cairngorm to my beautiful best friend and girlfriend. It was here that we’d had our first long chat while walking down seven years ago this summer. She said yes so we’re now planning the wedidng for 2010 and are both very excited!

Here’s a picture of us a few minutes after getting engaged (more and bigger photos to follow on my more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 10.06.2009 | Прочитано: 619 | Комментарии

Tomaz Canabrava (tomaz): The day after Windows 7 installation.

System & Utilities

Since everybody appeared to stay that I’m a moron for not having recovery tools ready, and that I’m a moron for not knowing how to recupere a merged 60gb ntfs partition with a 120gb ext3 partition ( that, by the way, I didn’t asked for the windows installer to merge ), only one thing to say: What a great and helpful community.

1 – windows is used as ‘even my grandma can use.’ – well, my mother doesn’t know how to recover data too. , so, let’s stop this fight, okay?

today I was trying to install linux again, and hopefully dont lose the win7 partition, it was a pain to make everything work as I expect it.

Mandriva 2009.1 free x64 dvd
Fedora 11 x64 KDE live
Arch Linux netinstall

Installed mandriva, the instalation worked beautifully. everything was being installed and the world was a pure and happy place.
installation done.
boot on mandriva, ok, good, KDM login. so I put my username and password, kde starts the splashscreen and more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 10.06.2009 | Прочитано: 802 | Комментарии

Gilles Caulier: digiKam 1.0.0-beta1 released...

System & Utilities

Dear all digiKam fans and users!

A new test cycle has been started to complete 1.0.0 release...


digiKam tarball can be downloaded from SourceForge at this url

digiKam will be also available for Windows. Precompiled packages can be downloaded with KDE-Windows installer. See KDE-Windows project for details.

See below the list of new features and bugs-fix coming with this release:

read more

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.06.2009 | Прочитано: 794 | Комментарии

Jonathan Thomas (JontheEchidna): Why it takes so long for me to upload... anything

System & Utilities So, following the latest Planet Ubuntu meme, here's my results:

Pretty pitiful, eh? At least it's right around the advertised speed. (1.5 mbit down, 0.25 up) It seems that my parents didn't like the idea of being raped by the local cable company for internet, so they found the secret, non-advertised basic internet package which is probably the only affordable one. Unfortunately, our cable company is about the only company that offers internet out here, since we're too far away to get service from Verizon. Oh well.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.06.2009 | Прочитано: 610 | Комментарии

Kent Hansen: Flippin’ Widgets (Medium Rare, Please)

System & Utilities

In Qt 4.6, QGraphicsWidget is gaining some new properties for transforming items: {x,y,z}Rotation, {x,y}Scale, {horizontal,vertical}Shear and transformOrigin, to be specific. How does this fit with the 4.6 master plan, the almighty Qt Kinetic project? Did someone just say “Like a glove! (Ka-bling!)“?! Yes, that sounds about right. Naturally I set out to use and abuse that shiny new stuff by means of states and animations. Seeing as I’m born flippy, a basic use case that came to mind was to create a widget that can be flipped between a “front” side and “back” side. Such a “two-faced” widget can (for example) be implemented as a QStackedWidget that contains the “front” widget on page 0 and the “back” widget on page 1. Flipping to the other side is then a matter of toggling the QStackedWidget’s currentIndex property. But obviously we want to smoothly animate this change, as failure to do so would kinda take the “flip” out of “flippin’” (ya know?). One way of doing it is to first animate the item’s yRotation from 0 to 90 (at which point the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.06.2009 | Прочитано: 647 | Комментарии

Richard Johnson (nixternal): Interrogation with Apport hooks - Qt Included

System & Utilities

Earlier today my buddy Martin Pitt blogged about how he needed a Qt developer to work on implementing the ui_question_choice() dialog. I looked through the code a bit this morning, and needed a little help right off the bat getting the GTK version running. One little thing I missed a bug report and Martin helped get it up and running. So as the day went on, storms came through, and for some reason I get in this storm hunter mode and nothing else gets done. Well, about an hour ago all the storms have cleared up and back to work I went. I spent about an hour, most of which was silly Qt Designer and layouts, which Kubuntu guys, I suck at, never listen to me brag about my Qt Designer classes again! The other thing that had me for a second was trying to iterate over a layout to get button statuses. After all was said and done, this is the little beauty that popped up when testing:

apport-qt4 more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.06.2009 | Прочитано: 632 | Комментарии

