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Биллу Гейтсу тоже предлагают избавиться ...
Вымогательство в борьбе со спамом

June, 2018
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Что такое ОС? :)

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Февраль 2009

Всего статей: 323
Sun выпустила 12-е обновление Java SE 608042009-02-28
Aleix Pol (apol): KDevelop4’s Documentation Integration07032009-02-28
James Ots: Should I Buy A G1?07752009-02-28
RE[6]: Gnome is back06192009-02-28
В Adobe Flash опять найдены критические уязвимости06392009-02-28
Troubleshooting reconfiguration task failures (1006294)05882009-02-28
Troubleshooting a Unable read partition information from this disk error in the Add Storage wizard (1008886)07442009-02-28
Jeff Mitchell (jefferai): Amarok Power User Feature: Batch-mode collection scanning07142009-02-28
Sam Duff (Socceroos): On Microsoft and Suing06332009-02-27
Вышла первая бета-версия шутера от первого лица Blood Frontier05972009-02-27
Sam Duff (Socceroos): The frustration is mounting08062009-02-27
Calculate Linux Desktop 9.3 -- дистрибутив обновился06122009-02-27
(Retired) neterion 10Gb performance "Rec'v error on vmnicX" (1007801)07882009-02-27
Microsoft обвинила TomTom и ее Linux в нарушении патентов07242009-02-27
Troubleshooting file, volume, and disk access problems during conversion (1006859)06302009-02-27
Artur Souza (MoRpHeUz): Animated Layouts with Qt Kinetic07172009-02-26
The Official Ubuntu Book, 3e: Ubuntu-Related Projects07072009-02-26
Обеспечение высокой готовности на виртуальном сервере Xen07092009-02-26
Ivan Cukic (ivan): My new blog theme06872009-02-26
На опубликованы некоторые статьи из издания "Open Source"07472009-02-26
Британское правительство выбирает OpenSource07002009-02-26
RE[9]: Some software optimization will make them snappy06982009-02-26
VMworld coverage07252009-02-26
Diagnosing a VMware VMotion failure at 90-95% (1003792)06202009-02-26
Albert Astals Cid (TSDgeos): ddrescue to the rescue05552009-02-26
Ingres и Alfresco создадут Open Source-альтернативу SharePoint?05882009-02-26
Ottawa firms show innovation in Vegas06622009-02-26
Repeated Characters when Typing in Remote Console (196)04852009-02-26
Klaas Freitag (dragotin): openFATE07512009-02-26
VMware Consolidated Backup fails with following a 554 PROXY service vpxa-nfc not found error (1003984)07782009-02-25
Jeff Mitchell (jefferai): Camp KDE videos: Come and get 'em05782009-02-25
8-10 апреля в Петербурге пройдет серия конференций Sun Tech Days07132009-02-25
Sun Tech Days 200906342009-02-25
Sebastian Trueg (trueg): Nepomuk in the Google Summer of Code 200907042009-02-25
RE[2]: About your devil's advocate position07422009-02-25
VMware vExpert Awards07262009-02-25
NVidia 180.3507672009-02-25
Sven Langkamp (slangkamp): KPresenter PowerPoint-Filter the other way06392009-02-25
Invalid Access Mode specified in Endpoint: httpandHttps (1008702)05292009-02-25
Thiago Macieira (thiago): The end of an era06742009-02-25
Russian Fedora 10.1 -- российская сборка обновилась06842009-02-25
GNOME & KDE docs & themes05532009-02-25
Collecting diagnostic information for VMware products (1008524)07742009-02-25
Josef Spillner: The Quest for the Holy Chat Widget06222009-02-25
Guillermo Antonio Amaral (gamaral): gamaral @ SCALE 7x06392009-02-24
Collecting diagnostic information for VMware View Manager (1007611)08832009-02-24
Jonathan Riddell (riddell): Nice things in the post06422009-02-24
Red Hat делает ставку на KVM в области виртуализации07012009-02-24
'Upgrade to VMFS 3' link is disabled in VI Client after ESX Server host is upgraded (1006938)06802009-02-24
Курт Реккс новый референт проекта Debian.07542009-02-24
