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Биллу Гейтсу тоже предлагают избавиться ...
Вымогательство в борьбе со спамом

March, 2019
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Что такое ОС? :)

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Март 2009

Всего статей: 347
Hook timeout error when accessing virtual machine console through VI Client (1009409)07212009-03-31
Заканчивается регистрация на Sun Tech Days 200908452009-03-31
RE[3]: kde vs gnome, qt vs gtk06712009-03-31
Прикручивание 3G модема С-motech под FreeBSD для использования в сети Peoplenet07752009-03-31
Torsten Rahn (tackat): Marble - Get involved!07632009-03-31
Python переходит на систему управления версиями Mercurial09522009-03-31
Incorrect Configuration of MTU on vSwitch Causes Packets to Drop (1008676)07892009-03-31
Патентный спор вокруг TomTom улажен09792009-03-31
Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4/jdonenfeld): New York City KDE Group07882009-03-31
Tomaz Canabrava (tomaz): … but live happly08822009-03-31
Installing and uninstalling the VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat packet filter driver (1009567)08482009-03-31
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): decision trees010632009-03-31
Intel Xeon 5500 aka Nehalem launch08272009-03-31
Testing the packet filter and NIC compatibility (1009533)07582009-03-31
Alexander Neundorf: On DVCSs...07792009-03-31
Вышел драйвер NVidia 180.44 (stable)08712009-03-30
James Ots: tiny.url Breaks My Security Model016512009-03-30
Flush 0.4 released08862009-03-30
Puppy Linux 4.2 ("Глубокая мысль")08622009-03-30
Virtual Machines Might Not Retain Their UUID When They Are Re-registered to the VirtualCenter (1009350)08472009-03-30
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): more plasma screencastiness09222009-03-30
Michael Pyne (mpyne): some things09132009-03-30
Google launches Summer of Code 09, seeks project proposals010642009-03-30
Новая версия ОС MINIX 308092009-03-29
Ivan Cukic (ivan): WebKit + D-Bus -> Instant Chrome-like browser for GNU/Linux09642009-03-29
Gilles Caulier: New 0.11 Splash-screen: call to photographers !09272009-03-29
Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas: Music Player Mockup08332009-03-29
Ardour 2.808992009-03-29
Celeste Paul (seele): 2009 Season of Usability: Call for Projects09112009-03-29
Andrew Stromme (astromme): Python Suspend Applet08902009-03-28
Elvis Stansvik (estan): To Komvux students in Sweden08852009-03-28
Проект Unladen Swallow09022009-03-28
Sebastian Kuegler (sebas): Summer of Code and Social Desktop09102009-03-28
No more space for the redo log error when attempting to start a virtual machine (1002103)08832009-03-28
How To Compile Amarok 2 From SVN On K/X/Ubuntu09422009-03-28
"Open Source" 041 -- новый выпуск электронного издания09182009-03-28
Artur Souza (MoRpHeUz): More news from Plasmaland09202009-03-28
руткит в BIOS.09612009-03-28
Customizing Windows 2003 Server templates results requiring Windows Activation (1008818)08202009-03-28
ATI R700 документация08912009-03-28
Tomaz Canabrava (tomaz): Qt/KDE openTalk on UFBA, Brazil.06772009-03-27
Leonardo Sobral Cunha (lsobral): New (and last?) QtAnimationFramework Solution08892009-03-27
Сравнение потребления памяти в Firefox 3.1 Beta 3 и Firefox 3.009662009-03-27
Troubleshooting a The object or item referred to could not be found message (1006456)018662009-03-27
