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Биллу Гейтсу тоже предлагают избавиться ...
Вымогательство в борьбе со спамом

August, 2018
Какой из этих ОС Вы отдаете большее предпочтение?

Mac OS
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Что такое ОС? :)

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Январь 2009

Всего статей: 318
OpenChange, KDE вносит в Linux совместимость с Exchange07532009-01-31
Orville Bennett (illogic-al): Fire Proof07662009-01-31
Ruby 1.9.108072009-01-31
Brad Hards (bradh): Computerworld article about KDE and OpenChange06722009-01-31
ESX Server 3.0.2, Patch ESX-1007671: Fix to Remove Spurious I/O Error Messages (1007671)08492009-01-31
Iceape выбросили из Debian Lenny08552009-01-31
KDE 4.2 Released07372009-01-31
Virtualizing XenApp on XenServer 5.0 and ESX 3.507322009-01-31
A. L. Spehr (blauzahl): KDE Release Party in San Francisco Reminder08752009-01-31
64bit guest operating systems are unable to boot with Paravirtualization support (VMI) enabled (1008170)07822009-01-31
Luca Beltrame (einar77): Fishing for ideas07262009-01-31
Davide Bettio (WindowsUninstall): 10 rules for a plasma widgets developer07822009-01-31
Вышел Wine 1.1.1406452009-01-31
Kent Hansen: Qt State Machine Framework07642009-01-31
"Open Source" 038 -- новый выпуск электронного издания07102009-01-30
Browser security wars06752009-01-30
Alexandra Leisse (troubalex): KDE release event in Zurich06292009-01-30
Matthias Kretz (Vir): Philipp Poisel Concert06532009-01-30
Boudewijn Rempt (boud): Dear usability experts08182009-01-30
VirtualBox научился аппаратно ускорять Direct3D07562009-01-30
Windows 2003 guest operating system fails because time is too fast (1005824)06652009-01-30
George Goldberg: Politicians talking “open source”, but this time its in the UK06542009-01-30
Cannot deselect the Split into 2GB files option when destination is an HGFS shared folder (1008193)06702009-01-30
George Wright (gw280): Onwards and upwards07122009-01-30
Benoit Jacob (bjacob): Eigen 2.0 coming this Sunday!07242009-01-29
Audacity 1.3.708102009-01-29
Boudewijn Rempt (boud): Four thousand words on the state of Krita08202009-01-29
RE[3]: KDE 4.2 ugliness06102009-01-29
Friedrich Kossebau (frinring): Mac-style menubar for KDE 4 and others08312009-01-29
Установка VPN сервера mpd5 + сжатие и шифрование09292009-01-29
Gilles Caulier: digiKam 0.9.5-beta3 release for KDE308372009-01-29
Installing VMware Tools (340)08462009-01-29
Charles huet (Packadal): KGLEngine news06312009-01-29
Ingo Malchow (neverendingo): release party - success?08862009-01-29
Performance issues caused by excessive chain length (1008212)07292009-01-29
KDE hopes to fill boots with 4.2 release08192009-01-29
Virtualizing Exchange: Roundtable podcast #3208182009-01-28
Jure Repinc (JLP): KDE 4.2 Release (Party in Slovenia) a Big Success06702009-01-28
Torvalds, KDE 4, and the Media Circus010412009-01-28
Stephan Binner (Beineri): KDE 4.2.006552009-01-28
Petri Damst05872009-01-28
KDE 4.2 officially released06332009-01-28
QctopusQL 1.0-rc007962009-01-28
Jos Poortvliet: In Jamaica? No more!07682009-01-28
Вышел Boo 0.908322009-01-28
Verify the health of ESX Server Operating System (1004019)05962009-01-28
My favourite KDE 4.2 feature: Task Bar And Window Grouping07562009-01-28
Jason Kasper (vanRijn): KDE 4.2 Released!!05332009-01-28
Martin Meredith: A compelling read09772009-01-28