Performance Overview Charts Might Not Be Displayed If the VirtualCenter Server Uses Oracle Database (1008328)07442009-02-24
Настройка Exilog010422009-02-24
Stefan Majewsky: Kolf: Using ODE, and preparing for Summer of Code05792009-02-24
Error during provisioning - Failed to perform Active Directory operation. COM ErrorCode:-2147016646 (1008129)011942009-02-24
Shashank Singh (ssingh): My Slides for talk07312009-02-24 приглашает пользователей G1 к обсуждению программ08182009-02-24
Smart tips and tricks to get the best from KDE 406722009-02-24
Migrating VirtualCenter to a different Server (5850444)05442009-02-23
Celeste Paul (seele): Summary of Feb 21 KDE Usability Meeting07262009-02-23
ООО «СимСитиТранс» использует серверную ОС с открытым кодом06332009-02-23
Ariya Hidayat: sweet potato vs steamed sponge cake07722009-02-23
ALT Linux Школьный Сервер 4.1.07592009-02-23
Опубликованы инструкции по установке Gnome, KDE, IceWM или LXD на G106292009-02-23
RE: KO : save .doc is problem not open .doc file06472009-02-23
Alexandra Leisse (troubalex): Daily Digest for February 23rd07602009-02-23
A. L. Spehr (blauzahl): SCALE: day 2, the booth... and more booth06072009-02-23
Qt будет доступен под LGPL07772009-02-23
Valerio Pilo (Amroth): Hello worl..planet!08922009-02-22
Paul Adams: What Would You Like To Learn About KDE This Year?08632009-02-22
Нужны ли сообществу 73 открытых лицензии ?06242009-02-22
Michael Pyne (mpyne): kdesvn-build 1.807462009-02-22
Sebastian Pipping (sping): libxspf 1.1.0 released (successor of libSpiff)07882009-02-22
Roopesh Chander: Crude canine saves another planet06562009-02-22
RE[5]: Why QT? Why not GTK+?05732009-02-22
GNU Bash 4.008002009-02-21
Jos van den Oever (vandenoever): Browsing archive files with libstreams08242009-02-21
Ivan Cukic (ivan): FAQ: Why is Lancelot a fixed size menu?06302009-02-21
Michael Pyne (mpyne): .desktop file security09692009-02-21
Collecting diagnostic information for VMware ThinApp (1006152)07522009-02-21
Сервер на Debian Lenny + ISPConfig 206562009-02-21
First Look: KDE 4.2 Windows Version07772009-02-21
Benjamin Meyer (icefox): Arora 0.5 and Oxygen Style08272009-02-21
Using USB storage device to backup virtual machine (1007059)07682009-02-21
"Open Source" 039 -- новый выпуск электронного издания06412009-02-21
Nick Shaforostoff (shaforostoff): First results implementing OpenDocument translation workflow06122009-02-21
Вышел AMD Catalyst 9.207092009-02-21
Отказ в обслуживании в OpenBSD05672009-02-21
Nuno Pinheiro (pinheiro): Koffice icons.08122009-02-21
Сравнение компиляторов GCC3, GCC4 и Sun Studio07182009-02-20
Remote consoles for Windows and Linux | PlanetVM07212009-02-20
Ivan Cukic (ivan): Post 4.2 features - part 1 [Lancelot]06912009-02-20
ARM11 модуль с поддержкой видеоконференций08212009-02-20
Matthias Kretz (Vir): how to do includes right06652009-02-20
RE: Neither GTK+ or Qt are a platform06972009-02-20
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): More on Plasma in 4.307782009-02-20
HP сертифицирует Ubuntu Linux на своих серверах Proliant08052009-02-20
Christoph Feck (kdepepo): Hello Planet!08072009-02-20
Adding multiple gateways to Service Console network (1008464)06962009-02-20
Trever Fischer (workman161): KPackageKit 0.4.0 Released!07592009-02-20
Вышел в свет jabber-транспорт для vKontakte.ru07452009-02-20
Qt Software прекращает развитие Qt Jambi06932009-02-20
Matt Rogers (mattr): new on - aliases07242009-02-19
Troubleshooting a virtual machine that fails during preparation (1006285)06972009-02-19
Sebastian Trueg: Moving my Blog06022009-02-19
Масштабируем файловую систему при помощи Parallel NFS07182009-02-19
Вышел новый релиз кодеков Fluendo08522009-02-19
Replacing CPUs on an ESX host (1007079)07332009-02-19