David Faure (dfaure): Setting things up to get core dumps08642009-03-27
Theora 1.1 alpha 109102009-03-27
Aurelien Gateau: ILightPainter07012009-03-27
Adobe Reader 9.109012009-03-27
Anti-affinity rules are not honored in cluster with more than 2 virtual machines (1006473)08792009-03-27
How to crash (almost) every Qt/KDE Application and how to fix it08772009-03-27
Fonts are distorted in Windows virtual machine (1009451)08672009-03-27
Orville Bennett (illogic-al): Easy, Peasy, Pudding n' Pie09652009-03-27
KDE 3.2-beta2: Towards a Better KDE010592009-03-27
Frank Osterfeld: How to crash (almost) every Qt/KDE Application and how to fix it09002009-03-27
ESX build upgrade causes system fault and purple screen. (1007565)07492009-03-27
Marco Martin (notmart): Introducing Notification Icons013472009-03-27
Manually uninstalling on Linux hosts (38)08832009-03-26
ФАС облегчит отказ от Windows08492009-03-26
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): First week of the month conferences08062009-03-26
Cell/B.E. SDK 3.0: Часть 1. Создание проекта SPU09542009-03-26
Paul Adams: Google Maps Facial Blur Fail (Or "Technical Papers Wanted For Akademy")09662009-03-26
FSF наградила автора Postfix и Creative Commons08092009-03-26
Эрик Реймонд: Лицензии вроде GPL не нужны09342009-03-26
Sayak Banerjee (sayakb): KDE Brainstorm redirect09072009-03-26
Bullet Physics SDK 2.7409142009-03-26
Enable Execution Tracing for Record/Replay (1007447)07842009-03-26
Milian Wolff (milianw): Shell helper: running KDE unit tests (ctests) the easy way011752009-03-26
Richard Johnson (nixternal): Earth Hour 200907792009-03-26
Physical host shutdown while using multi-initiator zoning or an outdated Microsoft Storport driver may result in loss of LUN access for VMware ESX hosts (1004202)08982009-03-26
QNX Changes the Rules for In-vehicle Software Development08312009-03-26
Microsoft привлекает Open Source на Windows08422009-03-26
Rob Scheepmaker (pinda): Extender grouping and notification images08912009-03-25
VMotion fails with the error A general system error occurred: Failed waiting for data. Error bad0007. Bad parameter (1003577)010332009-03-25
ОфисМастер 1.3-4308692009-03-25
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): oh yeah, and a couple other things09412009-03-25
Wang Hoi (wkai): Gnome global menu in KDE409852009-03-25
Год работы сервиса FireForge.net07062009-03-25
GIMP 2.8, что будет?09262009-03-25
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): a few things we've been working on09922009-03-25
Launching multiple Adobe CS3 projects simultaneously causes a failure (1007534)09252009-03-25
Calculate Directory Server 9.4 -- Linux-дистрибутив обновился09702009-03-25
Cyrille Berger: OpenGTL 0.9.8/0.9.9, GTLDesigner 0.9.1, libQtGTL 0.9.0 and shiva-collections 1.0010442009-03-25
RE[3]: faffing about09242009-03-25
mod_auth_external - авторизация пользователей в apache c помощью внешней программы011512009-03-25
OpenGL 3.1 и драйвера Нвидия с его поддержкой08922009-03-25
A USB device does not function in the virtual machine (1008576)09262009-03-25
Ядро 2.6.29 показывает впечатляющую производительность08672009-03-25
SUSE Linux Enterprise 1108852009-03-24
64bit Windows virtual machines generate errors when trying to use the VSS and NT backup (1003383)010752009-03-24
Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas: Kontact: Contacts (KAddressBook)08942009-03-24
Подготовка к экзамену LPI 301: Тема 306. Планирование пропускной способности09012009-03-24