Aaron Seigo (aseigo): phrase for the day: cross platform

System & Utilities I know that what follows will probably be considered by some as "flame bait" but it's simply the truth. If nobody stands up an speaks the truth, people will continue to make decisions without all the facts at their disposal, and that's just a recipe for disaster. So, donning my birthday suit (because I like facing the flames the way I came into this world: nekid) ...

I just read an article on Ars about Google Chrome for Linux where Ryan Paul writes:

"After extensive discussion, the Chromium developers decided to build the Linux port with GTK+, the toolkit that is used by the popular GNOME desktop environment. This will eventually make it look and feel somewhat native on GNOME-based Linux distributions, such as Ubuntu."

The rest of the article goes on to document the woes of developing on Linux, including Ben Goodger's "situation is a clusterf*ck" comment about developing on Linux. It was the above quote that really struck me, though, as it's the right idea (to "fit in") meeting a more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.06.2009 | Прочитано: 652 | Комментарии

Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Debugging hardware

System & Utilities

I mentioned that I had one machine that wouldn’t run OSOL 2009.6, so I did a little hardware debugging on it. Step 1 is, of course, removing all the bits that aren’t essential. So I stripped the machine down to two sticks of RAM on the motherboard and a CD drive, and lo! It booted and behaved normally. Step 2 was adding back RAM until it was full again (at 6GB). The reason to strip RAM at all is that I’ve had bad sticks in the past and some OSsen are picky, so I figured stripping down was possibly useful. And, having repopulated the RAM banks, things were still OK. So it must have been one of the two extra NICs — an RTL8100 and an RTL8169 — in the PCI slots. Left them out for now, since the on-board NIC was now supported. Chalk up another problem worked-around and not really fixed.

I have a stupid early train to Germany tomorrow, so just a few short notes on KDE 4.3-beta on OSOL: all graphicsview things seem broken. Using the more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.06.2009 | Прочитано: 612 | Комментарии

Patrick Spendrin (SaroEngels): KDE on Windows is not dead yet

System & Utilities First of all, I want to say something about an article that has been released on the Linux Magazin - about the step down of Christian Ehrlicher as a developer for KDE on Windows.
This is not easy for us as Christian has done quite a lot of work in the background as making packages and fixing builderrors and bugs. This doesn't mean though that he has been the only one to do those tasks. The Amarok Nightlies have been done nearly totally independent of the rest by Bj

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 09.06.2009 | Прочитано: 646 | Комментарии

KDE NetworkManagement Sprint Day Three and Wrapup

System & Utilities

On Sunday the work continued at a furious pace. Dario carried on moving the connection list generating code out of the applet and into the KDED module.

Подробнее | Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 08.06.2009 | Прочитано: 644 | Комментарии

Artur Souza (MoRpHeUz): Netbook: Search and Launch

System & Utilities

The last week I started playing with SAL: the “Search and Launch” containment for the netbook project. It was really nice as I played with Runners and could finally understand some bits that were still inside a black box for me. It’s sooo easy to use Runners on your applications!

So, the main idea behind this containment is that instead of using a regular menu like Kickoff you would be able to just search for what you’re looking for. The regular desktop already uses this feature inside KRunner but just advanced users and a few beginners know about it and how to use it properly (besides the fact that it’s trivial to use) - it’s hidden and is only triggered by a shortcut or by the menu entry “Run Command” that is not so visible.

