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Вымогательство в борьбе со спамом

December, 2018
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Что такое ОС? :)

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System & Utilities

'akregator' is a fast, lightweight, and intuitive feed reader program for KDE. It lets you browse quickly through hundreds of thousands of internet feeds quickly, efficiently, and in a familiar way.


Разместил: KDE News | Дата: 02.02.2018 | Прочитано: 194 | Раздел: System & Utilities   

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18.03.2008 Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Standards: An alternate take
As I get older I find myself becoming more pragmatic. A few years ago I probably would write off a guy like Joel Spolsky. He used to work for Microsoft, still comes over as very pro-MS and seems indifferent to open-source software. All that really matters however is that the guy seems to be a really great software engineer and his blog weighs in on the recent debate about whether Internet Explorer should ship in “standards-compliant mode” out of the box. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m tending to agree with him that it may well be a bad idea to do so. If you look at the a...
25.04.2008 Kevin Krammer: Akonadi's Google Summer of Code
Other mentors have already blogged about their GSoC projects, so I am going to do the same for Akonadi. Basically Akonadi got three slots from KDE and one from MAPI library. If he succeeds it allow Akonadi and thus all Akonadi-enabled clients, to access mails, contacts and calendar items stored on a Microsoft Exchange server, using the same access mechanism as Micrsoft Outlook, i.e. not requiring that the Exchange administrator enables any additional transport such as Akregator maintainer Frank Osterfeld. The goal of this project is to have a central service for aggregating news feeds, so appl...
11.01.2009 Alexander Dymo (adymo): KDE 4.2 Review From Inside Out. Part 1
PrologueIt's probably the first time in my life when I'm writing a post with a word "Review", but looks like it's a perfect time to start doing that. Right now I desperately need to tell the world about KDE4, or to be precise, soon to be released KDE 4.2. This is going to be the first "real" release targeted not only at KDE developers and enthusiasts, but at general public - all the people who eagerly waited for the next KDE desktop to arrive. With this review I'd like to let people know that the KDE 4 is ready and to once again celebrate the hard work of all the people who put tremendous effo...
23.01.2009 Alexander Dymo (adymo): KDE 4.2 Review From Inside Out. Part 2: Applications
PrologueI didn't expect the previous part of this review to be so popular. Huge thanks to everyone who read, linked and commented it!I know I promised you to write about KDE4 applications, so without further ado, here is the continuation.Table of Contents:DolphinKonquerorKonsoleKMailAkregatorKGetGwenview and OkularGrand ConclusionDolphinI'd like to start my applications review with Dolphin, as it was the most prominent change in the applications area. It was planned to make Dolphin the default file manager since KDE3, but I never tried it then. I got Dolphin with 4.1 and started using it.Proba...
02.03.2012 Want to hack on Akregator? Here is how to set up the environment.
Hello KDE community! First I want to thank everyone who showed interest for my last post and for the “Akregator reborn” project in general. The good news of today is that Christophe Giboudeaux (krop) did an amazing job in the last week with moving all the stuff that concerns Akregator in a new branch of kdepim. In the following, I will explain more in details what happened. I will also give some tips for the non-experts on how to set up an environment to comfortably hack on Akregator. As you might remember from my previous post, the plan is porting Akregator to the Akonadi framewor...
25.05.2008 George Goldberg: KDE PIM Krush Day is now!
OK, so this really should have been announced before, but due to a combination of factors including my being offline for 2 days (and still on a very unreliable connection), it didn’t get announced. Today will be the first of several days focused on finding bugs in KDE PIM 4.1 alpha/beta releases. KDE PIM (which includes Kotnact, KMail, Akregator, KNode and several other PIM apps) has not yet been released with KDE 4, and these days aim to spot as many bugs as possible in them so they can be fixed before the final release. In order to take part, you will need a copy of KDE SVN trunk, or a...
31.05.2008 George Goldberg: KDE PIM Krush Day 1 Results & Krush Day 2
Last Sunday the Krush day for KDE PIM applications. Our aim was to find bugs in KDE’s PIM applications, which will be released for the first time in the KDE4 series with KDE 4.1. About 10 people took part in the session (which was only announced on the day) and they found about 60 issues with the applications tested, including Kontact, KMail, Akregator. About a dozen of these bugs were fixed on the day, most impressively for KOrganizer, for which nearly all the bugs found are already fixed! Many thanks to all the people who helped out to make sure KDE PIM 4.1 is as stable and reliable as...
05.06.2008 Richard Johnson: Hardy KDE 4.1 Beta 1 Completed
YES! It took me long enough with all of the work that was going on at the same time, but I would like to present you the ability to test out KDE 4.1 Beta 1 in Kubuntu Hardy right now! It seems we have worked out a majority of the quirks, but I can’t promise you that you may not get an overwrite issue with dpkg just yet. I do think we got them all covered, but you may have something nobody else does, so we didn’t catch it. We have been testing these packages since Saturday/Sunday and I have updated them as people reported issues. To top it off, I have also included the KDE 4 PIM pac...
12.06.2008 Boudewijn Rempt (boud): Comfy...
Yesterday I suddenly realized that KDE4 is getting really comfortable to work in, even on my low-resolution (1024x768) laptop. Sure, I have to tweak a bit: all fonts are too big, the Oxygen colours are a bit too colourful, notify sounds need to be disabled, wallpaper changed. But that's simply the desktop equivalent of moving into a new house. I think I've got KDE4 configured just right now. There are things that make me so totally go wow: the cover flow window switcher, the breath-taking new login splash, the panel resizer thingy... Krunner is much more useful and much easier to use than the ...
24.06.2008 James Ots: Eating my own dog food
I've been running openSUSE's KDE 4.1 snapshots on my machine for a while now, and despite the occasional programme falling over (usually konqueror or akregator at the moment), it's being a great experience. I'm particularly addicted to KNetWalk, which is probably going to give me RSI, but I can do it so fast now that I need a new challenge. So I thought I'd get the source and have a go at making it harder. So I did. Get the source, that is. I updated my SVN version of the code, compiled it, and it all compiled without a hitch.Hang on. That can't be right. I never manager to compile KDE without...
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