Ivan Cukic (ivan): User questionnaire (or Poll): Usage tracking [Lancelot]07712009-03-24
Akarsh Simha (kstar): Junior (and not-so-Junior) jobs for KStars09402009-03-24
В OpenBSD появилась поддержка CPU affinity09752009-03-24
Компания TomTom присоединилась к инициативе Open Invention Network08942009-03-24
Christoph Feck (kdepepo): Visualizing Layouts with Skulpture08732009-03-24
Linux 2.6.29: ModeSetting, Btrfs, Squashfs, WiMAX, новый логотип08452009-03-24
ClamAV 0.9507932009-03-24
Sebastian Kuegler (sebas): What's up with Lion Mail?011472009-03-24
Cannot power on a hosted virtual machine after it fails (1003672)09482009-03-24
Thinking about Cost-Per-Application and VM Density08382009-03-24
Arindam Ghosh: Random Scribbles08192009-03-24
Lightsquid - анализатор(парсер) логов Squid, OOPS на FreeBSD 7.1 + lighttpd, apache13012282009-03-24
Ariya Hidayat: what you see is important, how you see it is even more09752009-03-24
Вышла новая версия ftp-клиента bareFTP08652009-03-24
Fabrizio Montesi (fmontesi): RFC: Service-oriented Training09512009-03-24
Создается Российская ассоциация свободного программного обеспечения07662009-03-23
Harald Fernengel: Embedded Widgets source code released09042009-03-23
Guillermo Antonio Amaral (gamaral): KDE Mexico wants YOU07052009-03-23
Zack Rusin (zrusin): Intermediate representation010062009-03-23
Mauro Iazzi (iazzi): Automatic bindings to C++ libraries010292009-03-23
Создается Российская ассоциация свободного программного обеспечения - РАСПО010512009-03-23
Wikileaks and the Australian Internet Blacklist07472009-03-23
Wang Hoi (wkai): kimpane applet, ask for review09822009-03-23
Вышла The Battle For Wesnoth, версия 1.609842009-03-23
Luca Beltrame (einar77): KDE Brainstorm: after the launch09082009-03-22
Tejas Dinkar (gja): Ugh07672009-03-22
Обнаружена уязвимость и представлены эксплоиты для процессоров Intel08882009-03-22
Richard Johnson (nixternal): Remember The Milk Google Gadget Plasmoid08112009-03-22
RE[9]: KDE not stable API?07692009-03-22
"Девушка" с Linux в сердце09872009-03-21
Сравнительное тестирование свободных драйверов ATI07872009-03-21
VMware ESXi, Patch ESXe350-200903411-I-BG: Firmware Update (1009233)07392009-03-21
SCSI events that can trigger ESX server to fail a LUN over to another path (1003433)07602009-03-21
Стали известны организации, участвующие в GSoC200909152009-03-21
Troubleshooting an incorrect or mismatched disk configuration (1008511)07682009-03-21
Разработчики Netfilter предоставили замену iptables09192009-03-20
Presto - быстрозагружаемый альтернативный Linux-десктоп08522009-03-20
febootstrap: аналог debootstrap для Fedora011662009-03-20
Introducing VMware vCenter Mobile Access010462009-03-20
Анонсирована новая версия OBS (openSUSE Build Servise)09942009-03-20
Setting COW heap values on Lab Manager (1009144)09232009-03-20
Cannot create a new virtual machine in VMware Ace, Fusion Player, Server, or Workstation (1008398)08712009-03-20
How is KUbuntu Different from Normal Ubuntu?09642009-03-20
28 марта в Магнитогорске пройдет семинар по Open Source07542009-03-20
Virtual Appliance Marketplace revamps: more features, information08612009-03-20
Deployment fails when Fence IDs are exhausted (1009247)07132009-03-20
Электронные ключи Guardant теперь работают в Linux09962009-03-19
Семинар по технологиям OpenSource в Магнитогорске010632009-03-19
Parrot 1.0.0 -- виртуальная машина для динамических языков09792009-03-19