KDE 4.2 Released; Short Interview: Aaron Seigo04962009-01-28
Tom Albers: KDE 4.2 Record Attempt07362009-01-28
Samba 3.3.0 -- обновление свободной реализации SMB/CIFS08542009-01-28
Determining and changing the rate of timer interrupts a guest operating system requests (1005802)06372009-01-28
Calculate Linux Desktop 9.2 -- дистрибутив обновился07962009-01-28
Вышел Descent 0.5.408692009-01-28
RE: As a KDE User06772009-01-28
it-s: KDE Takes Flight05532009-01-28
Вышел KDE-4.208062009-01-28
Lydia Pintscher (Nightrose): Tell me all the ways you rock!06482009-01-27
Вышла Samba 3.307552009-01-27
RE[3]: Will they ask to Unbundle Konqueror...etc06412009-01-27
Hands on: testing the KDE 4.2 release candidate on Windows08042009-01-27
Alexandra Leisse (troubalex): Farewell Jamaica07852009-01-27
Вышли драйвера для карт nvidia 180.2507402009-01-27
High throughput iSCSI with VMware: a multi-vendor post08372009-01-27
Википедия ограничит пользователей в редактировании своих статей07192009-01-27
Wade Olson: Camp KDE 2009: Final two days07622009-01-27
Virtual machines do not shut down gracefully (1008182)06972009-01-27
Latest Updates07092009-01-27
Ivan Cukic (ivan): Plasma is no more!07812009-01-27
Bluetooth wireless keyboard or mouse does not work on host and guest simultaneously (1004068)08532009-01-27
Вышел TeXGui 1.408992009-01-27
Elastix - универсальный сервер коммуникаций06262009-01-26
Mauricio Piacentini (piacentini): 4.2 Release Parties in Brazil06802009-01-26
Настройка вебкамеры для работы с freebsd07322009-01-26
Paul Adams: Talking About Log Analysis At FOSDEM (And Why I'm Still Going At All)08372009-01-26
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.3: Intel Core i7 и OpenJDK07332009-01-26
Michael Pyne (mpyne): Quick tips08042009-01-26
Datastores no longer available during upgrade (1008031)07362009-01-26
Ana Guerrero (ana): End of backports and about KDE in Lenny08082009-01-26
Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4/jdonenfeld): KDE 4.2 Release in New York City08072009-01-26
Вышел Twinkle 1.406702009-01-26
Troubleshooting fibre channel storage connectivity07252009-01-26
Ingo Malchow (neverendingo): KDE 4.2 release event07602009-01-25
Вышел Antico 0.108152009-01-25
Gentoox: Gentoo-based дистрибутив для Xbox05902009-01-25
Jos van den Oever (vandenoever): supporting LZMA streams06602009-01-25
KDE 4.2 - progress in a year08622009-01-25
Alessandro Diaferia (alediaferia): Some hobbies are “easier” than others..06942009-01-25
lua-alchemy v0.1a07072009-01-25
Andrew Stromme (astromme): more on the rtm plasmoid08842009-01-25
Anders Magnusson написал призыв к тестированию PCC07752009-01-25
Troubleshooting application dependency and capture issues (1006994)07822009-01-25
Kevin Krammer: Using your own data type with Akonadi07052009-01-25
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): choices and punishment011992009-01-25
Ensuring services or network servers are available to the application (1007177)07322009-01-25
Mauricio Piacentini (piacentini): CampKDE is over07162009-01-24
WordPress.Tv — видеоматериалы по WordPress08492009-01-24
The Lessons of a Master07862009-01-24
Jason A. Donenfeld (zx2c4/jdonenfeld): KDE 4.2 Release in New York City09402009-01-24
Линус Торвальдс начал использовать Gnome07252009-01-24
Guillermo Antonio Amaral (gamaral): Camp KDE07012009-01-24
Got Mac? Get your Windows 7 on.05652009-01-24
Michael Leupold (lemma): KOffice krush reminder07782009-01-24