I like the effort07032009-02-19
Andrew Stromme (astromme): And sometimes it’s not my bug08262009-02-19
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): Homeward Bound06522009-02-19
Вышел Quassel 0.4.007902009-02-19
Desktop Search In Ubuntu Intrepid (And Debian) In KDE 4.207802009-02-19
Corrupt redo log causes virtual machine to trigger errors while powering on (1006585)012082009-02-19
Анализатор статистики Free-SA07162009-02-18
Purging old data from the database used by VirtualCenter Server (1000125)08272009-02-18
Tomaz Canabrava (tomaz): Win. (Thanks people) - Linux in the labs. ;D05192009-02-18
Вышел QMPDClient-ne 1.0.10 и 1.1.007382009-02-18
Вышел журнал "Системный администратор" 02/200908202009-02-18
Will Stephenson: Gauging demand for Qyoto (KDE 4 C# Bindings)07962009-02-18
HTC и Vodafone представили HTC Magic -- второй Android-смартфон06842009-02-18
Представлен HTC Magic - второй смартфон HTC с Android07162009-02-18
RE[2]: Thumbs up for Trolltech07662009-02-18
nForce Ethernet NIC Loses Connectivity on ESX 3.5 (1007575)07752009-02-18
Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4/jdonenfeld): WebKit in Konqueror/KDE06782009-02-18
VMware sets web performance record with building blocks for multicores07952009-02-18
Alexander Dymo (adymo): KDE 4.2 on EeePC Mini Review07312009-02-18
Changing the hostname on VirtualCenter server (1006843)06802009-02-18
Представлена первая версия проекта LinuxTools — IDE для C/C++, основанной на Eclipse CDT06222009-02-18
Стартовал проект редакции ОС NetBSD для десктопов07152009-02-17
Эффективный перенос данных с помощью zero copy07492009-02-17
Time-out when deleting snapshot (1004790)05132009-02-17
Objective-C для программистов C++07602009-02-17
Дмитрий Медведев -- за развитие отечественного свободного ПО06612009-02-17
28 февраля в Екатеринбурге пройдет Форум открытых технологий06602009-02-17
USB Keyboard Does Not Work When Connected to a Rear Port of Dell PowerEdge 2950 Server (1008647)08222009-02-17
Nikolaj Hald Nielsen: More Goo!07672009-02-17
Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Released06602009-02-17
ESX Server 3.0.2: Roll-Up Bundle for ESX Server 3.0.2 (1008410)05812009-02-17
Desktop NetBSD Project07712009-02-17
Michael Pyne (mpyne): Nuclear subs collide08382009-02-17
VDrift 2009-02-1508202009-02-17
Tomaz Canabrava (tomaz): KDE in nearly all public schools in brazil.07912009-02-17
Kevin Krammer: Changes in communication channels06922009-02-17
В планируют добавить возможность компиляции шейдеров010982009-02-16
Consistency Isn't Skin Deep05952009-02-16
Gilles Caulier: Batch Queue Manager for future digiKam 0.11.0...08392009-02-16
Broadcom покажет свой мультимедийный Linux-смартфон с Android07842009-02-16
Вторжение ARM продолжается: новый процессор от Freescale добрался до Xandros и Android08742009-02-16
Miro 2.0 (и 2.0.1) -- Open Source-видеоплеер обновился08282009-02-16
Linux-смартфон Edelweiss не выйдет, но появится его продолжатель08192009-02-16
Gilles Caulier: Kipi-plugins 0.2.0-rc2 for KDE4 released06392009-02-16
A. L. Spehr (blauzahl): l33t with line noise^w Perl?07492009-02-16
Inteview with Miguel De Icaza07502009-02-16
Seb Ruiz (sebr): World of Goo08092009-02-16
Emblaze Mobile "свернула” Edelweiss в пользу проекта смартфона Monolith06962009-02-16
Michael Pyne (mpyne): Google Chrome05732009-02-16
Add a password to an ssh key011802009-02-16
S3 не смогла представить драйвер Chrome06342009-02-15
RedHat объявляет войну патентам05242009-02-15
Debian 5.0 Lenny07082009-02-15
Четыре тысячи слов о состоянии проекта Krita08212009-02-15
Google представила свой инструментарий разработчика07242009-02-15
RE[5]: How do you get more people to try beta software?06302009-02-15