GNOME переходит на систему контроля версий Git09302009-03-19
Performance Overview Tab Might Not Be Displayed When VI Client and VirtualCenter are Running on Separate Machines (1008845)08372009-03-19
Synapse — Jabber-клиент под KDE/Mono09382009-03-19
Blank database after VirtualCenter upgrade (1005967)08702009-03-19
GNOME 2.26 -- новая версия графической рабочей среды09472009-03-19
EduMandriva 2009 -- пакет образовательных Linux-программ07992009-03-19
Релиз GNOME 2.2609072009-03-19
VMware Tools status shows as not running after running VMware Consolidated Backup (1008709)09122009-03-19
Identifying whether an ESX host virtual machine has snapshots (1004343)08472009-03-18
digiKam 0.1008972009-03-18
HTC обещает не менее трех Android-смартфонов в этом году09952009-03-18
3 апреля в Сыктывкаре пройдет конференция по свободному ПО08362009-03-18
IBM намерена купить Sun Microsystems09222009-03-18
Sam Duff (Socceroos): Odd, but cool09372009-03-18
Установка и настройка Zabbix-1.6011442009-03-18
Mono and Qt09222009-03-18
VMworld 2009 - call for papers and Q&A - Communities Podcast #3909452009-03-18
Parrot 1.008382009-03-18
The vmware-cmd -l command generates an error (1005958)08632009-03-18
Dominik Haumann: Again System Load Viewer08392009-03-18
Linux ядро 2.6.29 обзавелось новым логотипом09652009-03-18
Non-ASCII user names and passwords for VirtualCenter are not recognized by View Composer (1007702)09422009-03-18
ALT Linux открыла свое представительство в Бразилии18012009-03-17
Luca Beltrame (einar77): Bilbo Blogger07882009-03-17
OSI одобрила Open Source-лицензию Европейского союза09062009-03-17
Мониторинг системной активности при помощи inotify010882009-03-17
Restarting the Management agents on an ESX Server (1003490)09042009-03-17
Gilles Caulier: Kipi-plugins 0.2.0 for KDE4 released07022009-03-17
Gilles Caulier: digiKam 0.9.5 release for KDE309212009-03-17
ALT Linux 4.1 Small Business -- дистрибутив для сегмента SMB08622009-03-17
Paul Adams: What Were You Doing For KDE In 2002 And 2007: Redux09822009-03-17
RE: KDE 407392009-03-17
Configuring and troubleshooting basic Software iSCSI setup (1008083)06072009-03-17
Andrea Diamantini (adjam): rekonq 0.0.4! Come on..08412009-03-17
Benjamin Reed (RangerRick): This Week in OpenNMS: Moving to a New Home09822009-03-17
Rails 2.309582009-03-17
Sneak Peek into Upcoming VMware vCenter Server Technologies07672009-03-17
Amarok vs Songbird07002009-03-17
Ivan Cukic (ivan): For simpler Lancelot, just choose the categories you want010102009-03-16
remotefs 0.1107302009-03-16
Установка Принт-Сервера Samba+LPD & AD09212009-03-16
David Vignoni (davigno): Few things about kdm that do not make much sense to me010092009-03-16
Michael Pyne (mpyne): Documentation KIOSlaves010032009-03-16
Jesper Thomschutz: Facebook on your screensaver.08772009-03-16
Albert Astals Cid (TSDgeos): NetworkManager settings not shared/specified?08552009-03-16
Carsten Niehaus (carsten): Casting an int to a float in Python 2.608602009-03-15
Warzone 2.1.208362009-03-15
Ubuntu 9.04 на n8x0010092009-03-15
Michael Leupold (lemma): KMailDay3 details08072009-03-15
Tom Albers: docs.kde.org010092009-03-15
RE[2]: I just don't like it07932009-03-14
Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Military Protests010522009-03-14
Туманное будущее проекта OLPC09172009-03-14
CPU Scheduling Affinity options not available (1005918)08612009-03-14
GTK+ 2.16.0 -- новая стабильная версия Open Source-тулкита09302009-03-14