Fabrizio Montesi (fmontesi): Major distribution bug in Java support for unix sockets?07022009-01-23
New approach to combining open source and proprietary software models05792009-01-23
Правительству США рекомендуют открытое ПО07712009-01-23
Gilles Caulier: digiKam 0.10.0-rc1 release for KDE405462009-01-23
Microsoft помогает Apache Foundation06932009-01-23
Shashank Singh (ssingh): Geek’ist things i ever did in linux :)07082009-01-23
Jos Poortvliet: Akregator07812009-01-23
Alexander Dymo (adymo): KDE 4.2 Review From Inside Out. Part 2: Applications012512009-01-23
Mesa 7.307622009-01-23
What's new on calendar, subscription, booths06962009-01-23
Oil gas industry controller benefits from embedded database07132009-01-23
Новая версия драйвера NTFS-3G07682009-01-23
Paul Adams: Jury Duty For Free Software07962009-01-23
Agustin Benito Bethencourt: Gran Canaria Desktop Summit keep going07412009-01-22
Conquest: Divide and Conquer06512009-01-22
[TORRENT] Granular 1.0 x86 CD07122009-01-22
Johan Thelin: Lesson learned07472009-01-22
Язык программирования KBasic07702009-01-22
Wade Olson: Camp KDE 2009: Day 408282009-01-22
Davide Bettio (WindowsUninstall): Camp KDE (Day 5)06622009-01-22
JSXGraph 0.68 — библиотека графической визуализации на Javascript07442009-01-22
Вышел apt-dater 0.7.006072009-01-22
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): do you believe in fate?08152009-01-21
Во FreeBSD появился "упреждающий" дисковый планировщик08392009-01-21
RE[2]: Bad if it segretates from Android07222009-01-21
RHEL 5.307612009-01-21
Fabrizio Montesi (fmontesi): MetaService enters the main source tree08222009-01-21
Подготовка к экзамену LPI 301: Тема 304. Использование07752009-01-21
Kushal Das: Down with jaundice06712009-01-21
A. L. Spehr (blauzahl): CampKDE Day #408312009-01-21
Latest Updates07872009-01-21
Daniel Meltzer (hydrogen): The best feature of Amarok...08882009-01-21
Jos Poortvliet: hi from jamaica06822009-01-21
RE[2]: Sci-fi, DS9, and BSG05622009-01-21
Richard Dale: Dr Seigo cured my ruboids07762009-01-21
Moonlight 1.008432009-01-21
Проект Ubuntu Mobile рассматривает возможность перехода на Qt/KDE06492009-01-20
GNOME Foundation запустила сайт инициативы "Друзья Гнома"09302009-01-20
Прогресс в аппаратном декодировании видео с Gallium3D07262009-01-20
Andrew Stromme (astromme): Hello Planet07412009-01-20
Virtualizing eRoom: $1.5M, better SLAs, and "no downside"07052009-01-20
Davide Bettio (WindowsUninstall): Camp KDE (Day 3)08572009-01-20
Релиз звуковой подсистемы Linux - ALSA 1.0.1907092009-01-20
Casey Link (ramblurr): It’s Jamaica, Mon.06812009-01-20
Move over GNOME, Ubuntu Mobile looks at Qt, other desktop environments06732009-01-20
Wade Olson: Camp KDE 2009: Day 308152009-01-20
JavaFX не продемонстрировала выдающейся производительности06222009-01-20
Jason Kasper (vanRijn): KDE 4.2 KPilot coming! (how to both be excited and have realistic expectations)012012009-01-19
TechCrunch Tablet Update: Prototype B08302009-01-19
Sacha Schutz (DrIDK): translation tool for help developpers!07432009-01-19
Sigrand: Новый процессорный модуль на Intel Tolapai для маршрутизаторов SG-17R.09412009-01-19
Jason Kasper (vanRijn): KPilot 4.2 Progress (woot!)07492009-01-19
RE[2]: Comment by Nicholas Blachford06872009-01-19
Gokmen Goksel (gokmen): A new stuff with the power of plasma !07742009-01-19
Chani Armitage (Chani): adventures in plasmaland, part 307042009-01-19
