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Биллу Гейтсу тоже предлагают избавиться ...
Вымогательство в борьбе со спамом

January, 2018
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Что такое ОС? :)

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Do-it-yourself VMworld blogging

OS Emulator I've been watching the tweets and blog posts as folks arrive home from VMworld. This weekend or Monday I'll pull together the links as the last of the session notes come online and the show wrap-ups and big picture summaries...


Разместил: VMware | Дата: 21.09.2008 | Прочитано: 6574 | Раздел: OS Emulator   

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16.08.2016 #31: GSoC with KDE Now – 9
Hey ! I’m making KDE Now, an application for the Plasma Desktop. It would help the user see important stuff from his email, on a plasmoid. It’s similar to what Google Now does on Android. To know more, click here.   Roughly three weeks have passed since I last blogged about my project. School started and it was tough finding time for everything let alone blogging. This year’s Summer of Code is reaching it’s end and I have much to talk about this time around. In the end I also have a surprise for you.   To start with, I worked on the Database I talked abou...
07.05.2008 Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Mendeley
I’ve recently left BT and joined a start-up called You can read the full job advert on Mendeley’s site. Although this may look like a blatant plug it’s also because I believe the sort of people that read a fairly technical blog like this may be more suitable for the position than on a random jobs board. I’m enjoying Mendeley a lot so far. I’ve been able to make a real difference in my first two days and the other guys are great fun to work with and I look forward to learning more about academic research and Qt in the coming months!
02.03.2008 www/elgg - 0.9.1
- New port elgg-0.9.1 Elgg is an open-source social networking platform. It offers blogging, networking, community, collecting of news using feeds aggregation and file sharing features. Everything can be shared among users with access controls and everything can be cataloged by tags as well. PR: ports/121112 Submitted by: Wen heping <wenheping at> (maintainer)
14.03.2008 Rafael Fernandez Lopez (ereslibre): Meeting time
Time to have a full schedule. We are having two main events in Spain between March and April. I have been dealing with both and the KDE community (and the Gnome community too, in the case of the Aditel iParty X), trying to be a link between them, for that reason I’m blogging about it. Aditel iParty X: This event is locally oriented, planned for 27th to 30th of March. and some folks of the KDE community in Spain will meet there. Lots of things are planned for this event. From technical talks to gaming marathons. We hope to be able to talk seriously about KDE-Espa
07.04.2008 Aaron Seigo (aseigo): in france
I'm in France right now. Toulouse, to be more precise. Kevin Ottens' (you may know him from Solid in KDE4) living room to be even more precise. It's 6:30 in the morning and Kevin and I are sitting here getting some work done early in the day so that we may go out a bit earlier in the afternoon to enjoy some of the city.I've already taken an ungodly number of pictures in my first day here as I play with my new toy: a Cannon EOS 400. I've never actually owned an SLR before, and there's much to learn, but I'm having fun with it. It's been great so far traveling with P.: we was awesome on the flig...
03.03.2008 Thiago Macieira (thiago): Many new Qt releases
The former former Release Manager had a saying: The release is not out until you blog about it So I’m doing a 3-in-1 blog! Qt 4.3 A week and a half ago, we released old news now (even though it’s only my first beta for Qt 4.4, containing a lot of new features, like backends, Qt Concurrent, improved printing support, Aliens, a lot that Trolltech have blogging Qt/Embedded for Windows CE. It’s now the fifth platform that Qt supports, after X11, Windows, Mac and Embedded Linux (QWS). It’s the result of a year and a half of work done mostly by the Trolltech Berlin office, tr...
04.03.2008 Dirk Mueller: The Genesis of a Plasma patch
At one day, there was a patch. The patch was small and in early development, and it was posted to the Plasma review board. A couple of minutes later, the patch was rejected. Many reasons were given: The patch didn't have the right intention, it would cause bitrod, and it broke the coding style. Not a big thing, this happens every day in a Free Software Environment. Neither something to get excited about nor something to loose hair over it. Thats the end of the story? Not quite, in the bible it took 7 days as well, right?. So lets look at it a bit more closely. Day one: The review said that the...
05.03.2008 Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Where is the love?
I realise I’m probably going to get lynched for this but I think it needs to be said. If you, as a KDE developer, get annoyed with a KDE feature you didn’t write and feel like blogging about your bad interaction with a part of KDE or a spat with another KDE developer then please don’t. You have every right to do so but it isn’t good for you, it isn’t good for the other developer and it is really bad for KDE. The problem with a community like KDE doing the majority of their work online is that sometimes we forget basic social rules of interaction. If your blog is o...
07.03.2008 Rafael Fernandez Lopez (ereslibre): Concurrent programming… err… thinking
I guess all of us have felt this thing at some point. We have tons of projects, we want all them become true, and days are still having 24 hours. Apart from the typical bugfixing where we see bugs and we try to fix them (what also takes time), I am working on several things at the moment: KUIServer (what will be hopefully called JobViewServer): I have this interface and implementation finished [thanks to everybody that made suggestions, specially to Kevin for his tips]. The idea is to get this feature into KDE 4.1, have it well tested, and afterwards, write a paper to freedesktop to see if we...
08.03.2008 Boudewijn Rempt (boud): On being part of a publicity machine
I doubt anyone but myself has noticed, but I've been blogging less and less lately. Partly because I've been really busy, but also because everytime I was writing an entry for Fading Memories I was thinking of whether it would help or detract from the KDE publicity machine that Planet KDE has become. I have always maintained that since I never asked for syndication on any planet, I didn't care whether what I wrote fit in or not. If I blog about Easter, and it gets syndicated and the complains in the comments section about me bringing religion in the public realm, I couldn't care less. After al...
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