David Nolden: Really rapid C++ development with KDevelop409802009-03-14
TomTom может лицензировать FAT без нарушения GPL08492009-03-13
Qtractor 0.4.0 - The Foxy Dryad08252009-03-13
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Back Home08012009-03-13
Опера Турбо доступна для всех желающих07982009-03-13
W3Schools: У Linux -- 4% рынка, у Mac OS X -- 6%08402009-03-13
Fabrizio Montesi (fmontesi): Solid, UPnP and Jolie08052009-03-13
Французская полиция экономит миллионы евро с Linux и Open Source08702009-03-13
Французские полицейские выбирают Ubuntu08892009-03-13
RE[3]: Krita won't surpass Gimp08132009-03-13
Kodak представила открытое ПО для сканеров08362009-03-13
Data Security Best Practices - SSL keys for communicating with VirtualCenter and other applications (1008166)09052009-03-13
Jos Poortvliet: Plasma dev team rocks08562009-03-13
Jonathan Riddell (riddell): After the Nigerian Conference09632009-03-12
Ariya Hidayat: I can see it's coming, like a serenade of sound06862009-03-12
VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat Internal Tasks (1008384)09052009-03-12
Критичная ошибка в ext4010602009-03-12
Обсудить будущее ОС собрались Linux Foundation, Microsoft и Sun, но где же Apple?09652009-03-12
Witold Wysota: “There and back again”09772009-03-12
VMWorld Europe: Virtualization is a Game Changer09612009-03-12
Michael Leupold (lemma): A krush on KOffice07982009-03-12
PCLinuxOS 2009.1 -- первый релиз за два года09372009-03-12
Troubleshooting [L20]Out of disk space (NFChannelOutOfDiskSpaceException) errors (1008566)08932009-03-12
David Nolden: just senseless..09712009-03-12
Sebastian Trueg (trueg): It is About Time - The Nepomuk Coding Sprint07952009-03-11
Симулятор Rigs of Rods выпущен под GPLv307442009-03-11
Sune Vuorela (pusling): n81006182009-03-11
Avoiding Split-Brain in a LAN (1008603)09062009-03-11
Juan Carlos Torres (jucato): Crash and Burn09822009-03-11
Qt Gets the Nokia Treatment09052009-03-11
Asterisk: AST-2009-00209652009-03-11
CodeWeavers готовит поддержку Direct X 10, новый GUI для CrossOver09292009-03-11
Getting Things Gnome09322009-03-11
Time out in application Starting/Stopping (1008395)07092009-03-11
Celeste Paul (seele): KDE Usability Project Updates09582009-03-11
Jeff Mitchell (jefferai): GSoC 2009: Application Submitted08542009-03-10
Sebastian Kuegler (sebas): Bossa conference 2009.09412009-03-10
Open Source-разработчикам Нью-Йорка снизят налоги08832009-03-10
Вышла QLandkarteGT 0.11.009872009-03-10
Flock теперь будет основан на Google Chrome, а не Firefox09922009-03-10
QEMU 0.10.0 -- обновление свободного эмулятора010062009-03-10
Deploying ThinApp packages using an Active Directory policy fails (1008888)08792009-03-10
Bluewhite64 Linux 12.2 "LiveDVD"010482009-03-10
Johannes Bergmeier (joselb): New power for KSudoku09782009-03-10
QNX Changes the Rules for In-vehicle Software Development08092009-03-10
Harald Fernengel: Crouching Leopard, Solid Dragon07992009-03-10
Sebastian Trueg (trueg): Thank You! (Nepomuk And The Google SoC supplemental)08412009-03-10
ScummVM 0.13.0 - встречайте 7th Guest09762009-03-09
Mark Kretschmann (markey): Phonon configuration integrated in Amarok 2.109082009-03-09
PCSX2 0.9.6 - эмулятор PlayStation 2014152009-03-09
Andrea Diamantini (adjam): New laptop, windows free!!07462009-03-09
Editorial: Experiences with the Linux Desktop08102009-03-09
Sacha Schutz (DrIDK): And with binary plasmoid...07932009-03-09