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): education oriented desktop redux07502009-01-19
Davide Bettio (WindowsUninstall): Camp KDE :D07552009-01-19
Netbooks, Apple, Netbooks, Netbooks06542009-01-18
Marco Martin (notmart): C'est magnifique07202009-01-18
Доступны исходные коды DRM драйвера для видеокарт VIA06402009-01-18
RE[2]: And QT?08572009-01-18
Против патентов06322009-01-18
Orville Bennett (illogic-al): Feeling Campy07912009-01-18
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): living room rock stars08302009-01-18
Alexandra Leisse (troubalex): Going Camping07652009-01-18
Jos Poortvliet: Jamaica rocks...07192009-01-17
Chani Armitage (Chani): campkde, day 008282009-01-17
vExpert is not a popularity contest06872009-01-17
Ariya Hidayat: enlightment of the week07262009-01-17
JQuery 1.305292009-01-17
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): Tokamak II012512009-01-16
Richard Dale: Introducing Wt::Ruby, a Qt-like api for developing web applications010932009-01-16
Agustin Benito Bethencourt: GCDS'09 news04892009-01-16
Nokia to licence Qt under the LGPL05072009-01-16
How to exploit the (SRM) test bubble for all its worth | Uptime Blog07392009-01-16
К Медведеву обратятся с просьбой создания "российской Linux"06482009-01-16
Michael Leupold (lemma): Bugzilla->{speed}++;06792009-01-16
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): what do you get when you remove 128 lines of code?08112009-01-16
Exchange, new Security podcast, and more ... Roundtable podcast #3107752009-01-16
Вышел xf86-video-intel 2.6.006922009-01-16
Making KDE's Konqueror Obey You07262009-01-16
Дмитрий Медведев о свободном программном обеспечении07702009-01-15
Jos Poortvliet: How Cute of Nokia!08092009-01-15
Frank Karlitschek (karli): experiments with marketplace08102009-01-15
Qt adds LGPL license option07452009-01-15
Ariya Hidayat: capture the idea, before it is long gone07692009-01-15
FBReader 0.10.006872009-01-15
Are you a VMware vExpert? Announcing a new community award.07562009-01-15
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): building a community around your F/OSS project010252009-01-15
Casey Link (ramblurr): A Quickie: Amarok,, CampKDE06942009-01-15
Исходный код Ubuntu Launchpad откроют летом этого года06862009-01-15
Nokia: Релиз Qt 4.5 будет доступен под лицензией LGPL07812009-01-15
Matt Williams: LGPL Qt 4.5.008512009-01-15
Mono 2.207702009-01-15
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): KDE: Linux Format's Free Software Project of the Year06372009-01-14
Andreas Aardal Hanssen (bibr): Windows and global mapping08902009-01-14
Linux Foundation начинает прием рекламных роликов «Я Linux»07092009-01-14
Nokia to Increase Adoption of Qt With Additional Licensing Option06222009-01-14
Roland Wolters (liquidat): Qt under LGPL08012009-01-14
Ariya Hidayat: lima golf papa lima06942009-01-14
Qt доступна теперь и под LGPL06832009-01-14
Гвидо ван Россум рассказывает об истории Python05812009-01-14
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): i will not drink the koolaide.08222009-01-14
Проект Debian GNU/Linux одобрил "блобы" для релиза 5 "Lenny"06932009-01-14
Martin Meredith: Obligatory Post08382009-01-14
Ariya Hidayat: bleeding-edge ioquake3 to play Quake III: Arena08172009-01-14
Teeworlds 0.5.005362009-01-14
Alexander Neundorf: KDE 4.2 release party in Frankfurt08192009-01-14
Вышел GSON 1.306692009-01-14
