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Биллу Гейтсу тоже предлагают избавиться ...
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May, 2018
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Что такое ОС? :)

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When using the Proxy.Pac file, the Client does not authenticate to the VDM server (1009286)

OS Emulator
When using the Proxy.Pac file, the Client does not authenticate to the VDM server (1009286)

· When using the Proxy.Pac file, the client does not authenticate to the VMware Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) server · When you enter your credentials while

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Разместил: VMware | Дата: 15.07.2010 | Прочитано: 3957 | Раздел: OS Emulator   

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18.01.2010 Thomas McGuire: Nepomuk in KMail 2
As you might now, we are currently porting KMail to Akonadi. The Akonadi-based KMail will be called KMail 2 and released together with KDE SC 4.5 if everything goes well. Just a quick summary of what Akonadi is, for those who don’t know: Akonadi is an abstraction layer/proxy and a cache for PIM data. PIM data can by anything like mails, contacts or calendar entries, and they can come from different sources, like an IMAP server, a local vCard file or an Exchange server. Akonadi provides an easy API for the client application developer to access that PIM data in a transparent way. This pos...
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Following my post on Ubuntu One in KDE I would now like to take a closer look at how Ubuntu One works using KDE technologies and what the current state of affairs is. So be prepared for a lot of technical blah Something I need to make clear up front is that the KDE client does not connect to the Ubuntu One servers itself. This will probably sound odd to you, so let me explain just how both the KDE and GNOME clients generally work. There is a helper application for authentication (in up to 10.04 called ubuntuone-auth, in 10.10 and above ubuntu-sso-client) that handles authentication to Ubuntu...
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It's been quite a while since I last wrote a blog post, but it's not because I haven't been coding, in fact quite the opposite. The Qt opengov project is finally underway and I've been doing quite a lot of work on the various SSL classes. I'm now an official Qt approver, so as you can see the process of getting non-nokia developers the ability to commit to Qt is working. In Qt 4.x and currently in Qt5 even though the various QSsl classes provide an abstraction from the underlying SSL implementation, there is only one backend and it uses openssl. I recently made a change that means we can add n...
25.06.2009 Matt Rogers (mattr): Kopete and Yahoo!
I’ve just committed the implementation of the new Yahoo! protocol authentication to Subversion and wanted to provide more information on what the problem was and how to get the fix. Hey, why can’t I login in anymore? The problem that affected Kopete is with the authentication mechanism. Yahoo Messenger 6 used a heinously complicated password obfuscation method to “encrypt” the password as it was being sent over the wire to Yahoo’s servers. Way back when, Cerulean Studios, the creators of the Trillian client, were kind enough to implement this authentication mechan...
05.01.2016 Use ownCloud provided Packages, then VM, then Zip, no distro packages.
There are many ways to install and run ownCloud. What is best depends on your situation but some general rules of thumb can be given.Use ownCloud Provided Packages If You CanThe best solution from a security and stability point of view are the official ownCloud packages, provided you have the basic know-how needed to run your own Linux server.Packages give you the advantage of a relatively clean and easy upgrade process, with the ownCloud team taking care of any special steps which have to be taken. The upgrade itself will still have to be kicked off by the system administrator (see our latest...
07.03.2008 games/linux-ut - 436,1
- Added support(*) for other UT99 CD's such as the Anthology CD. This also added the WITHOUT_MAPS option. - Reverted the default patch installed from v451 to v436 hence the PORTEPOCH. Patch v451 has some issues with the client (some keyboard mappings) but is recommended for the server. The are both network compatible. If v451 is desired for running a server, WITH_451PATCH may be defined. - Change my E-mail from to * Thanks go to Martin Tournoij who wrote the Anthology patch as well as all the testing he did on the tweaks I made. Added file(s): - pkg-m...
10.03.2008 George Goldberg: Decibel in 14 easy steps
In case the title has misled you, this post is completely free from satire, and is literally a step by step guide to trying out Decibel. 1) Decibel has some dependencies. You will need telepathy-qt and tapioca-qt compiled and installed to compile it. Some of the demos we are going to use also require a tapioca-voip project (the versions in kdesupport are not yet supported by decibel). They can be got from the SVN repository by issuing the following commands: svn co svn co
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Update from 0.6.26 to 0.6.28. <ChangeLog> Changes with nginx 0.6.28 13 Mar 2008 *) Bugfix: the rtsig method could be not built; bug appeared in 0.6.27. Changes with nginx 0.6.27 12 Mar 2008 *) Change: now by default the rtsig method is not built on Linux 2.6.18+. *) Change: now a request method is not changed while redirection to a named location via an "error_page" directive. *) Feature: the "resolver" and "resolver_timeout" directives in SMTP proxy. *) Feature: the "post_action" directive supports named locations. *) Bugfix: a segmentati...
23.01.2009 Alexander Dymo (adymo): KDE 4.2 Review From Inside Out. Part 2: Applications
PrologueI didn't expect the previous part of this review to be so popular. Huge thanks to everyone who read, linked and commented it!I know I promised you to write about KDE4 applications, so without further ado, here is the continuation.Table of Contents:DolphinKonquerorKonsoleKMailAkregatorKGetGwenview and OkularGrand ConclusionDolphinI'd like to start my applications review with Dolphin, as it was the most prominent change in the applications area. It was planned to make Dolphin the default file manager since KDE3, but I never tried it then. I got Dolphin with 4.1 and started using it.Proba...
21.03.2010 Ryan Rix (PhrkOnLsh): Polycom IP 501 on fedora talk
So the FAD was epically awesome, and Paul sent us all home with gadgets This was the toy that I wanted the router bridge set up for; the bridge worked wonderfully after reviving the not dead(1) linksys WRT54Gv5 and putting dd-wrt micro on it. Anyways, yes, SIP Phones for all! And real cool ones at that. I got a Polycom IP 501: It’s a nice, _extremely_ hackable phone, and works wonderfully with Fedora Talk. I guess I have to add some stickers to it too (1): I told konqueror to remember the wrong password and username combo and for whatever reason the router never spit out a 403 forbi...
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