Driver for M-Audio Revolution 5.1,7.1 M-Audio Audiophile 19208452009-03-09
Zenwalk GNU/Linux 6.0 -- новая версия дистрибутива09772009-03-09
Marco Martin (notmart): Responding the streetlights-glowing call09342009-03-09
Wang Hoi (wkai):09202009-03-08
First look: Qt 4.5 rocks for rapid cross-platform development010752009-03-08
Zenwalk 6.008652009-03-08
Поздравляем женщин с 8 Марта!08342009-03-08
Michael Pyne (mpyne): CMake prefix path09602009-03-08
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Networking Around the World010292009-03-08
George Goldberg (grundleborg): Telepathy Update - End of February/Start of March08542009-03-08
Boudewijn Rempt (boud): Libre Graphics Meeting09752009-03-07
How to Install KDE 4.2 on Ubuntu 8.1009712009-03-07
Официальное объявление о фиксации цикла релизов openSUSE09362009-03-07
VMworld 2009 Call for Papers now open08522009-03-07
Fabio A. Locati (flocati): Qt Extended 4.4.3 and bad news09522009-03-07
Новые подробности об иске Microsoft к TomTom09682009-03-07
"Open Source" 040 -- новый выпуск электронного издания08282009-03-07
DMD 1.041 и DMD 2.02606572009-03-07
Host Power Management Causes Problems with Guest Timekeeping (Windows Hosts) (1227)07262009-03-07
Предварительный заказ 4.508932009-03-07
Guillermo Antonio Amaral (gamaral): Looking for Work08202009-03-06
Linux Hosts That Use the evdev Driver for Keyboards Do Not Map Keys Correctly in Any Guest (1007439)09062009-03-06
Qemu 0.10.008562009-03-06
David Nolden: Typedefs in Templates, and Code-Completion07452009-03-06
Petri Damst07892009-03-06
Релиз Meta Tracker - 0.6.9007232009-03-06
RE[3]: Do KDE4 will have WebKit?08832009-03-06
DBRE (DataBase REplicator) 0.19.1 -- асинхронная репликация БД18842009-03-06
Социальный браузер Flock переводят с Firefox на Google Chrome07282009-03-06
Finally, Linux Mint 6 with KDE 4.208532009-03-06
Dan Bernstein платит деньги09262009-03-06
Fusion virtual machine may fail to power on when using an 8 processor Nehalem Mac Pro systems (1009059)06302009-03-06
Aleix Pol (apol): KDE talk in Barcelona08722009-03-06
Firefox 3.0.7 -- устранены 3 критические уязвимости09922009-03-06
Cleaning Up After Incomplete Uninstallation on a Windows Host (1308)08792009-03-06
Sebastian Trueg (trueg): Nepomuk and the Google Summer of Code - second try: I want your ideas!09122009-03-06
Lydia Pintscher (Nightrose): Only Time Will Tell010102009-03-05
Вместо Firefox 3.1 выйдет Firefox 3.5 -- новшеств слишком много08902009-03-05
Настройка ipsec vpn концентратора для cisco vpn clients07812009-03-05
Troubleshooting a non-responsive virtual machine (1003756)08682009-03-05
Stefan Majewsky: KDE at CeBIT (day 3)08912009-03-05
AMD прекращает поддержку R300-R500 чипов08052009-03-05
Thomas Capricelli (orzel): Support for ‘long double’ in Qt tests.07292009-03-05
Журнал Intelligent Enterprise готовит номер, посвященный СПО08332009-03-05
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Yet more conferences09262009-03-05
RE[3]: This might actually be a good thing07852009-03-05
KDE 4.2.1 release big on bug fixes09422009-03-05
Cannot power on an ESX virtual machine after changing something (1003650)07182009-03-05
Chani Armitage (Chani): screensaver security08942009-03-05
Changing the IP address of the Service Console on an ESX host (1006946)08902009-03-05
Выпуск Scientific Linux 5.309552009-03-05
Sven Langkamp (slangkamp): ODF Interoperability: ideal vs. practice010982009-03-04