Jason Kasper (vanRijn): KPilot 4.2 progress07002009-01-13
Вышла новая ветка pkgsrc-2008Q408902009-01-13
Comment by cmost07622009-01-13
Petr Rockai (mornfall): darcs 2.2.0rc107752009-01-13
Exchange on VMware Infrastructure: podcast, webinar, white papers07162009-01-13
Matt Rogers (mattr): no msn issue here08382009-01-13
Latest Updates07752009-01-13
Richard Dale: Kubuntu on the HP 2133 Mini-Note010292009-01-13
Fabrizio Montesi (fmontesi): Jolie's new website is up!07392009-01-12
Stephan Binner (Beineri): openSUSE Build Service KDE:KDE4:* Repository Changes, Step 207462009-01-12
SCO собирается продать активы с целью продолжения борьбы07822009-01-12
Patrick Spendrin (SaroEngels): pre-release sprint06422009-01-12
Richard Johnson (nixternal): Penguicon, Netbooks, Oh My06442009-01-12
Яндекс станет поисковиком по умолчанию в русском Firefox08262009-01-12
Вышел Angband 3.1.0 b07752009-01-12
Приборная панель российского спорткара Маруся сделана на embedded Linux07852009-01-12
Alex Merry: The Gains of Replay Gain08892009-01-12
Lydia Pintscher (Nightrose): Magellan07702009-01-11
Яндекс заключил соглашение с Firefox о замене поиска Google на "Яндекс"08002009-01-11
Richard Moore (rich): Querying a Wiki Using Qt08632009-01-11
PF: разбираем конфиг для офисов08542009-01-11
Alexander Neundorf: Changes in the buildsystem of KDE 4.2 compared to 4.0/4.106982009-01-11
Burn CD and DVD Iso Images with K3B06452009-01-11
Matt Rogers (mattr): Productivity++07672009-01-11
Alexander Dymo (adymo): KDE 4.2 Review From Inside Out. Part 109432009-01-11
Introducing KDE 4: Amarok 2.007702009-01-11
Sony выпустила цифровую камеру с Wi-Fi, Web-браузером и Linux06822009-01-11
Браузер Chrome для Linux и Mac выйдет в первой половине года08202009-01-11
Albert Astals Cid (TSDgeos): Announcing KDE 4.2 Barcelona Release Party07172009-01-11
В состав Linux ядра 2.6.29 будут включены файловые системы Btrfs и Squashfs05152009-01-10
Tom Albers: Random bits from Osnabruck: day 0+108182009-01-10
Stephan Binner (Beineri): Pointer: Unofficial KDE 3.5 Live CD for openSUSE 11.107662009-01-10
VMware Fusion now #1 in retail sales; most loved software at Amazon06182009-01-10
Palm представила webOS на базе Linux-ядра и смартфон Palm Pre08432009-01-10
Цифровая камера Sony с браузером под управлением Linux.07682009-01-10
Dominik Haumann: Compile Time08372009-01-10
Wade Olson: Nuno’s wallpaper08452009-01-09
Выпущена новая версия драйверов NVIDIA 180.2207932009-01-09
У загрузчика GRUB 2 появился новый движок для шрифтов08962009-01-09
Запуск DragonFly BSD с USB-накопителя07142009-01-09
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): git library?07692009-01-09
Chani Armitage (Chani): adventures in plasmaland, part 207132009-01-09
RE[2]: This reminds me of the MS Intellipoint 5 drivers07112009-01-09
Proven practices for SRM05092009-01-09
Exeda -- корпоративный цифровой ассистент с Android Linux08362009-01-09
Вышел Xneur 0.9.305902009-01-09
Hedgewars 0.9.805612009-01-09
Kevin Krammer: KDE PIM Meeting 2009 Preparations05682009-01-09
VerliHub жив, но теперь по-русски08232009-01-09
Разработку спам-фильтра DSPAM передают сообществу08172009-01-08
Sebastian Kuegler (sebas): Software Freedom, Camp KDE and other plans.07532009-01-08
Russias Industrial Automation Market in 200706042009-01-08
Лики кризиса: проект OLPC увольняет персонал07092009-01-08
Gilles Caulier: digiKam 0.10.0-beta8 release for KDE408162009-01-08
