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April, 2019
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

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Creating or recomposing a pool fails with error: Invalid value for parameter dgid passed to view composer function (1000541)

OS Emulator
Creating or recomposing a pool fails with error: Invalid value for parameter dgid passed to view composer function (1000541)

· Unable to create a new pool · Unable to recompose an existing pool · Attempts to configure the pool results in this error:

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04.09.2017 NGRX Store and State Management
I have seen a couple of times experienced developers finding NGRX difficult to grasp. That was my experience as well. So I'll try to explain what it is about. This is a great chat site for getting assistance. The angular/angular chat is active as well. The best was to start is to lay out the problem that it solves. The Redux pattern implemented in NGRX is a way to maintain application state. What is application state? All the data that the application requires to build and render the view over time. Starting from the view, or Component level in Angular...
30.12.2008 Chani Armitage (Chani): adventures in plasmaland, part 1
huzzah! I finally fixed all of plasma-overlay’s known bugs, and made the config ui actually work :) it only took a couple of days to round up the last few things, surprisingly. now I finally have the option to write code that is *not* bugfixes for my damn soc project. I think it’s about time I did some fun little plasmoids instead of working on big crazy things. yes, we’re in feature freeze, but I’ve been bugfixing for 4 damn months :P I need a break. I have a ton of ideas for small, (hopefully) simple plasmoids and I want to try them out. I also thought it’d be f...
10.04.2009 Dario Freddi (drf__): Adventures in C# and Windowsland, part 2 - threading/event loops
Disclaimer I should have put in the previous post: Some might argue why I’m not using Mono. I want to have an overview of the C#/.NET framework at its best, and from what I’ve seen Mono and respective tools (especially) are not even quite as good as Microsoft’s ones. But I will test the final result on Mono for sure. I recognize I’m blogging quite often, and after all the good feedback I had on my previous post, I decided to give a real overview of what I’m doing, and the flaws I encounter on each side during my adventure. Today, I’ll blog about Threading. I...
08.02.2010 Lukas Tvrdy (lukast): Week 2: Optimized Autobrush. Faster painting.
The second week of our action plan for optimizing Krita was devoted to optimizing painting in Krita. Although there are many great paintops in Krita, digital painters tend to use most of the time the simple default brush engine which we call Pixel Brush. Painters can use GIMP brushes here, the text brush, but the most used brush tip is called Autobrush. You can setup the brush attributes like shape (circle, rectangle) and you can change the ratio to get an ellipse. Then you can change softness by vertical and horizontal fading. If you play with spikes and ratio, you get stars and other funny s...
27.08.2010 Jonathan Thomas (JontheEchidna): Muon and QApt 1.0.1
After a somewhat difficult day release-wise, I am relieved to announce the release of Muon 1.0.1 as well as QApt 1.0.1, the package management library that Muon uses. For those of you unaware, Muon is a powerful Debian-based package manager with a sane GUI for KDE. A full rundown of its main features can be found here. Packages are available in Maverick proper as well as in my PPA for Lucid. Source tarballs can be found here and here. Here’s a list of what’s changed since 1.0. QApt 1.0.1 Fixed what is hopefully the last of “libapt-pkg gives LibQApt null const char pointers i...
30.10.2010 Rohan Prabhu (thirtySeven): KWin Scripting tutorial
If you’re using KWin compiled from trunk, and if you regularly update it or have atleast updated it once in last 40-50 days your installation of KWin already has scripting support. If you’re reading this, you probably already know what benefits from scripting and I’ll just skip that and get to the real thing. So here comes the KWin Scripting tutorial. S1. The KWin script loading procedure When KWin loads it looks in a folder for scripts it should run. This folder is given by: $KDEHOME/share/apps/kwin/scripts/. For me, this expands to: /home/kde-devel/.kde4/share/apps/kwin/scr...
07.03.2011 Writing Konqueror-Plugins with Ruby
Hi! You may not know about it: But you can write Konqueror-plugins, and you can use a scripting-language like Ruby. KDE/KParts/Konqueror have a very nice plugin-system, you can write plugins using C++, but you can also use a scripting-language like Ruby or Python. It should even work with Perl (untested), unfortunately for KJS and QtScript there is no plugin-factory implementing the support. Well, let us have a look at a simple plugin written in Ruby. There are four important files: A desktop-file containing some meta-data It works like a normal plugin-desktop-file (see e.g. /usr/share/kde4/ap...
11.01.2012 Architectures and ABIs detailed
Yesterday I wrote about instruction set and ABI manuals. Today I’d like to go into details about the ABIs I listed there. This was done mostly as a summary for me: it’s tiresome to search for the information in the manuals, especially since some of the manuals are PDFs without links. For example, I never remember what is the order of the registers used in parameter passing on x86-64. So what you’ll find here is a listing of what I found interesting for when I might need to read or write assembly code.As a bonus for you, dear reader, I added a few words about each platform.Fir...
11.04.2008 Kent Hansen: WebKit, Designer Forms and Scripting
As Benjamin mentioned in his Qt Script Bindings Generator is getting into real good shape now (and because I’m a die-hard script kiddie at heart), I’ve written everything in Qt Script. The plugin factory looks as follows: function MyWebPluginFactory(parent) {, parent); // call base class constructor } MyWebPluginFactory.prototype = new QWebPluginFactory(); MyWebPluginFactory.prototype.create = function(mimeType, url, argumentNames, argumentValues) { if (mimeType != "application/x-qtform") return null; var formUrl = getArgumentValue("form", argume...
04.03.2009 Jeff Mitchell (jefferai): Licensing to Kill
Could FLEXlm be one of the world's worst-designed programs?They've just rechristened it FLEXnet Publisher, and I can only think it's to try to get away from existing FLEXlm stigmas.  It's so bad that according to a VMware engineer I spoke to on the phone a few months ago, in the next release of ESX (whatever the new name is going to be) they're ditching it to go back to their own serial-number based scheme, entirely because of a large amount of hugely negative customer feedback.  This is only one major release after they switched to it.Let me describe the structure of it (if I were to go into...
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