Linux версия Google Chrome будет использовать GTK+06702009-02-15
Garmin и Asus готовят смартфон с GNOME06592009-02-14
Торрент-клиент transmission 1.50 доступен для скачивания!08822009-02-14
Latest Updates05692009-02-14
Unix time 123456789007512009-02-14
Host CPU usage spikes to 100% and issues Event ID 100 (1008060)08392009-02-14
UPnP support in KDE and Amarok05432009-02-14
Checking networking connections between Converter end points (1006607)07052009-02-13
Qt 4.5 RC1 packages for Intrepid, built with -graphicssystem raster08172009-02-13
HP сократил Linux на нетбуках05232009-02-13
Куба подготовила свой Linux для противостояния США и Microsoft05122009-02-13
Вышел журнал Linux Format 02, 2009 (LXF115)06682009-02-13
Artur Souza (MoRpHeUz): Tokamak II07942009-02-13
Cloning a Source That Contains File System Errors Might Result in a Damaged Copy (1006689)07912009-02-13
В Linux появилась базовая поддержка файловой системы exFAT07762009-02-13
Итоги выбора лучших открытых программ 2008 года05462009-02-13
Troubleshooting import or export failures (1006333)07512009-02-13
Куба переходит на Linux07112009-02-13
Frederik Schwarzer: Who are you? - Just a man with a saw. (or: KShisen and me)06172009-02-13
Latest Updates05952009-02-13
Nuno Pinheiro (pinheiro): High defenition Oxygen, TokamakII, and paying the rent.09062009-02-13
Gokmen Goksel (gokmen): Network-Manager Plasmoid07112009-02-13
Frederik Schwarzer (icwiener): icwiener04752009-02-13
Ubuntu Customization Kit (UCK) v2.0.8 released08662009-02-13
Tolly Report : Virtual Desktop Implimentaion VMware View 3 Premier vs. Citrix XenDesktop Enterprise 2.108412009-02-13
Sacha Schutz (DrIDK): KALEngine... yes "A", it's not a mistake!06062009-02-12
Программируемость: Часть 1. Исследование различных подходов к программированию для платформ Cell/B.E.06832009-02-12
Ana Guerrero (ana): FOSDEM 200908002009-02-12
Update Manager Configuration with an Internet Proxy Might Fail if Proxy Port Has 5 Digits (1008546)07962009-02-12
Will Stephenson: KDE at FOSDEM 2009 photos05222009-02-12
PCLinuxOS 2009 Beta 3 Released09272009-02-12
ФАС взялась за Windows08092009-02-12
Семинар «Свободное программное обеспечение в государственном и некоммерческом секторе»05332009-02-12
Jason Kasper (vanRijn): Screencasting in Linux!06162009-02-12
Best practices for running Java in a virtual machine (1008480)06472009-02-12
Thomas Capricelli (orzel): First release candidate for Opale07672009-02-12
Lydia Pintscher (Nightrose): Get your GSoC ideas in!07492009-02-12
Clock in a Linux 2.6 guest runs slowly until suspended and resumed (1776)07272009-02-12
Chani Armitage (Chani): porto07622009-02-12
Доступно седьмое обновление дистрибутива Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (r7)08602009-02-12
New blogs from VMware: Knowledge Base, KB Digest, ESXi07592009-02-12
Clock in a Linux Guest Runs More Slowly or Quickly Than Real Time (1420)08452009-02-11
Fabrizio Montesi (fmontesi): openSUSE package for Jolie06322009-02-11
Теперь пакет налоговой отчётности "Налогоплательщик ЮЛ" поддерживает GNU/Linux07442009-02-11
Вышел Miro 2.004992009-02-11
Tobias Koenig (tokoe): Never miss the bus again - Reloaded07572009-02-11
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): All about Tyrannosaurus Rex06782009-02-11
А всё-таки KDE 4.2 должен использовать Qt 4.5. Мнение сотрудника Qt Labs.08252009-02-11
CVE 2003-0786, CVE 2008-0891 and CVE 2008-1672 OpenSSL Vulnerability and ESX (1008521)06132009-02-11
Контроллер домена на OpenBSD 4.4+Samba 3.0.3108182009-02-11
Enabling Belkin network USB hub in a virtual machine (1008372)08062009-02-11
Celeste Paul (seele): Update. (Or: Why you haven’t heard from Celeste in a while.)07872009-02-11
VMkernel: WARNING: SCSI: 2351: LUN WWN mismatch for DGC path vmhbaX:X:X detected wwn # (1005006)09692009-02-11