Automation, VMUGs, VMotion and more: Communities Roundtable podcast #3007272009-01-08
Automation, VMUGs, VMotion and more: Communities Roundtable #3005942009-01-08
David Nolden: C++ IDE Evolution: From Syntax Highlighting to Semantic Highlighting07262009-01-08
FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE -- обновление операционной системы08482009-01-08
Migration from Debian to OpenSolaris06862009-01-08
В новой версии стандарта карт памяти SD используется неподдерживаемая Linux файловая система08152009-01-08
Harald Sitter (apachelogger): choqoK - twittering fun05382009-01-08
Gilles Caulier: Kipi-plugins 0.2.0-beta6 for KDE4 released07692009-01-07
VMware Continues on the SVVP Certification Track08082009-01-07
Alexander Dymo (adymo): KDE4 performance on NVidia 8600GT: problem solved by bying ATI09512009-01-07
Freescale ARM + Ubuntu и нетбук за $200 готов07032009-01-07
Sayak Banerjee (glade88): KDE Forums: Want to be a mentor?07532009-01-07
Компания Phoenix продемонстрировала встроенный в BIOS гипервизор на базе Linux07552009-01-06
Ariya Hidayat: white is not the new color07532009-01-06
Sascha Peilicke (saschpe): Going to FOSDEM05092009-01-06
Вышел MPlayerXP-0.7.107092009-01-06
Two new docs at our community site: esxtop, VMFS07712009-01-06
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): hell freezes over: death of the system tray protocol?07072009-01-06
GrSecurity 2.1.12. Последний(?) выпуск.05192009-01-06
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): basic JavaScript engine: the go forward strategy after looking back010812009-01-06
Chani Armitage (Chani): back to school08542009-01-06
New year at a new desk08612009-01-06
Jaroslaw Staniek (js): New year at a new desk07402009-01-06
Mark Kretschmann (markey): KDE Trolls, eat this07632009-01-05
Krank - логическая игра для расслабления07602009-01-05
Kushal Das: Some updates07002009-01-05
Come Visit VMware Fusion at Macworld07442009-01-05
Celeste Paul (seele): Call for 2008 KDE Usability Reports07952009-01-05
A look back at the open source victories of 200805342009-01-05
Albert Astals Cid (TSDgeos): My top 10 blog posts of 200807352009-01-05
Dominik Haumann: Quickie: Faster compilation with cmake08042009-01-04
FreeBSD 7.107762009-01-04
Aaron Seigo (aseigo): needed: a consult from JavaScript coders07992009-01-04
Stefan Majewsky: The week in Kolf: make it a game07442009-01-04
Ariya Hidayat: I could sit for hours finding new ways to be awed each minute08362009-01-04
Разработчики Pidgin проводят опрос пользователей08092009-01-04
Boudewijn Rempt (boud): What I did during my holidays07972009-01-03
Ariya Hidayat: on coincidence07422009-01-03
Вышла первая версия Flush - GTK-based BitTorrent клиента08262009-01-03
Google Android на нетбуках07812009-01-03
Nine Web sites IT pros should master in 200907802009-01-03
Let's go with the troll for a ride06962009-01-03
Тихо и незаметно - Wine 1.1.1206702009-01-03
Dominik Haumann: System Load Viewer08402009-01-02
RE: @Simba07192009-01-02
Jos Poortvliet: 2009 brings good stuff06652009-01-02
Mathieu Chouinard (chouimat): Happy 200907392009-01-02
Simon St James (SSJ_GZ): Khrooty4Daily - Highly Experimental!08132009-01-02
Подделаны SSL сертификаты08122009-01-01
Michael Pyne (mpyne): Happy new year 200906402009-01-01
Adriaan de Groot (adridg): KDE IPS OpenSolaris packages available now07252009-01-01

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