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February, 2019
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
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Что такое ОС? :)

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New Articles Published for Week Ending 6/11/11

OS Emulator
New Articles Published for Week Ending 6/11/11

VMware Consolidated Backup
Unable to view all the virtual machine drives in the virtual machine backup directory (1039078)
Date Published: 6/8/2011

VMware Data Recovery
VMware Data Recovery reclaim task does not run every day (2000801)
Date Published: 6/7/2011

VMware ESX
Scanning an ESX 3.5 host using VMware Update Manager fails with the error: Failed to scan <hostname> for updates (1030798)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
High amount of Kerberos and DNS traffic is noticed between the ESX/ESXi host and DNS server (1030964)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
Limiting disk I/O from a specific virtual machine without using SIOC (1038241)
Date Published: 6/11/2011
Sample ovftool command syntax to export, deploy, and 1-step export and deploy packages in vCenter Server (1038709)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
The guest operating system is extremely slow or does not boot when connected to the host CD/DVD drive (2000382)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
Removing Netapp Virtual Storage Console (VSC) 1.0 plugin from vCenter Server (1038007)
Date Published: 6/6/2011
Creating and managing extents (2000643)
Date Published: 6/6/2011
The esxtop utility causes high CPU load (2000829)
Date Published: 6/9/2011

VMware ESXi
Adding a SCSI controller to the virtual machine (1037094)
Date Published: 6/8/2011
Cisco Nexus 1000v logs contain the message: Dropping received frames from duplicate VSM saddr (0x1010000) (2000074)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
Cannot license a centralized ESX/ESXi 4.x host (2000723)
Date Published: 6/6/2011

VMware Fusion
Nesting Workstation inside of Workstation causes Windows 7 to fail on booting (2000348)
Date Published: 6/8/2011
Using Unity and multiple displays in VMware Fusion (2000384)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
Understanding the message: The CPU has been disabled by the guest operating system (2000542)
Date Published: 6/10/2011

VMware Service Manager
Clicking the Add New button in the Person search window of VMware Service Manager fails with an application error (2000817)
Date Published: 6/9/2011
VMware Service Manager search returns results from incorrect or unselected partition (1038381)
Date Published: 6/6/2011
Closing a call in VMware Service Manager displays a blank screen (2000854)
Date Published: 6/10/2011

VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
Setting up SSL for the Collector UI and reports in VMware vCenter Configuration Manager (1025894)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager collections fails with the error: The remote procedure call failed and did not execute. (2000805)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
Installing the vCenter Configuration Manager license manually (2000810)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
Adding RHEL 5.6 support to VMware vCenter Configuration Manager 5.4 (2000927)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
VMware vCenter Configuration Manager Remote Client fails to contact the Collector (2000955)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
Deploying the vCenter Configuration Manager agent fails with the error: Unable to register one or more module CFC3_0 Components : error code 109 (2000957)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
Logging in to VMware vCenter Configuration Manager fails with the error: Your ID is Disabled (2000958)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
vCenter Configuration Manager Machine Data collections fail with the error: Write Operation listing a memory address and the HRESULT 0xC0000005 (2001000)
Date Published: 6/10/2011

VMware vCenter Converter Standalone
Unable to import the Hyper-V virtual machine using vCenter Enterprise Converter and Standalone Converter (2000352)
Date Published: 6/8/2011
VMware Converter fails to proceed beyond the Destination System step (2000504)
Date Published: 6/7/2011

VMware vCenter Lab Manager
In the vCenter Lab Manager environment, the Events and Tasks tab continuously reports the error: Cannot delete file (1025674)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
Cannot deploy configurations to some of the hosts using Lab Manager (1025675)
Date Published: 6/8/2011
Unable to prepare a host in Lab Manager when the host appears to be in the Not supported state (1039091)
Date Published: 6/8/2011
Guest customization fails in vCenter Lab Manager after modifying unattend.xml file (2000518)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
Resynchronizing the database object reference identifiers for Lab Manager 4.x and vCenter 4.x (2000519)
Date Published: 6/7/2011

VMware vCenter Server
Best practices for uninstalling vCenter Server (1030559)
Date Published: 6/7/2011
VirtualCenter Server service crashes and fails to start with the vpxd.log error: panic NOT_REACHED (2000500)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
VMware VirtualCenter Server service fails to start when vCenter Server is installed on a non-default partition (2000587)
Date Published: 6/6/2011
Connecting to vCenter Server using the vSphere Client fails (1031039)
Date Published: 6/6/2011
Japanese role names are corrupted after vCenter Server is backed up and restored (2000174)
Date Published: 6/8/2011
Verifying if the performance rollup jobs exist in the vCenter Server database running on DB2 (2000901)
Date Published: 6/10/2011
Alarms triggered in vCenter Server display incorrect timestamp (2000903)
Date Published: 6/10/2011

VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager
SRM replicated NFS share does not have same name at production and recovery site (2000947)
Date Published: 6/10/2011

VMware View Manager
Installing View composer with an Oracle database fails (2000633)
Date Published: 6/8/2011
VMware View Connection or Security Server fails after adding a custom certificate (2000133)
Date Published: 6/8/2011

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