Right now, as you can see in the screenshot below (sorry, no videos as I need to recompile some stuff to make recordMyDesktop work again) I put an edit line widget to type the queries but later this will be inside the panel. The user more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 08.06.2009 | Прочитано: 707 | Комментарии

Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Some notes on OpenSolaris 2009.6

System & Utilities

As I mentioned previously, I’ve updated some of my machines to OSOL 2009.6. Only some, though. It refuses to start on my AMD 760G based machine — gets through grub, shows the splash and then hangs. I haven’t sat down to debug that one. It does run quite nicely on my new laptop (some folks asked: it’s an MSI GX620, which is nominally a “gamer’s laptop”. Poor battery life, but I realised that I don’t use the lappy in planes and on the longer train trips I have there’s power. GF9600, P8600, 4GB, 320GB — it’s slightly more powerful than my desktop machines. The keyboard is OK, takes a little getting used to because some of the punctuation is slightly smaller than usual. It has a numeric keypad, which as far as I’m concerned could have been left out for some bigger keys. The machine is a little noisier than I might have wanted, too.). There’s also a really nice VirtualBox image for OSOL 2009.6. That one only gets you a text login, though.

On the KDE4 more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 08.06.2009 | Прочитано: 672 | Комментарии

Holger Freyther (zecke): Taking over memprof

System & Utilities Where did all my memory go? Who is allocating it, how much is being allocated? From where were theses QImages allocated? valgrind provides an accurate leak checker, but for a running application you might want to know about allocations and browse through them and don't take the performance hit of valgrind (e.g with massif).

There is an easy way to answer these questions, use memprof. memprof used to be a GNOME application, it was unmaintained, the website was gone from the net, but this tool is just way too good to just drop out of the net. After trying to reach the maintainer twice I decided to adopt the orphaned thing.

Check the application out, it is great, it helps me to get an overview of memory allocations for WebKit/GTK+...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 08.06.2009 | Прочитано: 599 | Комментарии

Guillaume DE BURE (gdebure): Skrooge in kdereview

System & Utilities After several weeks in playground, I have moved skrooge into kdereview. If all goes well, we should be moving to extragear in two weeks. This is going to be a huge step for skrooge, and a small but (In My Humble Opinion) nifty addition to the list of KDE applications. By becoming an official KDE application, we hope to reach more users, more contributors and, all in all, enhance skrooge.

I must say that the KDE community is so great that this has already started to happen : there are so many people that helped us as soon as we got into playground, it is stunning ! I can't remember all the names but some nicknames that immediately come to my mind are coles (proofreading), yurchor (documentation & translation), lueck(documentation & translation), mlaurent (CMake), asserhal (translation), and probably many others... A big thanks goes to all of you for helping us become part of that great family !!!

On a related news, the KDE Financial Group that Alvaro blogged about, has found more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 08.06.2009 | Прочитано: 617 | Комментарии

Jeremias Epperlein: GSOC week2 and Hello Planet

System & Utilities Since this is the first post that hoepfully gets aggregated on Planet KDE a big Hello to everybody reading this over there. I am a GSOC student working on KFormula (the formula editor of KOffice). Everything about my project can be read in my last post.

So since already two weeks of GSOC passed without me blogging it is time for a status update. I am quite well in my schedule. There is navigation code now for almost all elements except Sub-/Superscript and Under-/overscript because they have some minor loading problems. avigation in formulas is quite complicated because you don't just have a linear structure like in text but a 2 dimensional one that consists of nested sub expressions. Consider the following example


When I press left, where should the cursor go? Behind the 1 or the 2 (I put it after the 2 and when the cursor is before the fraction and has to move right, I place it before the 1, but more...

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 08.06.2009 | Прочитано: 1145 | Комментарии

Ariya Hidayat: how to get Spotify running on OpenSUSE

System & Utilities

Since there is no native Linux client yet, we have to use Spotify via Wine. On my OpenSUSE 11.1 (32-bit) machine, installing Wine (I got version 1.1.9) is as easy as:

sudo zypper install wine

Now, since I am using KDE 4 with PulseAudio, the step to configure Wine must be modified a bit (after Paul Betts' hint):

padsp winecfg

Then choose OSS Driver (not ALSA Driver) in the Audio tab. Follow the other steps, i.e. closing it, run winecfg again, choose the right settings for DirectSound.