Новый стабильный драйвер от NVidia 180.2905402009-02-11
SATA cdrom drive is not functional on Dell PowerEdge R805 (1008340)06412009-02-10
Thiago Macieira (thiago): Why KDE 4.2 should use Qt 4.506852009-02-10
QStarDict 0.1304812009-02-10
Paul Adams: FOSDEM; It's Finger-Licking Good06722009-02-10
Build a virtual appliance with VMware Studio07162009-02-10
Linux Desktop Environments: A Comparison Between KDE and GNOME06042009-02-10
Critical VMware Security Alert for Windows-Hosted VMware Workstation (1008502)07522009-02-10
Krita 2.0: a Host of New Features06362009-02-10
Removing an unknown guest from the inventory generates an object reference error (1006775)06622009-02-10
Исполнительный директор Mozilla поддержала предварительное решение Еврокомиссии в отношении Microsoft07602009-02-10
Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus07192009-02-10
FreeBSD Foundation принимает проектные предложения06062009-02-10
Сравнение производительности приложений в Ubuntu Linux и OpenSolaris06472009-02-10
KDE 4.2 and KOffice 2.0 beta 6 available for Maemo06602009-02-10
Ivan Cukic (ivan): It’s a C++ thing06652009-02-09
Cyrille Berger: Why preventing Qt4.5 to work fine with KDE4.2 is bad !05092009-02-09
Gathering View Composer support logs (1007611)04992009-02-09
Eve-Online: прекращение официальной поддержки Linux05572009-02-09
Не используйте KDE 4.2 с Qt 4.504902009-02-09
Collecting the Support Information Using the SupportLink Tab Under Settings Might Display an Error (1007500)07082009-02-09
Глава Минкомсвязи РФ и вице-президент Red Hat обсудили перспективы внедрения СПО08352009-02-09
James Ots: Android Fun08692009-02-09
Debian ищет Hardware-спонсоров08042009-02-09
Michael Krog: My wife gave up on KDE! :-(06802009-02-09
Вышел Eric 4.3.007212009-02-09
Alexis Menard (Qt Software): Qt Kinetic hits Plasma07302009-02-08
В последней версии WebKit добавлена поддержка CSS анимации06222009-02-08
Tom Albers: New Konqueror plugin: clear http auth07012009-02-08
Addressing Microsoft ADAM security vulnerability MS08-035 in servers running VDM (1007418)07642009-02-08
Juan Carlos Torres (jucato): Tweet? Dent?!06602009-02-08
Легкий авторитивный DNS сервер wildcarddns06672009-02-08
Manfred Mislik (tictric): KTouch at school08222009-02-08
RE[4]: Old news07242009-02-08
Anne-Marie Mahfouf (annma): Tokamak - Day 207252009-02-07
Aurelien Gateau: And now, for something different, introducing Yokadi07042009-02-07
OWL2, XML и все все все07382009-02-07
Платформа COQOS: объединение Linux с автомобильной электроникой07262009-02-07
Davide Bettio (WindowsUninstall): Tokamak (Day 0 + 1)08522009-02-07
Mozilla Phone07732009-02-07
Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Obama Swears In07712009-02-07
View Client command line option "-offlineDirectory" does not work correctly (1008460)07622009-02-07
Harald Sitter (apachelogger): I am disappearing07282009-02-07
Michael Pyne (mpyne): The RANDU pseudo-random number generator08622009-02-07
Desktop refuses client connection or the connection is terminated unexpectedly (1006957)07652009-02-06
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): follow Tokamak on identi.ca06612009-02-06
Free 50-city seminar series: lower IT costs with View, SRM07492009-02-06
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): user vs technical language (aka more on widgets)07332009-02-06
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): why a widget, brother?07182009-02-06
Rebooting an ESX Server host (1003530)06602009-02-06
Shashank Singh (ssingh): Qttwitter05662009-02-06
VMworld, View Open Client, etc - #34 Communities Podcast07462009-02-06
Wade Olson: A twist on the Mojave Experiment06992009-02-06