Брюс Перенс: Анализ Судебного процесса Microsoft против TomTom07362009-03-04
Getting performance graphs from ESX hosts to VirtualCenter Management server times out (1003382)09352009-03-04
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Nigerian Free Software Conference07572009-03-04
Andreas Aardal Hanssen (bibr): Animated Tiles08132009-03-04
OpenMW 0.608642009-03-04
VMware ESX Server 3.0.3, ESX303-200812401-BG: Virtual Machines Stop Responding When Disconnected from Serial Port (1007208)08882009-03-04
Синхронизация файлов на нескольких компьютерах09502009-03-04
Qt Releases, KDE Hires07702009-03-04
Jeff Mitchell (jefferai): Licensing to Kill010622009-03-04
Secondary virtual machine cannot be powered on as there are no compatible hosts that can accommodate it (1008950)010302009-03-04
Lorn Potter: in case you missed it…08512009-03-04
Double Commander 0.4.0 -- новая версия файлового менеджера09852009-03-04
Ariya Hidayat: quattro cinque zero07402009-03-04
Verbose logging for VMware Infrastructure Client (1008941)09432009-03-04
RE[4]: money for nothing?08632009-03-03
Объявлен первый конкурс программистов для проекта Openmoko09352009-03-03
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Fun things in the Canaries (like Akademy)09032009-03-03
Lazy Linux: 10 важных практических приёмов для администраторов07022009-03-03
Представлен Touch Book -- сенсорный Linux-нетбук со съемной клавиатурой09472009-03-03
Update Manager Causes the VI Client to Inappropriately Display the Reconfiguring virtual machine Task for Linux Virtual Machines (1008729)07462009-03-03
Michael Pyne (mpyne): Yay, it’s been so long since an uninformed C++ rant.010412009-03-03
Power Off Source System option is missing in vCenter Converter Standalone (1008882)07902009-03-03
Sune Vuorela (pusling): Playing with gnash08582009-03-03
Milian Wolff (milianw): PHP support for KDevelop 4 (and eventually Quanta+)010782009-03-03
Data Security Best Practices - SSL keys for communicating with Virtual Center and other applications (1008166)010152009-03-03
Tom Albers: Sysadmin requests09442009-03-03
Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator and SysPrep Clones (1008654)08792009-03-02
Musepack SV8 Final08272009-03-02
VMWare на nokia n80008582009-03-02
VMworld in 76 links: the bloggers' view08522009-03-02
Net Applications: Доля Linux и FreeBSD растет, у Mac OS X -- падает09742009-03-02
Givin some Kiosktool lovin' and how you can give some too08002009-03-02
Интервью с Мартином Нордхольцом, разработчиком GIMP09152009-03-02
Ian Geiser (geiseri): Givin some Kiosktool lovin' and how you can give some too010282009-03-02
KDE 4 is looking damn good09422009-03-02
Roland Wolters (liquidat): Playing the numbers game 2008: number of Linux installations world wide09392009-03-02
Where Virtualization Meets the Cloud08002009-03-02
Lukas Appelhans: Are you dead yet?!09362009-03-02
Kevin Krammer: How services change the application landscape07412009-03-01
S3 Graphics анонсировала драйвер для Линукс с поддержкой OpenGL 3.006992009-03-01
Kushal Das: Yet another accident08152009-03-01
На опубликованы статьи из издания "Open Source", #209212009-03-01
Тихо и мирно вышла EduMandriva 200909252009-03-01
Итальянский Linux-дистрибутив KaeilOS перешел на OpenEmbedded08192009-03-01
В МГТУ им. Н.Э.Баумана стартовала программа Red Hat Academy09252009-03-01
Wine 1.1.16010082009-03-01
James Ots: G1 Power Usage08642009-03-01

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