After that, download Spotify for Windows. Open Dolphin, find the download file, click on it. Wine will be automatically launched and the installation will start. After a while, you can enjoy Spotify (even with systray integration).

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 08.06.2009 | Прочитано: 580 | Комментарии

Dominik Haumann: Kate Test Regression Suite

System & Utilities This blog is mainly about documenting the process how to run Kate Part's test regression suite and probably not much use for other developers.

Step I: Setup the environment
  1. create the file ~/.testkateregression. The content of this file is a single line pointing to the folder of the checkout of the test regression suite data. For me this is
  2. Create the folder where you checkout the suite
    mkdir /home/dh/kde/tests
  3. Change to this folder
  4. Checkout the data:
    svn co svn://
Now all the data is there for testing.

Step II: Run the test suite
  1. go to your build directory of kate (e.g. kdelibs/build/kate/
  2. run the complete suite:
  3. run specific tests, e.g. for the c indenter:
    ./ -t indent/csmart
That's it.

Подробнее | Разместил: Planet KDE | Дата: 07.06.2009 | Прочитано: 615 | Комментарии

Martin Meredith: Automated PPA GPG Keys

System & Utilities

After reading Alan Pope’s recent post on installing GPG keys for PPAs easily, I thought I’d have a bit of a hack around.

Personally, I regularly add PPAs to my system, whether it be for Chromium Daily Builds, Bazaar, Gwibber, or anything else. I’ve found the most annoying thing is the installation of the GPG keys.

Now, I wouldn’t reccomend this for everyone, but, for some, it might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Here’s what I did:-

Firstly, I saved the Script that Alan linked to as /usr/local/bin/ppakeys and chmod’d it to 755. I then created a new file, “/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/05ppa” containing the following line

APT::Update::Pre-Invoke { "if [ -x /usr/local/bin/ppakeys ]; then /usr/local/bin/ppakeys; fi”; };

Now, every time I do a “sudo apt-get update” - it’ll check for new keys that I need, and install them as neccessary.


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it-s: The Egyptians are coming!

System & Utilities
Dear Planet,

As you all know KDEGames is by far the most innovative, and well designed part of Linux, and of KDE in particular ;)
But in this release cycle we have literally jumped over our heads trying to please you.

Now, everybody knows just how cool the mummies are, don't you? And the theme of ancient Egypt seems to be everyone's favorite no matter how much time passes. So to stay up to date, or maybe even hopelessly out of it, we present you the new set of the default themes in KDEGames - Egypt!

Yes, you've guessed it! In 4.3 almost everything will look like it came straight from the grand museum in Cairo :D
And here is a small preview of what to expect:

KSudoku - sudoku puzzle game with lots and lots of layouts to master your problem solving skills. A must for CEOs and Executives.

KPat - Good old patience game. No self-respecting housewife should be seen without one.

KBlocks - The most played game of all time - tetris! more...

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Tom Albers: State of Mailody

System & Utilities

People ask me what the state of Mailody is. There are no new releases, no blogs, no microblogs, the website is dated and there are hardly any commits. Is it dead?

Nope, not at all. The reason the development has stalled the last year or so is simple. Mailody relies completely on Akonadi. That means that the backend of Mailody is no longer a sqlite database, but based on Akonadi. Akonadi is also responsible for fetching the mail messages from an IMAP, POP3, Exchange or whatever seerver.

And that is where the problem lies. The first implementation of the Akonadi IMAP-resource was based on a library I wrote and used for Mailody3. The great hackers from KDAB looked at it, probably laughed very loud and told me kindly that it was not good enough. But that was not a surprise to me, I wrote it as one of the first things after learning C++, and I told people in the early stages before the move to Akonadi that someone with a lot of experience should carefully review all code. more...

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RE[2]: The last update in the KDE 3 series

System & Utilities

Linked by Thom Holwerda on Tue 22nd May 2007 15:00 UTC, submitted by Olaf Schmidt KDE 3.5.7 has been released .

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