vExpert applications & nominations - Friday is the last day08582009-02-06
Аргумент в поддержку Mono07132009-02-06
A. L. Spehr (blauzahl): New CampKDE pics up!07192009-02-06
Artur Souza (MoRpHeUz): Tokamak II07582009-02-06
OpenChange, KDE bring Exchange compatibility to Linux08032009-02-06
Вышел NexentaStor v1.1.4. Открыто представительство Nexenta Systems в России08082009-02-05
Daniel Molkentin (danimo): Qt Creator RC 1 Out For Your Testing Pleasures07522009-02-05
Identifying causes of not being able to power cycle ESX Server virtual machines (1004344)07722009-02-05
Andreas Pakulat: KDevelop4 Beta106862009-02-05
QtD 0.107752009-02-05
Renaming the virtual machine disk file (6821743)07882009-02-05
Harald Hvaal (metellius): A binary package-based system with own patches?06132009-02-05
Friedrich Kossebau (frinring): Bonjour, what services are in this location?06052009-02-05
Richard Dale: Creating QMetaObjects from GObject Introspection data08572009-02-04
Шаблоны и обработка строк в shell-скриптах05522009-02-04
VI Toolkit 1.5 and more - Communities Podcast #33. Join us for #34 today.07402009-02-04
Опубликовано интервью с Петером Зиккингом, разработчиком интерфейса GIMP.07052009-02-04
Chani Armitage (Chani): on the road again07382009-02-04
Официальное руководство и HOWTO по Samba 3.2.x: Основы настройки серверов06662009-02-04
Investigating power on permissions for hosted virtual machines (1003847)07852009-02-04
Zack Rusin (zrusin): Latest changes07892009-02-04
David Nolden: Automatic include-directives and forward-declarations08092009-02-04
Josef Spillner: KDE 4.2 Release Party in Frankfurt am Main08552009-02-04
Helio Castro (heliocastro): Mandriva 2009.0 KDE 4.2.0 packages available07412009-02-04
Free alternatives to proprietary PDF readers now easy to find07212009-02-04
VMware releases open source desktop client07882009-02-03
Nomad & Compiz++ объединяются с Compiz06512009-02-03
Richard Dale: QtRuby, Korundum and Wt::Ruby ported to Ruby 1.9.107232009-02-03
Linux на борту: Разработка приложений для Nokia N81006232009-02-03
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): when the fever breaks05862009-02-03
VMware High Availability configuration fails with a "no active primaries" found error (1004939)05442009-02-03
Shashank Singh (ssingh): OGV format file of the “clutter gtk+” Water ripple effect video08362009-02-03
Davide Bettio (WindowsUninstall): Don’t confuse users: Don’t say “applet”.06442009-02-03
Bart Cerneels (Stecchino): Amarok Junior Job: Auto-download new podcasts07402009-02-03
Вышел редактор видео Kdenlive 0.7.206992009-02-03
Mike Arthur (mikearthur): Naked Generations06442009-02-03
Microsoft готовит смартфон под управлением NetBSD07812009-02-03
Harri Porten: Local Free Software Community meeting06852009-02-02
RE[2]: Dolphin performance?08742009-02-02
Lucas Murray (Zarin): I'm still alive042412009-02-02
Учёт трафика локальной сети с помощью fprobe и flow-tools07492009-02-02
Patrick Spendrin (SaroEngels): konsolidated07982009-02-02
Albert Astals Cid (TSDgeos): How to get Konsole 4.2 to behave?06622009-02-02
Выход официального mc-4.6.207502009-02-02
KDE Release Party Stuttgart07812009-02-02
Начата реализация поддержки exFAT в Linux08442009-02-02
Kevin Krammer: Akonadi for application developers07352009-02-02
Celeste Paul (seele): Washington DC KDE 4.2 Release Party06532009-02-02
Fred Emmott (fred87): A slightly different take on “Qt Everywhere”07742009-02-01
Johan Thelin: Safety First06192009-02-01
Pradeepto Bhattacharya: On my way to ....07992009-02-01
Aurelien Gateau: Thoughts on Gwenview folder view07432009-02-01
The Original Magazine of the Linux Community08402009-02-01

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